Window Repair Manhattan Ks

Window Repair Manhattan Ks – Church Stained Glass Restoration has become Manhattan’s number one glass restoration studio. We have partnered with many churches and various houses of worship throughout the state of Kansas. With our beautiful stained glass restoration process, we can help you preserve your ancient religious glass for future generations so your community can continue to treasure a piece of history.

Manhattan has beautiful and historic architecture that embodies the unique charm of this city. Many of the churches and religious houses in the area share the same architecture and have amazing religious glass pieces. In order to preserve these important pieces of community history, restoration of the stained glass windows is necessary.

Window Repair Manhattan Ks

Window Repair Manhattan Ks

Requests for the restoration of religious stained glass windows are often submitted with visible signs of damage and deterioration. Severe storms and vandalism may have accelerated this process, or perhaps your church’s stained glass has just reached the 75-100 year mark. Regardless of the reason, it is important to start the restoration in time to keep the restoration costs to a minimum.

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When you contact our stained glass repair studio, we will send a qualified glass technician to evaluate your stained glass and provide a detailed estimate. Our glass technician investigates the root causes of damage and prepares a personal repair plan. This assessment also includes a cost-effectiveness analysis, proposed project timelines, and project estimates. Once you’ve decided to go through the restoration process, our team will remove your stained windows and take them to our local repair studio.

We then soak your church glasses in a soapy mixture to gently remove the grime that has accumulated over the years. After your stained glass has been soaking for about two weeks, we’ll take it apart. Every piece of glass in good condition is cataloged and preserved until we restore all the broken pieces. Our extensive inventory of over 10,000 stained glass windows ensures that we can find the perfect match. Even if we don’t, we have one habit. Hand-painted glass is also copied by our craftsmen and baked in our ceramics.

Additionally, a new lead was created for the correct structure. We fill it with black cement, which is pressed into each crack. Once the cement has dried, we thoroughly clean your restored glass window. Reinforced glass can also be added if we believe it will provide better protection for the next century. Once your stained glass window is reinstalled, your pastor and congregation members will be amazed at how new it looks.

As a leading glass repair studio, we can help with all your repair needs. Since a minor injury can always be aggravated by other conditions, it is important to take an active role in your recovery. Most minor repairs can be completed inside the church and do not require relocation, such as restoration.

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Contact us for advice on returning stained glass to your church today! Our team is dedicated to helping Manhattan houses of worship properly preserve their historic stained glass windows.

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