Window Repair Clayton Nc

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Metal shades help keep heat and light out of the room, like a sun shade. Hybrid options available today have the regular appearance of window tint and the thermoregulatory properties of metallic tint. To learn more about our products or services, call (919) 710-8662 or visit #…

Window Repair Clayton Nc

Window Repair Clayton Nc

Choosing the right window tint can affect the comfort, economy, aesthetics and security of a home. Homeowners can contact a reliable glass repair company like us for home window tinting installation services. For more information about our products or services, call us at (919) 710-866…

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Ceramic window tints are the most expensive type of window tinting. It is reflective and non-conductive, so it greatly reduces the amount of UV rays. These shades are durable, less prone to fading and increase the strength of the window. Call us at (919) 710-8662 or visit…

Installing mirror window tints on windows creates a mirror effect and offers a one-way or two-way effect. This shade not only adds privacy but also provides glare control and aesthetic appeal to the property. Call us at (919) 710-8662 or for more information…

Common in offices, anti-glare window shades control glare by blocking sunlight. Glare control window tint improves employee productivity as they are not distracted by sunlight reflecting off laptop screens. For more information, call us at (919) 710-8662 or visit https://…

If security and privacy are the goals of adding tint to your window, then security window tint is the best option available on the market today. For more information about our products or services, call us at (919) 710-8662 or visit #homewindowreplacementglass.

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Safety window rings improve the overall strength of the glass, offer privacy and reduce damage from glass breakage. These window shades offer the thickest films available. For more information about our products and services, call us at (919) 710-8662 or visit #house…

Decorative window shades are a great privacy advantage for homeowners. However, due to their thinness, these shades do not block UV rays and do not increase the strength of the window, and are not recommended for homes in sunny areas. To learn more about our products or services, call (919) 710-8662 or visit https://b…

Homeowners who want to add aesthetic appeal to their windows can opt for decorative window shades. We have decorative shade options in a variety of colors, patterns and designs. In addition, we can offer shades that are iridescent, frosted, transparent or even opaque. For more information about our products…

Window Repair Clayton Nc

We have been working with Eric and his teams since 2016. Eric is our “go to” person for bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. There were projects both in our house and on campus. His teams are always first class – high quality, punctual, honest. Eric’s prices are always fair – neither the lowest nor the highest – but for me considering the level of project management Eric offers.

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If you are looking for the right job, call Eric at Oak City Glass. Both he and Alex are very knowledgeable and very friendly people. They will work with you! I can honestly say they are the best choice I could have made for my 2 bathroom remodel. We are happy and money well spent! They are definitely the future of glass in NC. There is no way someone this nice and professional could fail. I’ll say it again. They are the best! Hands down!

Oak City Glass installed an oversized glass shower enclosure in our newly remodeled master bathroom. This project involved multiple people pulling this sheet of glass up and down our second floor because it was too big to clear the stairwell. It was not an easy task, but they did it. Eric was happy to work, as was the whole team. I highly recommend Oak City Glass for any replacement glass bathroom remodel and will use them again for my next project. Quality glass and mirrors can transform the appeal of a home or business. It’s an investment that goes a long way in improving the aesthetics and functionality of a property. All Clayton, NC residents and businesses searching for professional glass mirror repair near me on Google can complete their search here. From installation and repair to glass replacement services, Oak City Glass is a local glass mirror company that provides its customers with exceptional glass and mirror service.

1. Shower Enclosures: At Oak City Glass, each glass shower enclosure is measured and custom made at every opening to ensure a quality installation. The team can install a variety of shower enclosures including framed, half-frame, hybrids, custom 3/8, splash panel, illusion glass, custom corner frameless, frameless with studs, calm (barn door style) and shower enclosures.

2. Residential Glass: From insulated glass replacement to custom shower enclosures, Oak City Glass’ professional team offers a wide repertoire of residential glass services. From window repair, installing new windows, creating custom shower enclosures, offering replacement insulated glass and replacing broken or fogged IG units, mirrors, tables and glass walls, the Oak City Glass team does an excellent job providing all glass and mirrors. does needs

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3. Commercial Glass: Businesses looking for mirror repair, glass or shop door installation for mirrors and other door hardware can expect fantastic work from the team at Oak City Glass. They specialize in ½ inch glass entryways and ½ inch glass walls, commercial kiosks, sneeze guards, mirrored walls and commercial door services.

4. Remodeling Projects: One of the best in the glass industry, Oak City’s remodeling team specializes in turnkey projects. Bathroom remodeling projects can require tremendous planning and design skills that a team can do in no time. The department can take care of a complete remodeling project, from appliances and fixtures to tiles, showers and lighting. Offering excellent service in kitchen remodeling and exterior projects, the professional team specializes in tile, granite, painting, flooring, carpentry, decorating, wood rot replacement, real estate listings, sheets and more!

5. Glass Barriers – Sneezeguard, a new feature, is a clear screen, ¼”, acrylic material that is ideal for anti-virus protection and helps maintain social distancing in commercial spaces. The Oak City Glass team did a great job installing these. barriers in local shops, grocery stores, supermarkets and hospitals, where they act as a barrier between customers and staff.

Window Repair Clayton Nc

Whether it’s window repair, mirror repair, new glass window or door installation, mirror or glass closet adjustment, broken glass and mirror replacement, shower installation, residential or commercial glass and mirror needs, or remodeling projects, homeowners and businesses can Contact Oak City Glass. for exceptional service.

Window Replacement And Replacement Windows For Cary, North Carolina Residents

“This is a great organization, great craftsmanship. I highly recommend this company. My husband and I are very pleased with our glass shower door installation. The quality and workmanship was exceptional.”

Oak City Glass focuses on providing its customers with high quality glass products, service and support. A small, family-owned business, Oak City Glass strives to be known for hard work, excellent craftsmanship and unparalleled customer service.

For more information or any commercial or residential glass services, call Oak City Glass today at (919) 710-8662.

Using glass mirrors in a closet design can add luxurious aesthetic appeal as well as form and function. Adding glass and mirrors not only adds value, but it also visually expands the space and makes preparation fun and efficient. Oak City Glass shares how mirror glass cabinets can transform the closet experience for homeowners.

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A full length mirror inside a closet door is very popular as it allows a person to get honest feedback while getting ready. In addition, the mirror reflects light from the bedroom into the dark interior of the closet. Many homeowners hang a full-length mirror in the doorway, but it can seem awkward and confusing. A custom mirror, such as a long diamond or frameless side mirror that fits perfectly into the interior of a closet, can make a big difference in how you look and feel when you’re wearing it.

The exterior of the closet door can accommodate different types of glass mirror doors. From accordion mirrored doors, hinged doors, and even sliding doors to full-panel mirrors and multi-panel doors, closet doors can be customized to suit a customer’s taste and desire.

Glass mirror wardrobe doors also add great value and sense of space to bedroom decor.

Window Repair Clayton Nc

Glass wardrobe doors are a little unusual, but a new way to add style to the bedroom. Replacing wooden or mirrored cabinet doors with glass in the form of an accordion or slide can enhance the appearance of the cabinet. However, this also means that the mess will be visible behind the closet doors. This problem can be solved by adding frosted, chipped, smoked or patterned glass, which add some transparency to the glass in addition to a very beautiful value.

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