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The National Day Parade at The Float @ Marina Bay marks the return to the big live sports after two years.

Window Nation/home Show

Window Nation/home Show

Held for the last time at The Float @ Marina Bay before the show moves to the Padang next year, NDP 2022 captures the peaks and valleys of Singaporean tourism in the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 in their display section. Chloe Choo with highlights from the show.

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The heart drum found in the NDP 2022 entertainment package got the audience into the show. (Photo: CNA/ Try Sutrisno Foo)

Held for the last time at The Float @ Marina Bay before the show moves to the Padang next year, NDP 2022 captures the peaks and valleys of Singaporean tourism in the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic. 19 in their display section.

But before that, the audience was also treated to NDP measures such as the jump of the Red Lions, parts of the total security show and the parade.

To kick off NDP 2022, the emcees got the audience on their feet with the “Marina wave”. (Photo: CNA/ Try Sutrisno Foo)

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To kick off the show, emcees Rishi Budhrani, Joakim Gomez, Sonia Chew and Siti Khalijah got the 25,000-strong audience moving by teaching them how to use their heartbeat, found in the NDP entertainment package.

Then Voice of the Island released old-school Singaporean songs in various languages ​​to appeal to the public, including the Mandarin classic Voice of the Poor.

The Tanjong Katong Secondary School Band took to the stage, accompanied by dancers from the music and drama company. Their talents are joined by Republic Polytechnic’s Beats Encore drum group and ZingO Festival Drum Group.

Window Nation/home Show

Red Lions in free fall from 10 000 ft above Marina Bay during NDP 2022. (Photo: CNA / Jeremy Long)

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As the sky clears the way for the Red Lions to jump from a plane 10,000 feet above the ground, the crowd waits with bated breath – and ready cameras – for the paratroopers to land.

As the last of the 10 policemen, Third Warrant Officer (3WO) Jeffrey Heng, disembarked, he jumped onto the sidewalk and fell to the ground. Doctors rushed to his side before he was taken away.

Shortly after, Defense Minister Ng Eng Hen wrote in a Facebook post that 3WO Heng was in good health and was “calm and sober”.

People on the rooftop of Marina Bay Sands also enjoyed the National Day Parade 2022. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

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After the Red Lions greeted the crowd upon landing, the first part of the Total Security Show began. After five years, Singapore’s largest land, air and water exhibition has returned to the parade.

Another highlight was an aerial display featuring two Republic of Singapore (RSAF) F-16 pilots whose fighter jets performed defensive turns around each other before taking off.

The state flag flies as the people of the country stand for the national anthem in the 2022 National Day Parade. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

Window Nation/home Show

This included more than 850 participants from youth voluntary groups, as well as social and economic groups, whose body parts were transplanted for the first time since 2019.

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“When I (do) public events, they are well attended. Many parents will refer me to their children. And some girls from a young age aspire to be like that,” said Captain Siow Jing Yi, who is the only woman to be a military unit commander in NDP 2022.

“I feel like I can be a role model that others look up to. For me, military service (doesn’t discriminate) between a man or a woman. I want to show (girls) that we can be the same.”

The second part of the Total Defense security show shows live how the hostages were rescued from a hijacked bus.

The first chapter of the NDP 2022 show used song and dance to show Singapore in times of neglect. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

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As dusk falls, the show opens with singing and dancing on stage. Accompanied by lively animation and a lively music video on a jumbo screen, the first chapter captures Singapore at its most carefree before the pandemic.

One of the most memorable video sequences, which made the audience laugh, was a dance routine. Some older women come across a group of young women dancing to the song Boombayah by the K-pop girl group BlackPink on the floor of a house.

Then it is different from the opening of the show, the movie called Connections, which is connected with the show, is opened with empty spaces in the “circuit breaker” of Singapore in 2020.

Window Nation/home Show

The audience beat their musical drums during the second chapter of the NDP 2022 show. (Photo: CNA/ Gwada Sutrisno Foo)

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Darkness enters the second chapter of the show. Focusing on “heroes without songs” and “angels without songs”, the voice of country singer Aisyah Aziz underlines it.

Injecting an intimacy that is absent in the stage, the film considers how a circuit breaker affects one person’s life. A GrabFood delivery driver who was an expert in lighting and a Chinese teacher who was supposed to teach lessons on Zoom were among those who were introduced.

Musician Jacintha Abisheganaden belted out old school hits for an appreciative audience at the 2022 National Day Parade. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

The video highlights several families who have faced various struggles over the past two years, from one helping her father overcome prostate cancer to another celebrating a big family wedding.

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To complement the chapter’s theme of going back to one’s roots for support, singers Jacintha Abisheganaden, Rahimah Rahim, Shabir and Liu Ling Ling each sang old hits in English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

Rap, which mimics the battle cry, has been enhanced by the fiery rhythms and drums of Soka Gakkai Singapore and Martial House artists. Audiences were also encouraged to print a heart from their NDP packet with a fun print.

Then the closing part of the film appeared on the screen, tying together the lives of individuals and showing the relationships that have become the basis of Singapore’s resistance to the disease.

Window Nation/home Show

Taufik Batisah took to the stage in the last chapter, together with the Voice of the Island, to sing the slogan of the NDP 2022. (Photo: CNA/Jeremy Long)

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Taufik Batisah took to the stage in the last chapter, together with the Voice of the Island, to sing the slogan of the NDP 2022. (Photo: CNA/ Gwada Sutrisno Foo)

Finally, to end the night in the fifth and final chapter, Taufik Batisah and The Island Voices performed this year’s NDP song called Stronger Together. Actors from the first four seasons of the show poured onto the stage, belting out modern renditions of beloved NDP songs, from Home to Stand For Singapore.

While the energy of the spirit on stage is similar to the introduction of the spirit of Singapore in the first chapter, the previous three chapters of strife and struggle allow the audience to understand the good times.

And while fireworks exploded in the sky to close the celebration of the country’s 57th birthday, the people cheered and cheered.

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Window Nation/home Show

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