Window Replacement Lawrence Ks

Window Replacement Lawrence Ks – There’s nothing worse than turning up the heat every winter and finding yourself struggling across the cold kitchen floor in your home.

If you live in a drafty home, it’s very possible for wind to travel through window sills and slats that could use some treatment. It will not only save on heating costs by increasing the energy efficiency of your home, but will also significantly improve indoor comfort. Here are some options:

Window Replacement Lawrence Ks

Window Replacement Lawrence Ks

When it comes down to it, the most effective way to insulate your home is to replace your old windows. Single-pane windows already do a poor job of keeping out the cold, but old, weather-worn windows may not have much life left.

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A new window will cost you a lot, and installing it will cost you more, said Gary Ziegler, owner of Ziegler Glass, 2400 Ponderosa Drive.

Ziegler said think of it like investing in a Prius. The car may cost you $35,000 to buy, but it gets 40 miles per gallon. He said your cheaper old Ford Taurus would only get you 18 miles. The Prius may take a while to pay off, but it’s easy on the wallet in the end.

Help complete your home and prevent the cold winter from entering your windows by replacing or following a few simple tips.

Lance Adkins, left, and Gary Ziegler, owner of Ziegler Glass, install a large storm window Jan. 20 on a home in Old West Lawrence.

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“If you own your home and intend to stay there for a long time, make that investment,” he said. “You won’t be disappointed by the long haul.”

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, an ENERGY STAR window upgrade can save you 7 to 15 percent, or $71 to $501, annually on your home energy bills, depending on your geographic location and the type of window being replaced.

A vinyl window is the least expensive replacement window on the market, Ziegler said, costing as little as $300. A better made, more aesthetically pleasing wooden window costs about $1,000.

Window Replacement Lawrence Ks

In general, a good rule of thumb is to check all sources of air infiltration, Ziegler said. It won’t do any good to get new windows if the air is passing through doors or other small areas of the house where it collects.

Window Replacement Cost Calculator

If you have a historic home in Lawrence, replacing the windows and changing the look of the home is not an option. But you’re not entirely out of luck.

Although it’s an old practice, installing a storm window over an old single pane can still make a big difference, Ziegler said.

“It creates an air space between your window and the storm window, which creates a negative or dead air space,” he said. “The air space creates a buffer and aids extraction.

Since newer homes have better insulation in the walls, installing a storm window is not as difficult as you might expect. With improvements in technology, windows with argon insulating glass (to increase energy efficiency) that fit more tightly into the frame are available. A storm window doesn’t compare.

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“That’s where your air penetration and heat loss come from,” Ziegler said. “You only have good windows these days.” When you put a [new] window in that opening, you’re actually bringing that insulation value closer to what the walls are.

If you don’t want to rip out your old windows and get new ones, some do-it-yourself weather stripping can make a big difference. In addition to these tricks, adding heavy screens can also help.

Linda Cottin, Cottin’s Hardware columnist and owner of Fix-It Chick, ranks some options (all available at the store) by effectiveness:

Window Replacement Lawrence Ks

Place double-sided tape around the frame and place shrink wrap around the window. Use a hair dryer to close it by pinching it tighter. You can’t open or close the window once it’s on, and if you have small blinds you won’t have access to them, which means you can’t open or close them to let light into the house.

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Similar to the previous option, you put double-sided tape and in this case cover the transparent plastic on the outer frame of the window. You won’t shrink this wrap, so pull as tight as you can. The downside is that it’s difficult to cover the windows on the second floor of the house, Cottin said, requiring a ladder.

Press brown or gray putty (comes in a roll) into the cracks and mold. It can be easily removed after winter, leaving no residue. You can leave it all year round to avoid the heat in summer.

Tape the bottom to the inside of your window and when you close it, the seal lines up where it should and stays where it needs to stay to let air out.

Coming in different widths and thicknesses, depending on the size of the cracks in the window itself, this self-adhesive foam tape should be applied immediately to the window sill against each crack in your window. It is not aesthetically pleasing when placed outside.

Winter Proof Your Windows To Save Energy At Home

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