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Window Nation Virtual Quote – Autism is what is known as a spectrum condition, meaning it affects individuals in different ways. Adults and children with autism have behavioral challenges, social skills, verbal and nonverbal communication, and sensory and attention problems that affect their lives. However, they also have unique identities, quirks and preferences – just like everyone else

With World Autism Awareness Week taking place this week, it’s a unique time for everyone from ordinary people to politicians to learn about autism.

Window Nation Virtual Quote

Window Nation Virtual Quote

This year, Autism Awareness Week takes place from April 1-7 This week is celebrated around the world as … [+] Autism Day, which is internationally recognized on April 2 each year.

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Almost everyone has heard of autism, but we continue to hear from autistic people and their families who miss out on education, struggle to find work or become deeply isolated – often with misunderstandings about autism and what it is like to be autistic. A better understanding of autism could change the lives of hundreds of thousands of autistic people. ” said Mark Lever, chief executive officer of the National Autistic Society.

Therapists, counselors, teachers, parents and their children are embracing virtual reality to help people with autism communicate and interact better with others. It is also used to help others without autism understand what it means to live with the condition Many argue that no other medium comes close to putting you in someone else’s shoes like VR.

… [+] Floro is a science-backed system for learning social, behavioral, speech and motor skills using virtual reality. It is designed to practice real-world skills with the help of adults designed for the unique needs of individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other related developmental delays.

Autism therapists and researchers began using VR in the mid-1990s Researchers often use technology to create virtual environments to help autistic people prepare for potentially stressful encounters or situations. For example, the Brain Health Center and the Child Study Center at Yale University School of Medicine have used VR to help youth with ASD achieve economic and social independence. Carly McCullers, who has ASD, went through social skills training at the center during her senior year The training has taught him how to handle situations like job interviews, problems with neighbors, and even dating

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VR is also used to prepare autistic children for public speaking Using an avatar viewer, children were encouraged to look around the room rather than ahead if the speaker did not make eye contact. It was well received by the game participants to keep the avatars on the screen

Phobias that often affect autistic children are also addressed with VR These phobias may include, but are not limited to: fear of public transportation, classrooms, balloons, and animals. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be used to combat the effects of these phobias, but visualization and imagination should be used to get the full benefit from CBT: these activities can be a struggle for people with autism.

To address this issue, a recent study examined the effectiveness of using immersive therapy to treat phobias in autistic children. The research was conducted in the Blue Room, an experience developed by experts at the University of Newcastle in collaboration with innovative technology company Third Eye Neurotech.

Window Nation Virtual Quote

Professor Jeremy Parr, who led the study, said: “For many children and their families, anxiety can control their lives.

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With the blue room, a child and a psychologist sit together in a small room that has animations … [+] projected on its four walls. It immerses the child in a 360-degree interactive display without requiring them to wear a VR headset, which some children with autism are reluctant to do. Using an iPad to control the task, the psychologist guides the child through a simulation of the experience, which helps him control his anxiety by doing things like breathing exercises. The child’s parents watch a closed-circuit video feed so they can see what copying strategies they are using. As the child becomes more comfortable with the situation, the complexity and noise level of the simulations can gradually increase until they match the real world.

The research involved a controlled and randomized trial of 32 children aged 8-14 years. The results showed that 25 percent of the group experienced relief from their phobia two weeks after the end of treatment. Six months later, it rose to 38 percent

The use of VR to practice social skills or create role-playing environments to reduce phobias has proven successful – and is growing – however, people with autism are using VR, both to raise awareness of their condition and to capture knowledge. and conceptual differences that characterize it Even well-intentioned people cannot fully understand what life is like for an autistic individual.

Spectator is an example of such a project The project’s creator, Matt Clark, founder of United Visual Artists (UVA), has a 15-year-old son, Oliver, who has severe autism. Matt created the audience so that he and others could see the world through his son’s eyes Matt Clarke said of the project:

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My son Oliver is deeply introverted, has never been able to communicate verbally and sees the world in a very different way than a neurotypical person. When BOM Gallery invited UVA to collaborate with a highly autistic artist using VR, I felt compelled to embrace the idea and hopefully raise awareness of the condition. Rather than focusing on the negative aspects of autism, the show is a work that celebrates some of the more interesting aspects of the neurodivergent concept.

Commissioned by BOM, it seeks to rethink our perception of beauty, to see it… [+] through other people’s eyes. The work focuses on the wonder of everyday events seen through the eyes of Oliver, an autistic child, with a broader autistic perspective.

In 2016, Don’t Panic, a creative agency, created an immersive experience for the nonprofit National Autistic Society. The simulation shows how a child with autism can feel isolated and overwhelmed in a shopping mall

Window Nation Virtual Quote

BCCI’s corporate neurodiversity initiative places its protagonist in an office meeting with a fellow work colleague. Flash lights and flickering carpet patterns add to the sensory overload, as does a soundtrack that includes signs of increased heart rate and rapid breathing. Sean Gilroy, who ran the BBC Project with Autistic Colleagues, said family members of people with autism or other conditions had responded positively. “They will see things in the film that their sons or daughters or sisters or brothers have talked about,” he says. “It makes it come alive; It makes it real It can be quite emotional for people

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This immersive 360 ​​VR film simulates the experience of someone with a neurodivergent condition, set within a workplace meeting … [+] The film is intended to raise awareness of the challenges faced by individuals with neurodivergent conditions (autism, autism, dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, etc.) in the workplace.

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Window Nation Virtual Quote

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