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Palmetto Outdoor Spaces offers curtain screening services including porch curtain repair, replacement and installation in Greer, South Carolina and surrounding areas. Our service area covers Greenville, Spartanburg and parts of North Carolina.

Window Screen Repair Greenville Sc

Window Screen Repair Greenville Sc

If the screens are damaged or you want to upgrade to a higher quality product, we are happy to help you. Contact us if you need to re-screen porches, screen new porches, and repair or replace damaged screen panels.

White Oak Homes

Our favorite screening system for screened porches is the 1 x 2 aluminum flat spline channel frame system. The aluminum has a flat slotted channel that accepts the screen mesh and places it under the lip, and a flat wedge. This type of channel secures the screen mesh to keep it taut. We can create large picture windows with this type of system, giving the homeowner Unobstructed views from the screened porch. The aluminum screen frame is available in bronze, white, ivory and taupe. We can screen your porch to add value to your home. We also use ScreenEZE® screen framing systems, the Vinyl Quick System, and vintage stands and grids.

Porches Screened are a must in every Southern home. People love to be outdoors, and here in South Carolina and North Carolina, the weather allows for outdoor enjoyment eight to nine months of the year. Mosquitoes are annoying and dangerous in our area, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can repair, replace or install your porch screens and create a beautiful wrap around porch for year-round enjoyment, keep bugs at bay during the summer months, and add clear vinyl porch panels for winter use. You don’t have to compromise your views by screening from the porch. We can screen up to 160 SF plus opening. Our special, high-quality, durable polyester mesh enables larger-than-normal screenings in screen boxes.

We have a wide selection of screen doors made of PCA products, piano-hinged mesh doors, DoorTech wall hardware and ClearView Retractable door screens. We can even install a French grid door on your screen or patio. Check out our retractable ClearView site for more information on easy access and egress from your porch. See for many screen door options. PCA piano hinged screen doors are not only the most durable screened porch door, but also have a custom look. Stand out from your neighbors with one of these beautiful and distinctive heavy duty doors. The terrace screen case will be the most beautiful and customized on the block.

We also offer curtain installation services where we can add a chair rail, railings or rails to break up a large gap or provide support to prevent pets or unsuspecting guests inside from accessing the porch panels, making the curtains more secure.

Owners Choice Construction

We can add a kick to the terrace spaces to keep the grass and rain out. You can choose an aluminum partition room kick board or a 2 inch insulated panel wall kick board. Both are great options at two different price points. The color options are bronze, white, ivory and Taupe (clay).

We also offer unique designs and configurations for the vertical cross beam for the screened porch, taking into account the strength of the high quality screen mesh and aluminum screen frame that we select.

We can also screen porches with small posts or screen porches with large decorative tops and bases. We carefully notched the aluminum screen frame to fit the vertical crossbar.

Window Screen Repair Greenville Sc

If you need privacy on your screened in porch, we can do that too. Choose from our Bahama shutters, retractable pig shelters or pig shelter panels. Many new homes are built on smaller, low-maintenance lots, exposing sheltered yards to neighbors. We can help with opening and closing piggyback shutters, Bahamas, or a retractable shade.

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If you want to enjoy your porch year-round for entertaining, sleeping, or watching wildlife, we can surround your porch with our clear vinyl porch panels. You can choose a manual pulley roll, a manual gear controlled roll-up clear vinyl panel, or a motorized retractable clear vinyl porch panel. Please see our website for more details to understand the correct fit for your screen porch. Another great option for a porch is our Eze-Breeze Porch System, which has both screen and clear vinyl panels for 4 season rooms.

Enjoy your porch any time of the day or night without annoying biting insects and mosquitoes. Protect your family and pets with a Palmetto Outdoor Spaces screen on your porch. We have a wide range of screen mesh options to fit your budget and withstand heavy use.

The most popular and recommended screen nets are Phifer Pool/Patio net, vinyl coated fiberglass net and Super Screen net, polyester net. We screen your porch with the mesh of your choice. Read more about the many online options:

Aluminum screen mesh and Cooper Screen Mesh are also available. They are still excellent choices for protecting porches, windows and doors. Aluminum and Cooper screen mesh rolls are 72″ wide rolls with limited gaps. Crossbars are needed every 70″ to support the aluminum or copper. This old fashioned installation method limits your view.

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Phifer is located in Alabama and manufactures the most durable porch nets. They also have a wide range of indoor solar mesh fabrics that prevent heat gain, block sunlight, prevent fading and protect furniture, floors and walls from harmful UV rays.

Call today to schedule a free home network porch consultation and take measurements to determine the best option for a security inspection or enclosure for your porch. We are happy to help with your screen porch.

We investigate new homes, older homes and condos in the Greenville, Seneca, Salem, Spartanburg, Anderson, Chesnee, Landrum, Hendersonville, Fletcher and Lake Wylie areas. For your budget, it’s best to assess your window maintenance needs before committing to anything. impulsive buying decisions. Many property owners make the mistake of replacing their window systems when in fact a simple repair would have done the job. Most of the time, window salespeople push the idea that the property needs all new windows with the promise of improved energy efficiency, curb appeal and other similar selling points. While new windows certainly offer these benefits and more, there is no need to replace them prematurely. After all, if the windows can’t be repaired, homeowners would have to replace one every time only minor damage occurs.

Window Screen Repair Greenville Sc

Keep reading to learn what you need to know between window repair and window replacement in Greenville SC. Everything below applies to residential and commercial properties.

Pre Sale Home Inspection

Rotting windows are often caused by moisture, mold and many other substances. Fortunately, if you have a rotten condition, it can be repaired. Just remember to hire a professional for the job. While you can do an initial inspection to assess the condition and appearance of your windows, a professional can repair window rot, clogged frames, and broken window parts. Remember that window rot is not always repairable. Sometimes the rot is so extensive that replacement is the best option. That is why it is important to detect moisture problems and water leaks under the windows in time.

Clogged window frames are a very common problem, especially in older homes that have been remodeled once or twice. Fortunately, this common problem is usually easy to fix, even on your own. If your window doesn’t open easily or seems to block frequently, try rubbing a white candle on the bottom and sides of the window. If this method does not allow the frame to slide easily through the window channels, it can be closed. If it is painted closed, open it and take a box cutter or razor to the seam. You can also use a band saw.

Many people assume that old windows are no longer as energy efficient as they used to be. In some cases this is true. But often older windows can still be just as energy efficient if they are serviced by a handyman or general contractor. Instead of buying new windows to improve your home’s energy efficiency, a professional can use window sealing and weatherproofing to prevent air from escaping or moisture from entering. In most cases, the old gasket is removed and replaced with a new gasket. Also, installing curtains and storm windows can increase the insulation of the property and is much cheaper than replacing the windows completely.

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