Window Screen Brace Bar

Window Screen Brace Bar – The support bar option is for customers who want to add a stabilizing bar to their boss security pet screen door. You can choose your color preference to match your pet screen door. Installation is considered moderate difficulty.

Note that the best way to install or add this support bar is to first install your screen pet door and follow the instructions to add a support bar. We have a video and printed instructions to help clarify and make your installation easier.

Window Screen Brace Bar

Window Screen Brace Bar

The Boss Security Brace Bar is recommended for our pet screen door series. The support bar will add support and rigidity to the sliding screen door and will properly support our larger sized pet screen doors.

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The usual location for the support bar is on top of the pet door that secures the frame. This will secure the fourth corner of the pet door. Support rods are recommended for king and high king, but can also be used with smaller sizes.

Installation Install the Security Boss screen door as required. Support rods can be installed when the pet door is installed, or they can be added to an already installed door.

Measure the distance between the vertical frames of the patio screen door where the pet gate is installed. Measure the side of the screen spline line that is not visible. This distance will be the length you cut the support rods. Mark this distance on the support rod.

Cut the support rods with a hacksaw. It’s a good idea to wrap the portion of the support bar you’re cutting with scotch tape to prevent accidental paint scratches with a hacksaw.

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Test the fit of the support rods between the patio screen frame rails. Trim if necessary. Along the patio screen frame adjacent to the pet screen door, remove a short length (3/4″-1″) of screen splines from the raceway of the patio screen frame. Do this where the top edge of the pet screen door meets the frame of the patio screen. Repeat this step on the other side of the patio screen frame. Delete as little as possible.

Insert clips to hold the struts in the strut. Leave enough clip from the support bar so that it can be clipped on the patio door screen frame race.

The support rod is usually installed on the same side of the gauze where the pet screen door is. Position the support bar horizontally on the pet door. Insert one end of the support rod and clip between the screen fabric and the patio screen frame and release the screen splines. You may need to bend the bent portion of the strut clamp on the race. Repeat on the other side

Window Screen Brace Bar

Push the screen splines back into the patio door race to secure the clamps. Be sure to keep the screen cloth snug as you roll the splines into the race

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Remove the security screen splines above the pet screen door (if previously installed). clip

Clip the metal retainers in the pet screen door race. A retainer should be as close to the unsupported edge of the pet screen door as possible. The other can be spaced on the circuit

Once the metal holder is positioned on the race, place one side of the support bar down to within 1/16 inch of touching the pet screen door. The support bar should be on the upper edge of the pet door screen frame, between the gauze and the gauze. Perforated metal holder label.

Push the screen splines back into the races on the pet screen door; Be sure to keep the screen cloth snug as you roll the splines into the races.

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Use a drill and two screws to pre-drill holes in the support rods through the holes in the metal retaining clips. Attach the clip with screws. Repeat on each holder.

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Window Screen Brace Bar

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Window Screen Brace Bar

5/16″ and 7/16″ size kits are available in 36, 48 and 60″ lengths. The corners snap the frame together, no miter required. Large screen frame for extra long windows.

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Screen bezels and edge connectors are available in a variety of colors, including white, brown, and polished finishes. The aluminum structure resists deformation and does not require any painting.

Use single or bulk screen frames up to 7 feet long. Use beams and connectors for reinforcement.

Each screen frame kit comes with 4 corner connectors, 4 screen frames, 2 spring clips, 2 pull tabs and splines.

In addition to your Build-A-Screen kit, make sure you get all the tools and supplies to create the perfect window screen.

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Cut: Use a hacksaw to cut the marked pieces. If your frame is more than 3 feet tall, cut an extra (W-1 1/2″) to use as a beam.

Assembly: Install the hardware (see options below) and place the corners of the vertical frames first, then attach each vertical to the horizontal.

Scroll Screen: Use a 9/64″ or 0.160″ spline to scroll the screen into the spline slot. The splines will be fixed to the hardware. Trim the excess screen with the Rollerknife utility knife or blade.

Window Screen Brace Bar

Wood windows: Attach the screen frame frame to the outside frame of the window. Nail 1/4″ to 1/2″ at the top of each side window.

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Wood Windows: Insert the Loop Latch into the spline slot on the bottom of the screen frame. Once assembled, insert the screws into the inside of the window sill.

Wood and aluminum windows: Slide the cross clips into the beam frame and attach to the assembled frame in half. The cross brace will fit into the spinal groove.

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This article was co-authored by Michael Fox. Michael Fox is a window repair specialist and president of Window Repair Systems and, based in Westminster, South Carolina. Michael has over 25 years of experience specializing in commercial window repair and service. He holds business degrees from Monroe Community College and the State University of New York at Brockport. Michael helped Window Repair Systems and become industry leaders in commercial window repair and hardware distribution, school and business services, and training of large public school systems.

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Window screens are a must in the summer to fill your home with fresh air while keeping those bugs out. Whether your window screen is broken or not at all, making one isn’t a huge investment – all you need are some materials and a few tools!

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Window Screen Brace Bar

This article was co-authored by Michael Fox. Michael Fox is a window repair specialist and president

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