Window On Rome Trastevere

Window On Rome Trastevere – When vacationing in Rome, many travelers head straight for the ancient ruins and other tourist attractions. Although Rome is famous for its magnificent buildings, such as the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, there is much more to this vibrant city. If you look beyond its tourist centers, you’ll find beautiful neighborhoods steeped in history and culture.

One of the most attractive places in Rome is Trastevere; A fun, bohemian neighborhood south of the Vatican on the opposite bank of the Tiber River. Initially dissidents were the rebels, sailors, soldiers and slaves who called Trastevere home during ancient Rome. Today it is one of the most attractive places in the city.

Window On Rome Trastevere

Window On Rome Trastevere

If you explore the Trastevere area these days, you’ll find the city’s best bars and nightlife. It is a popular center for young people, locals and tourists, especially students who want to visit after a long day of studying. If you’re thinking of exploring the area, here’s a guide to Rome’s Trastevere area.

A Guide To Rome’s Trastevere Neighborhood

Trastevere is a place rich in history, as seen in the various historical sites in the area. It was used by the Romans in AD 753 to control the waterways on both sides of the Tiber River. Since this was only a strategic move, the Romans did not want to develop this side of the river, so Trastevere was left to flourish on its own.

Eventually, the fishermen began to live together with the settlers from Mpumalanga. Since the rented area was largely neglected by the Romans, the citizens of Trastevere were able to develop their own culture, which set it apart from the rest of Rome.

With its beautiful, narrow, winding streets and varied nightlife, not to mention its archaeological treasures, Trastevere has become a favorite destination for artists, expats and international students. It is also famous for its nightlife and is a great place to socialize with foreigners and locals over a beer in one of the many clubs.

Trastevere is a beautiful area of ​​Rome with several attractions. Here are the best ones.

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Given Rome’s rich history, it’s hard to walk its streets without coming across some historic sites, and Trastevere is no exception. You will find Trastevere’s rich history in every part of the area, from its centuries-old churches to fascinating museums such as the Museo di Roma.

The Museo di Roma in Trastevere displays Roman art from the 18th century to the first half of the 20th century. Its permanent collection includes works by one of Rome’s greatest historians, Ettore Roesler Franz. He is best known for his series of watercolors of Rome documenting the transformation of the city in the late 1800s.

You can also find a collection of temporary exhibits at the museum, including videos, photos, reports and more.

Window On Rome Trastevere

The Basilica of Santa Maria is considered the first Christian place of worship in Rome. According to some historical accounts, the church was built in the 3rd century by Pope Callistus and completed by Julius I in 340. It has recently been restored and given new life with Pietro Cavalli mosaics of the 12th century, including marble. and later frescoes.

Best Things To Do In Trastevere: Rome:

The interior of the basilica has three naves divided by 22 ancient granite columns, all with Ionic and Corinthian capitals. It also has a golden 16th century octagonal ceiling that houses paintings by the famous Italian painter Domenichino, including L’Assunzione Della Vergine.

The Basilica of Santa Maria is open every day from 7:30 am to 9:00 pm. However, visitors are not allowed to look around during mass.

The Church of Santa Cecilia, also known as La Chiesa di Santa Cecilia, honors Santa Cecilia, the patron saint of the church who was martyred in the 5th century, c. E. According to this story, she was guilty of trying to convert her husband and brother and was tortured for three days in the firehouse under the church. Pope Urban I, who witnessed the torture and buried his body, consecrated the house and made it a church.

In 1599, the body of Santa Cecilia was exhumed and carved into a natural landmark. It is one of the famous marble works of Stefano Maderno called “Santa Cecilia” and it is kept in a glass case in the church.

Things To Do In Trastevere, One Of The Coolest Neighbourhoods In Rome

Another famous work of art found in the church is Pietro Cavallini’s Giudizio Universal fresco, the only surviving part from 1300 occupies the west wall of the church.

Villa Farnesina is one of the historic sites you will come across while walking around the Trastevere district. It was built around 1505-1511 and is one of the most beautiful buildings of the Roman Renaissance. This palace was named after its owner, Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, commissioned by a businessman from Siena.

Villa Farnesina has two smaller wings and a two-storey central block. The interior of the villa is richly decorated with sculptures by some of Rome’s most famous artists, including Peruzzi, Sebastiano del Piombo and Raphael.

Window On Rome Trastevere

On the first floor of the building you will find the amazing frescoes of the Sala di Galatia, one of the most important works of the famous Raphael. As you marvel at the ceiling, you’ll find star paintings showing the star positions where Chigi, the first owner of the villa, was born.

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One of the most beautiful places you will come across in Trastevere is Via Della Lungaretta. This chapter in place b. E. It corresponds to the layout of the old road called “Via Aurelia Nova” from the 2nd century.

One of the best things to do in Trastevere is to walk along the long walled street, which has beautiful architecture, especially along the walls of the Porta Settimiana section. Via della Lungaretta, whose walls extend from the walls of Aurelia, served as the fortress of the small district of Trastevere.

Today, you can find Renaissance and modern wonders near Della Lungaretta, including Palazzo Corsini, Porta Settimiana, Villa Della Farnesina and John Cabot University.

For art lovers, Palazzo Corsini is the best place to visit in the Trastevere region. Palazzo Corsini is a beautiful baroque palace that sits quietly at the edge of Via Della Lungara. Being a bit far from the center of Trastevere, Palazzo Corsini doesn’t get much traffic, which makes it even more interesting to visit.

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The palace is across from the Roman Botanical Gardens, next to the Villa Farnesina. In addition to its beautiful exterior and interior, the palace houses the Galleria Corsini, which houses Italian “Arte Antica” collections, many of which were donated by the Corsini family in the 1800s.

The art gallery is small, but has an interesting collection, most of which are works by Italian artists of the 16th and 17th centuries. Another highlight of the palazzo is its beautiful library, which contains rows of good-sized books.

If you want to escape the noisy streets to a quiet place, check out the Orto Botanica or the Roman Botanic Gardens across from the Palazzo Corsini. It is one of the largest botanical gardens, spread over 12 hectares at the foot of Gianicolo Hill.

Window On Rome Trastevere

The garden was first built in 1883 and is managed by La Sapienza (University of Rome). It is a beautiful and peaceful park with palm trees, stone paths, and mountain slopes full of beautiful waterfalls.

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These botanical gardens are home to more than 3,000 species of plants and include a Japanese garden, greenhouses, and tropical species including bonsai and orchids. Head to the top of the Gianicolo Hill, where you’ll find a beautiful Baroque fountain and the Garibaldi monument, with stunning views of the long and winding Tiber River.

Isola Tiberina, or Tiber Island, is located at the southern end of the Tiber River. It is a small island, its width is from 270 meters to 67 meters. But what it lacks in size, it makes up for in character.

Like most of the Trastevere region, Tiber Island has a varied and colorful history. The island is connected to the rest of Rome by two bridges, Ponte Sestio and Ponte Fabricio.

The island of Tiber has a close connection with the art of healing. K. In 293 Rome was hit by a terrible plague. The Roman Senate consulted the ancient Sibyl for help, who suggested building a temple in honor of Aesculapius, the Greek god of healing and medicine.

Reasons Why You Should Stay In Trastevere Area In Rome

After the ambassadors ordered the temple to be built, they set sail for the ancient Greek city of Epidaurus, effectively taking the serpent with them. However, the snake escaped from the ship and went to the island of Tiber, where it showed that it wanted Aesculapius to build his temple on the island. Eventually the temple was destroyed, and so was the Basilica

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