Window Genie Power Washing

Window Genie Power Washing – Although it is fairly maintenance-free compared to other surfaces, concrete can become very dirty, discolored or damaged by salt, snow, acid rain, moisture and extreme temperatures. Window Genie’s professional pressure washing service will remove stains quickly, but without a good sealer…they’ll come back in time. If your concrete gets dirty again in a matter of months, how good are our pressure washing services!? Hey, we love to come out of your house several times a year to keep your driveway looking fresh… but there has to be a better way to keep dirt and mold out of your concrete forever! We’re in the business of improving the appearance and value of your home, so we’ll tell you a little secret. It’s all about sealing your concrete and brick!

Investing in a good seal will save you money! Sealing with a high-end sealer holds the best of surfaces like concrete and brick…Our favorite is the Chemtech One!

Window Genie Power Washing

Window Genie Power Washing

With specially designed tools to seal concrete and brick surfaces quickly and evenly, Window Genie’s concrete sealing service can dramatically improve the appearance of your concrete driveway and concrete sidewalk. With our unique lifetime concrete sealers that penetrate your existing concrete, you can protect it from harmful elements and create a barrier that also prevents oil penetration. Window Genie’s Concrete Cleaning Service & Concrete Ceiling is the answer to your dirty concrete needs. Concrete Sealing by Window Genie Using tools specifically designed to seal concrete and brick surfaces quickly and evenly, Window Genie can dramatically improve the appearance of your driveway and sidewalk. Make with our solid seal application.

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The Chem-Tech One, which is actually a “preservative and thickener,” is exactly like adding liquid concrete to your existing driveway or sidewalk. Once added to the concrete, the “sealer,” which has a consistency similar to water, penetrates deeply into the substrate. There it begins a chemical reaction with the calcium and lime found in the concrete. As it reacts, it forms a gel that will harden over time and permanently fill the pores of the concrete. In addition, as it hardens, it draws out contaminants such as oils and salts that are contained within the concrete. This process takes about 30 days and the old salt or oil is washed away by rain or snow.

Compared to the cheap stuff on store shelves that are silicone-based and are nothing but surface sealers that wear out quickly, the Chemtech One, as a concrete sealer, is a sustainable product. Once applied, especially with our 2-coat application, there is no need to reapply it. So not only is it significantly more effective, but it is more cost-effective in the long run. (Glenview, IL)—Dave Yuen has more than his fair share of work experience over his lifetime and needs a wide range of skills. set. As a former trial attorney, Yuen first practiced criminal defense in DuPage County for four years and then civil litigation in Chicago for the last 12. Before practicing law, he put his computer science degree to good use as a computer consultant for five years.

His newest career debut would be owning his own business, a Window Genie franchise, which opened on April 25, 2016 at 2700 Patriot Blvd, Suite 250, Glenview, IL 60026. Window Genie is a national franchise that specializes in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing and gutter cleaning.

Yuen has learned many things throughout the diversity of her career, including the fact that nothing can ruin a job quite like a bad manager, which is why she’s so keen on the chance to be her own boss. is excited. “I no longer wanted to work for anyone else,” Yuen said. “I wanted to make something.”

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Now working for himself, Yuen will make sure to use his entire career background to run his business. The UN said they aim to “make good use of their workforce by replacing technicians who can work on their own with less supervision and are able to train new employees,” the UN said. That way, the UN will not have to do every little thing on its own.

UN was attracted to Window Genie because it provides many services and meets new people every day. “I love interacting with clients and meeting people every day. One of the main reasons I entered the practice of law was to help people,” Yuen said. “This business also allows me to help people in need, just in a different way.”

Meanwhile, Yuen and his wife Maya will work together and use their combined skills to bring the business to a point where they can hire more technicians. Maya, who is a physical therapist, will use her organizational skills and employee management skills to help the company profit. “Each of us will do what suits our strengths,” Yuen said. A well-matched team is essential to a successful business, so Yuen is lucky to have a partner who would also make a good business partner.

Window Genie Power Washing

Founded in 1994 by Richard Noelle, Window Genie is a national home services franchise specializing in residential and light commercial window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing and drain cleaning. Additional services in select markets include gutter re-proofing, roof washing, solar panel cleaning, holiday light injection, dryer vent cleaning and more, visit Window Genie currently operates in over 90 locations in 26 states. Target markets for growth include New York, California and Florida. For more franchise information, visit Franchise Players has a Q&A interview column that spotlights franchisees. Email franchise players@ if you’re a franchisee with advice and tips to share.

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Brent and Melissa Windsor of East Phoenix opened their Window Genie franchise in October after moving family from a small town in Kansas to Arizona. New to town and new to franchising, married partners explain how they grow their business rapidly while getting to know members of the community, often providing them with window washing, window tinting and power washing services in the harsh desert heat. We do.

Why start from scratch to build a business when a proven, successful model already exists? A successful franchise has already gone through all the hardships of a startup. They have already made mistakes. They know what works and what doesn’t. We wanted to benefit from their experience and success.

Brent has led marketing, sales and product development programs for the past 25 years, most recently as Director of Marketing for one of the nation’s leading automotive aftermarket companies. Melissa also excelled in advertising and marketing. In her most recent achievement, she has served as the executive director of a non-profit arts organization for the past 10 years.

As new business owners, we wanted to buy into a system that was marketing driven. Window Genie has a team of talented individuals who have built a system that brings customers to us. Window Genie offers several commercial streams – window washing, window dyeing and power washing. All these services can be sold to our customer base on a recurring basis.

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Most importantly, it was the Window Genie corporate team that eventually closed the deal. Every member of the team is really focused on making us successful. They know their industry and have a clear passion for helping us build a successful business. Through numerous phone calls and corporate office visits, we knew that Team Genie would be able to guide us in the right direction and maximize our chance of success.

Q: How much do you anticipate before it’s officially open for business? Franchise Fee: $68,000 (area of ​​123,000 homes); Startup Package: $25,000; Additional startup equipment, supplies and services: $18,500; Total: $111,500.

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Window Genie Power Washing

We worked with a franchise advisor – Authority – to help us find the franchise option that best suited our business strengths and investment parameters. They did a great job guiding us to the five franchises that meet our needs. We then spent four months researching each franchise ourselves and finally narrowed it down to the obvious option – Window Genie. During our due diligence, we were able to speak directly with franchise owners to prepare us with good insight into what to expect during the start-up and experienced business phases.

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We also worked with Guidant Financial to secure financing for our new business. As part of their services, they provided legal advice and completed all paperwork for incorporating our business. We maintain an ongoing relationship with Guidant as they manage our 401K program and provide year-end tax assistance.

We’ve complicated the opening of our franchise by moving from Emporia, Cannes. For Gilbert, Arizona. Just a week before training and a month before our opening day. Entering a new field was a good business move for us, but it also had a downside — we didn’t know anyone.

We quickly understood how long it could take to run our own business. The administrative side of business can be overwhelming at times, but with experience it becomes more efficient.

To be the first franchise location

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