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Window Magic Blinds And Drapery Inc – Window Magic Blinds & Drapers of Houston, TX is here to provide you with a quick guide to premium Hunter Douglas window shades.

Obviously, window treatments should look great in your home, but shouldn’t they be functional, too? With premium shades from Hunter Douglas, you can get the best of both worlds. These beautiful window treatments offer a myriad of styles and colors along with many functional benefits to help you get the most out of your home. At Window Magic, our friendly staff can show you all the options for customizing these beautiful colors and help you create custom window coverings to meet all your needs. Visit our showroom today to see what custom shades can do for your home.

Window Magic Blinds And Drapery Inc

Window Magic Blinds And Drapery Inc

Hunter Douglas shades are ideal for controlling the amount of light entering your home. As a leader in light diffusion, Silhouette® window shading filters to soften the natural sunlight entering your home and spreads it throughout the room to provide a more comfortable level of illumination. You can also adjust the soft fabric slats to redirect incoming light. For more lighting control options, check out Vignette® Modern Roman Shades. These window models come in a variety of fabrics with options for both light filtering and room darkening needs, so you can create a window covering that works well in any room in your home. You can also add lining to give the room the ability to diffuse light when you want sunlight in your home and when the room is dark when you don’t.

Hunter Douglas Launches Designer Roller Duolite Shades

Privacy is also important for many families looking for new window shades. While most window coverings provide some level of privacy, Luminette® Privacy Shears are specifically designed to make your home safer. They have rotating paddles inside a translucent fabric that allow you to easily control your desired levels of privacy and light control. The sheer fabric blurs the view into your home without blocking your outside view, or you can slide off the slats to enjoy maximum privacy. Pirouette® shades also feature soft fabric slats, which can be easily adjusted to guide line of sight throughout your home. To enjoy a high level of privacy, you can level the slats.

While the lighting control and privacy are great, did you know that Hunter Douglas also offers window treatments that could save you money? Mobile shades, such as our Duet® line, have small pockets that trap air to prevent easy movement between your home and the outdoors. By stopping the free flow of air, your home is more insulated and its internal temperature will be controlled more regularly. This insulation means your heating and cooling units won’t have to work as hard and you can save money on your energy bills. Along with our Duet® line, other cellular options include our Solar® Soft Shades and Sonnet™ Cellular Roller Shades. Both offer the energy efficiency of traditional honeycomb colors, but with some differences in style.

To find amazing window treatments for any room in your home, contact us at Window Magic. We have over 30 years of experience and a wide range of products, so you can be sure that you will find what you need. Our showroom is located in Houston, Texas, and we proudly serve the surrounding area. Call us today for a FREE in-home consultation!

Redesign your home office from Magic Blinds & Draperies near Houston, TX. Upgrade your home and business space to suit your needs.

Do Curtains And Blinds Go Together?

We can help you get started customizing your windows near Houston, TX, including clay woven wood, blinds, traditional Roman shades and more.

Our friendly team members can help you add color to your windows near Houston, TX, including beautiful fabrics, impressive styles, and more.

We can show you how to get started customizing your windows near Houston, TX, including Hunter Douglas blinds, shades, and other offerings.

Window Magic Blinds And Drapery Inc

Our team of experts can help you start making a statement with your windows near Houston, TX, including hardwood shutters, shades and more.

Voile Hudson Ripple Fold Style Sheer Sheer

We are a family owned window treatment company that stocks Hunter Douglas products such as motorized window models, shutters, blinds and shades. Proudly serving the Houston area since 1981, our experienced staff can help you create the perfect custom window covering, whether you’re buying a single window or remodeling your entire home. When it’s time to dress up your windows, you usually have the option of installing blinds or curtains. But have you considered the visual impact and desirability of having both curtains and blinds as window treatments? Do curtains and blinds go together? Think this idea is too outlandish? think again! You can easily add drama to a room by putting curtains and blinds together.

Whether you are considering window treatments for the living room, bedroom or den, the combination of curtains and blinds is a hot idea in home decor.

Not only do you give yourself extra space to filter light and increase your privacy, but you also create a visual focal point that is sophisticated, timeless and chic. By mixing and matching the right type of blinds with a curtain set, set the mood for any occasion, no matter the season.

Are you excited or curious about how to choose a set of blinds and curtains that will go well together? Keep reading this article to see our curated suggestions for these types of window treatments. We’ve got you covered with beautiful and stylish curtains and blinds for every room in your home. It doesn’t matter whether you’re decorating for a home that has modern flair, vintage farmhouse charm, minimalist or classic look. Curtains and blinds used together elevate a home with ease.

Wooden Vertical Blinds Are An Elegant Luxury Just For You

When you can’t decide whether to put curtains or blinds on a window, why not both? Rooms filled with lots of light during the day or night are great candidates for a combination of curtains or blinds. Instead of relying on blackout curtains to filter the light in a room, blinds and curtains can be used to make the ambiance of the room more comfortable.

Do you feel limited by the palette that dominates your walls and can’t change colors or apply wallpaper? Consider using a combination of blinds and curtains to brighten or darken the space. Windows are often a powerful visual focal point in a room. Pulling up the curtains while partially allowing the blinds to peek, or opening the blinds while the sheer curtains are wrapped, quickly shifts your focus and changes your mood. Play with darker curtains in combination with lighter colors or match neutral tones to dress up your windows.

Dive into your home decor and feel free to put blinds and curtains on the same window without any fear. After seeing examples of spaces that make good use of this window treatment technique, you may choose to follow suit. We have a variety of beautiful windows covered with stunning blinds and beautiful, dramatic curtains that complement the space beyond just using one type of window covering.

Window Magic Blinds And Drapery Inc

Get ready to entertain and please your company and make a lasting impression with the floor-spanning chocolate curtains that sweep over the doorways. Paired with blinds in neutral beige, taupe or sand, the different lengths of window coverings and the combination of complementary colors between the two have an cosmopolitan feel.

Creative Diy Curtains That Are Easy To Make

Bring some fresh air into the modern and minimalist living room with roll-ups that let in more light, along with floor-wide curtains in a darker shade. The contrast between a sheer set of blinds with a neutral, heavy curtain makes the room feel more intimate and cozy.

Pairing a set of curtains with blinds is the perfect window treatment for a nursery or nursery. Combining draperies with colors not only gives an increased sense of comfort and security, but they also provide extra privacy and reduce light when it is most needed.

Give your living room, dining room or bedroom windows a touch of luxury and class when you combine blinds and curtains. Installing a window treatment that uses blinds and curtains in the same style and color palette is a great way to complete the look of a room.

A master bedroom or guest bedroom is enhanced simply by a combination of sophisticated blinds paired with curtains in a neutral palette. Especially in a home that has vintage, industrial or modern-style windows, roller blinds help control light and create a visual focal point that makes the room appear larger.

Modern Window Treatments

Homes with a touch of country charm or classic style go well with window coverings with curtains. Check out this room, which has three windows placed side by side. The central window becomes the main focal point with just one blind, but the windows on either side use intricate, sheer curtains as an additional accent.

Quickly transform the end of a corridor or corner of a room with curtains and blinds that play off the furniture’s distinctive accent. This beautiful chair is raised by

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