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Window Installation Jobs Near Me – A Lendlease worker installs a child safety mosquito net in military housing. The company is installing window security devices in more than 156,000 windows in 40,000 military community homes. (Sincerely)

A military wife has a message for families in military housing: Windows may not be safe for your children.

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

The mother, who asked not to be named due to pressure from the establishment and concerns about her husband’s career, talks about her experience of her. Her son was injured after falling about 15 feet from an upstairs window.

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He is not alone: ​​fifteen children fell out of the windows of privatized homes between 2017 and 2021, the last year for which he denounced the Ministry of Defense. At least three others have gone down this year. Fortunately, no one has been killed in the past five years, but some have been seriously injured. However, in 2011, the boy fell and died.

Although her son has recovered, the mother no longer wants families to suffer the trauma and horror of such incidents, she said.

She asks parents to check if their child can easily push the screen and fall on it – like her son did – and if so, ask their military construction company for devices to prevent such falls. She is also looking to install window protectors for a private real estate company.

“Who cares about checking window security?” He said. “You would think that in military housing they would take things like children falling out of windows very seriously.”

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Other military families have been intimidated when they want to talk publicly about their concerns about children falling out of windows, said Kate Needham, founder and executive director of Armed Forces Housing Advocates, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing “housing conditions. poor “. military families suffer.

Needham commends real estate companies who have made the effort to install window security devices for their military families. But politics is not the same everywhere. Some real estate companies are resisting requests from households to install window protectors, she said. Some are charging households for the devices. “Some families are accused of vandalism when they move with mosquito nets installed … even if they were installed by the real estate company,” she said.

“At a minimum, we are asking them to make families aware of the danger and to allow families with young children to request that window safety mechanisms be installed and provided free of charge,” Needham said.

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

Another challenge, she said, is that “families need to know that these devices exist and they can request them.”

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None of the falls occurred in public housing. And Needham said no analysis has been done to determine whether such incidents occur more often in the military community than in the civilian world.

Housing advocates in the military have paid for window security devices for some families, Needham said. Window protectors support her organizing her, typically priced between $ 70 and $ 140. “They don’t need to be on every window or in every house,” she said.

Needham says it’s not a priority for the Defense Department. She said in a recent briefing that she heard from a senior defense official that the incident was due to a lack of supervision, which angered him.

“It’s easy to blame the parents, but when the police and child protection services investigate and say it’s not the parents’ fault, they need to realize they need to stop turning their backs,” she said.

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A provision in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2018 requires military housing owners to provide windows that are more than six feet above the ground on the outside, with a soffit 42 inches or less from the floor, and to provide fall arrest devices .

The law requires the devices to be installed after October 1, 2019, in military family housing units awarded with whole-house construction or renovation contracts. The law also requires the Department of Defense to establish a separate program to upgrade existing windows with collision avoidance. provides devices and authorizes grant funding to private organizations to upgrade or replace existing windows.

Evan’s law, as it has become known, was the result of the efforts of the parents of 4-year-old Evan English, who died in 2011 after falling out of a window at Alamani Military Housing in Hawaii.

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

A fall arrest device is a mosquito net or protection that meets the standards of ATSM International, formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials.

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Some of these works are being carried out in current privatized housing projects, as well as in public housing. The law also required the Department of Defense to provide information on the number of children who have fallen from the windows of privatized and government-owned military housing since calendar year 2017.

“We don’t know how many [custom real estate companies] plan to use Windows [safety devices]. However, we’ve heard that some provide them at the request of the family,” said Jim Graham, executive director of the National Association for Child Window Safety nonprofit. .

“There is indecision in the language whether or not this applies to all windows or just to new builds and complete renovations,” he said.

There was no information available from Department of Defense officials as to whether private housing companies are required to repurpose existing windows with window protection devices or whether the Department of Defense has awarded a grant to any company or organization to install the windows. devices.

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Graham praised a private construction company: Lendlease Communities, which has pledged to install window protection screens unless required by law. Evan English died after falling out of the window of a single-family property owned by Lendlease.

Lendlease’s efforts began when its CEO, Denis Hickey, “challenged us to find a way to protect the children in our homes from falls like this. It’s terrifying, ”said Phillip Carpenter, Lendlease’s chief operating officer.

The National Child Window Safety Association recognized Lendlease for its efforts, Graham said. “It was clear that their # 1 priority was the safety of children’s windows.”

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

Lendlease expects to complete the installation of window shields on all 156,000 windows on the upper floors of its 40,000 military homes by 2026. Their value is estimated at approximately $ 12 million. Today, company officials are about a third of their goal of repairing every window, Carpenter said. “In Hawaii, which we thought was the greatest threat, we completed 67 percent of those 7,500 homes.”

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There are no costs for families. Some families have requested safety screens in the past and the company has provided them. They are looking for ways to speed up the retrofit, he said, but the problem is the variety of window sizes in the various older homes being replaced by the amenities. “We would like to see more progress, but we need time to take action and plan ahead,” he said.

Initially, they tried to use limiting devices on the windows, which allow the window to open only at a limited distance. However, the installation’s firefighters rejected these devices because they prevent escape in the event of a fire. Then Lendlease’s innovation team and environmental and health team worked with the industry to see what was available and worked with the company to create a stronger screen, Carpenter said.

It is a heavy screen that can be pushed under the appropriate pressure of an adult to allow escape in an emergency.

Here are the answers from four other major private real estate companies to the Military Times’ questions about their child safety policies:

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Balfour Beatty Community: Military families can request window frames to update the windows in their residences, but families pay for them. “We can help residents purchase and install them at low cost,” officials said. “As there is no formal DoD program yet, residents are paying for window security devices that are not part of a home renovation or new construction where security devices are installed on the purchased windows.”

Officials said the company is compliant with the law, which requires window fall arrest devices for all residential properties built or fully renovated after October 1, 2019. “We understand the service sector is formalizing a program to upgrade all residences. private individuals with fall prevention devices, “they said.

“If a family has specific needs that require modifications to their current home, including the installation of fall protection equipment, we would appreciate the opportunity to work with residents to do so,” the officials said.

Window Installation Jobs Near Me

“Corvias policy ensures that all new or substantially renovated homes in Fort Bragg meet [window safety] standards. In December 2021, Congress ordered the Department of Defense to develop a plan to meet these requirements. We continue to work closely with our partners in the military to ensure the health and well-being of our residents and look forward to supporting its implementation.

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