Window Repair Sanford Nc

Window Repair Sanford Nc – I had window king work on my roof and they did a terrible job, my roof is still leaking, I call them twice a week for work,

I have spoken to the owner Kenneth Garrett, no calls have been returned since ash about my warranty. Please do not be a window king for any project or call

Window Repair Sanford Nc

Window Repair Sanford Nc

Signed a contract in February for work on a 1100SF house to be remodeled in March and paid $2900.00 up front, then another check a month later for $2500.00 and $700.00 for plywood. It is now months to May 14th to be exact and the work is not done. In addition, we were told about some important things that we wanted to accomplish and were not included in the agreement. We asked for a price. The first item was 175.00 to replace some wood inside the back porch, and 425.00 to display it. Well..the list was changed but the contractor refused to build the screen at the agreed price of 425.00 (all agreed in front of his foreman). My wife was thinking everything was fine, only to find out the next day that she wouldn’t take care of the screen at the price stated in the original check, including doing extra work for everyone else. So my wife took the check to get it done…fast forward 24 hours..then my wife woke up to a voice message threatening her to get her check before 3pm. Will, when he said they were working on it. 2195 check owed to us, advised not to. He texted back hoping he was happy because one of his employees got sick and lost hope that the building would be finished??? A truly unacceptable move for a business owner.. wow last time I checked it doesn’t matter to him, they are your employees… 2 months to finish a 1100SF house with siding and a back porch? He always had a half-baked excuse to work; Maybe he had to get rid of his employees, or other reasons. The update from this morning on May 14th said the $425 was for rotting wood that they had to replace?? Why are we not told where the receipt is? We bought the OSB plywood for $700, why not buy the wood that needs replacing? Now I basically call him a liar… This company will never take another dime from me, or anyone I know.

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Thank you for leaving my wife and I in such a bad mood, especially her first attempt to deal with a contractor while I was away!!

Once again you have crossed another line in business and as a man. ‘I’m sure your old customers and potential customers will appreciate that comment, good job and pointing out your corrupt behavior), I gave you $2900/$2500/$2195, I bought a whole OSB board $700, screws and your saw. You have certificates and copies of checks to prove it. Isn’t it your job to provide the equipment the customer pays for? That’s selfish of you, and a funny divisive piece. I hope people can read between the lines of your original arguments here. I gave you every check you deserved, and if I owed you more, I asked you several times if you couldn’t pay? It’s not even close to the dollar I can easily pay..I don’t want to live in the country, ((this is another male comment about my wife, I’ve had it for 3 months not 8 months so understand,)) To find out what is going on, my wife tells me everything that has happened, and I have seen and heard the nasty messages and voicemails she leaves her phone. I can place all the items accurately and precisely, including the one you said you would build a window on the balcony for about $400.00 but you have to get a list of things. Call the name and you insult him on voicemail. If you want people to know the truth then make sure you are telling the whole truth, especially when there are words and phrases that contradict your story and accept my above comment as true and accurate! It’s all of you, not your team or the foreman, no problem with that..all of you!

This guy is a dove and all women should beware! I contacted the owner Ken for an estimate and he called and asked for some pictures and information. So I text him my project pics and he sends me his pic and says he’s single and if I have any friends he deletes me. After that I didn’t even bother to reply. Inappropriate behavior

I am very pleased with the roof that was replaced by the crew at The Window King. They came as they said and the job was done to our satisfaction. I would recommend them to anyone for your roofing needs. Before the work was completed, Mr. Kenneth came to the work site to make sure everything was in order. It was such a relief when it rained a few days after our roof was installed and I didn’t hear any rain coming through the ceiling in the master bathroom. I was listening and there is no drop. I enjoyed it and the colors look great. Thank you very much.

Window King Of Sanford 401 Minter School Rd, Sanford, Nc 27332

I was on the fence about replacing my roof myself with the help of some friends to save money, but Kenneth came out and gave me such a low quote, I couldn’t resist. Not only did they install new shingles, but they replaced all my siding, rot, roof repairs, replaced my damaged pipe shoes and installed a vent throughout the house. Because of all the hair it would have taken me to shingles myself. No worries here!

People amaze me – this customer is a real nut case. They have never charged me like any other customer – when I return items for work

He was mad because I wouldn’t see him on his balcony- he met me at work when we finished congratulating us on a job well done. Guys if you want the facts about this job call me – the husband who wrote this review has not been in the US for the past 3 months. Kenneth Garrett – Owner 919-775-5802

Window Repair Sanford Nc

Window Kings was very quick to start and finish my shutters. I called them on Thursday and they were gone by Friday afternoon! Their prices are higher than other roofers in Sanford. I would recommend them to others!

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Good people! Friendly, prompt, professional from start to finish! He left no detail of his work except the well-ventilated windows. Just the people to call if you need the best quality windows! A++ for customer service!

Todd is a pleasure to work with, personable and friendly!! Travis and his team installed my windows for me they were on time and completed the job without any fuss……would highly recommend Window King. A+

I love my new windows!!! Window King did an excellent job installing new windows in our 17 year old mobile home. Although they were not standard windows, Window King ordered and installed our windows quickly and was responsive to everything. We highly recommend Window King of Sanford, NC. He is professional and very kind!

I just put on some construction music today. Great work and great look!! Main things I liked: he answered his phone when he called (more than one for credit card), the day of the announcement and the day of the installation, he communicates with you to coordinate the shipment and all the information, shingle The samples of the word, brought a polite and pleasant personality. Use magnets in the post-work area and around the house and road to make sure most of the nails are collected, workers show up on time and introduce themselves before work, workers give me all the bad Show areas. roof, the workers themselves before starting repairs. Hand nailed steel (no nail guns used), Kenneth (the owner) does not ask for full payment before the job is done, a written contract outlining all work to be done, BBB accreditation, positive reviews, website and photos of the work, and

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