Window Man Port Charlotte Florida

Window Man Port Charlotte Florida – Unknown male on April 27. Invaded the customs basin of Port Charlotte. Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office

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Window Man Port Charlotte Florida

Window Man Port Charlotte Florida

Police in Florida were left stunned after a man broke into a pool store, drank and then left, leaving a sign in the window saying he was looking for a secretary.

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A strange incident happened on April 27. in Port Charlotte, about 100 miles south of Tampa, when a man broke into a pool store on Tamiami Trail 929, just a block from downtown.

Just entering the customs pool, the as-yet-unidentified man made a drink using several drinks in the fridge. He even used the office computer to surf the Internet.

As if oblivious to the situation, he left the building and left a sign in the window that read, “Secretary Wanted, $17.00 an hour.”

The entire series of events was caught on camera, and Charlotte County Sheriff’s officers could hardly believe what they were seeing.

Deputies Respond To Early Morning Gunshot Call In Port Charlotte

“You know those people who just cook at home, eat your food and use your stuff without asking?” the sheriff’s office posted on its official Facebook page two days after the incident.

April 27th This unknown male entered Custom Pools with a precision work vehicle and office located at 929 Tamiami Trail.

“While inside, he started cooking at home, surfing the internet on his business computer and drinking from the drinks in the fridge.

Window Man Port Charlotte Florida

Wait, [there’s] more. He also posted a sign in the window of the business: “Secretary Wanted $17.00 an hour.”

Washington Prime Group Inc.

In a Facebook post, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office shared a surveillance photo of the man. Deputies said anyone with information that could help identify him should contact police.

People can contact the sheriff’s office by sending a Facebook message, submitting a tip on the Charlotte County Police mobile app or calling 941-639-0013.

According to data compiled by SpotCrime, the crime rate in Port Charlotte dropped by 25 percent in one month last month.

Property crimes, such as theft, vandalism and theft, were down 9 percent in April from the previous month, while violent crimes such as shootings, assaults and robberies were largely unchanged from the previous month.

Man Missing Since Friday Found Dead In Wooded Area Behind Timothy Ave

In the past six months, 72 cases of theft were reported, including 11 cases of vandalism and one case of theft. Port Charlotte, Florida. – Wednesday was a day to remember, and one first responder can now return thanks to a new memorial in Port Charlotte.

According to Charlotte County Commissioner Steven Deutsch, William R. The unveiling of the First Responders Memorial at Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Park demonstrates Charlotte County’s commitment to the men and women who put their lives on hold.

“Behind that badge is a heart like yours. I’m bleeding, I think. I love it and yes, it can kill me. And although I am only one person, I have thousands of brothers and sisters who are like me. They will give my life, and I will give them,” said Prumel.

Window Man Port Charlotte Florida

Gaines Park, dedicated to William Gaines Jr., a Marine who was killed in action overseas in 1983, runs along Edgewater Drive.

Tiny Town Trekking Toward Port Charlotte

Funding for the First Responder Memorial was raised by William R. Through the efforts of the Gaines Jr. Veterans Memorial Foundation.

For many first responders, like Chief Jason Fair of the Charlotte County Department of Public Safety, it’s a reminder of why they do what they do.

“Some professions can be measured, success can be measured using the quantitative results of profits, productivity and customer satisfaction. But the success of a first responder cannot be measured on a spreadsheet. The benchmark for the success of these men and women is the impact and outcome of each calling,” Fair said.

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