Window Genie St John

Window Genie St John – Times Photo ST JOHN Gary Eenigenburg, left, and Mike Schaap, both of St. John’s. John, installs window film in a house in St. John. Eenigenburg owns the local franchise of Window Genie, a company that installs window film in commercial buildings and private residences. Window film helps keep glare and heat away from a homeowner’s home and can help reduce the heat in a room by an average of 10 to 15 degrees, which can save homeowners a lot of money on air conditioning bill.

A former project manager at VanDerNoord Homes, Eenigenburg bought a Window Genie franchise a year ago. Services offered by Window Genie include window cleaning, window tinting, deck cleaning and sealing, and house washing.

Window Genie St John

Window Genie St John

“Homeowners were always asking me about these different services and who did them,” Eenigenburg said. “We never had an answer for them.”

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Eenigenburg did some research, partnered with Steve VanEk, and now owns the only Window Genie franchises in Chicagoland serving Lake and Porter counties.

Based in St. John, Window Genie also offers concrete cleaning and sealing, gutter cleaning and protection, and chandelier, tile and grout cleaning. What Eenigenburg and his team really like is window tinting, because it helps environmentally conscious consumers continue the green theme.

The window film that Eenigenburg uses is a high quality product designed to keep the summer glare and heat away from your home. It can also reduce heat in a room and save homeowners money on their air conditioning bill.

Along with window tinting, floor cleaning and sealing is a popular service as, in this economy, homeowners focus on maintenance and upkeep rather than buying new.

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“Dirty and gray parts can be restored and made to look like new without much rebuilding,” Eenigenburg said.

“A lot of people think, ‘Oh, that’s something I can do, too.’ They can’t believe the difference between a professional cleaning and someone else doing it,” Eenigenburg said.

NWI Business Outings and Outings: Baseball Card Exchange, American Legion, Collier Row Cottage Flower Farm, Salon, Chiropractor and Joint Grill Opening

Window Genie St John

NWI Business Outings and Outings: Baseball Card Exchange, American Legion, Collier Row Cottage Flower Farm, Salon, Chiropractor and Joint Grill Opening

Everything Must Go: After 150 Years, Templeton’s Gets Ready For Liquidation

The Pittsburgh steelmaker initially offered an 11 percent pay increase over the next four years, less than the 14 percent steelworkers agreed to in the last round of contract talks in 2018.

Giant dinosaurs have invaded the Harvest Tyme family farm, which opens its Dino Tyme attraction on Saturday. Visitors will be able to see more than 20 dinosaurs and an erupting volcano between 10am and 6pm. Saturdays and Sundays until September 18.

Gas prices are averaging below $4 a gallon in much of northwest Indiana after falling for a 10th straight week

Gas prices fell below $4 a gallon in most of northwest Indiana, except for the two most populous counties.

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Domino’s will host two hiring events in the next few days for warehouse associate and truck driver positions at its new fulfillment center at 9701…

The company, which has three other battery manufacturing operations nearing completion, is affiliated with General Motors and LG Energy Solution.

“I’m just thankful that I was in the right place at the right time. I assessed the situation, grabbed him and pulled him with all my strength. He died in the water, but I was on adrenaline.”

Window Genie St John

© Copyright 2022 The Times, 601 W. 45th Ave. Munster, IN 46321 | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Do not sell my information | Cookie Preferences For ten days, between July 8 and 18, the airspace around the Cathedral of Learning was quiet. Literally quiet. No screaming. This year’s young pilgrims finally left home to become independent. What a relief after Silver Girl screamed all day for a flyer on July 6th! Ecco and Morela calmed down.

In Quest Of Comfort: Carlo Lodoli, Theorist Of Organic Architecture And Furniture Designer

It was too much to hope for. When it rained all day on Sunday 17th July, with more rain on Monday 18th, Silver Girl came home to beg from Ecco instead of hunting alone in the rain.

Oh no! Is back! Ecco retreated to the nest, but left when Silver Girl arrived. Shout! Shout! She jumped towards the instant camera and continued to scream.

The next five days will be sunny with no rain all day for the foreseeable future. Silver Girl is about to leave again, but will she truly become independent? It remains to be seen.

Each year, the PA Game Commission conducts a statewide wild turkey observation survey between July 1 and August 31 to collect data on the size and composition of our wild turkey population.

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They are asking for the public’s help in reporting what we see on the Turkey Survey website. It is quite easy to do.

Here are two pictures to practice counting: (1) “big” and “small” birds, and (2) count the flock.

P.s. I fear there will be low/zero turkey numbers in town. They were plentiful in Frick and Schenley Parks, but are no longer.

Window Genie St John

UPDATE August 2, 2022: Turkeys have declined in Pennsylvania from 280,000 twenty years ago (2001) to 159,000 last year (2021). The PA Gaming Commission is conducting a study to find out why.

Hopeall Street, St John’s — For Sale @ $309,900

Have you noticed the little white caterpillars this month, hanging by invisible threads from the tree and swaying in the wind? You can only see one, but there are others nearby that fall from the same tree. These are the caterpillars of the hiccup moth (Lophocampa caryae) traveling from their native leaves.

Last month, the caterpillars were just a bunch of eggs, laid by their mother on the underside of the leaves they prefer: hickory, walnut, bear or blue beech. Their parents found each other through unusual means.

20,000 Hz] that advertise their identity. Since an animal that is capable of making sounds probably needs to hear as well, Arctiids have “ears,” also located on their thorax.— paraphrased from The Bug Lady’s Hickory Tussock Moth account

The parents die after breeding, but the young live on. When they hatch, the caterpillars are toxic, so they feed safely in swarms, eating leaf tissue between leaf veins and skeletonized leaves.

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After they have eaten everything in sight, they must move in order to spin an invisible thread and swing to another branch or tree. The caterpillar in my video had missed other vegetation and was hanging over a wide gravel road. Maybe he couldn’t see anything green down there, so he decided to climb the wire back to the trees.

Help chart moth distribution and life history. Participate in or start a National Moth Night event (called “mothing”) to contribute scientific data about the moth. Get together with friends and neighbors to check the porch lights every once in a while, or set up a white and light sheet to see what’s in your yard.

The flowers were blooming, the fruit was ripening and the sky was spectacular. Here are just a few things seen in nature this week and last.

Window Genie St John

After a few weeks of being fed by their parents, the baby chicks’ first big challenge is to feed themselves. What is edible? How do you break it down? How to catch it?

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“Is that how it’s done?” Juvenile red-tailed hawks practice flight in Tompkins Square Park, New York City, in June 2022.

Please see how these little owls are strange little guys. I promise you won’t regret it. Shared with permission from @/avianbehavior on IG — Kaeli Swift, Ph.D. (@corvidresearch) June 30, 2022

) look like spiders, not even related to them. Harvestmen are harmless and have many characteristics that distinguish them from spiders, including:

Which includes spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites. Their closest relatives may be mites, although this is debatable.

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Learn more about reapers in this 4 minute video. You may want to watch it more than once. The narrator speaks fast!

Mid to late summer is a great time to be a bird in Pennsylvania. Fruits are ripe, seeds are abundant, food for insects is everywhere, and for predators there are many naive young animals to prey on. With so much natural food available and songbirds’ preference for insects in the summer, birds are not dependent on backyard feeders in July.

You can safely bring your own bird feeders now. In fact, if you can’t clean your feeders every week, they are

Window Genie St John

For the birds. Highly pathogenic bird flu has declined this summer but is feared to return during the fall migration. And it is not the only disease that kills birds.

Quarantine Books: Your Essential End Of The World Reading List

Yesterday I encountered three dead or dying birds in my neighborhood within half a mile of each other: a house finch that fell, unless it was resting on outstretched wings, a dead minnow standing in the road (below), and a house sparrow with fur that could not walk.

Frozen in place: Dead American robin, elderly, standing in the street, July 12, 2022 (photo by Kate St. John)

I don’t know what killed them. It may have been a different reason for each species. I know that if it had been contagious, finches and sparrows would have spread it to the bird feeders.

Clean your feeders weekly. During warm weather, clean the hummingbird feeder twice

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