Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi – When it comes to window replacement and window repair, there is no more trusted supplier than All Seasons Windows. Since 1983, we have been dedicated to providing superior products and services to customers in Southwest Michigan. Working with homeowners and contractors to provide a variety of window styles, our team will work with you to explore the options and ensure you find the absolute best windows. With a promise of excellent craftsmanship and, above all, a great customer experience, you can be sure that your new windows will exceed your expectations in quality and performance.

On double-hung windows, both top and bottom sashes open to provide better air flow and ventilation. The ability to open and tilt each wing facilitates cleaning.

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

Vaulted windows are on the side, dormer windows are on the top, and funnel windows are the bottom panes. These casement-style windows offer a clear, unobstructed view and increased airflow.

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Sliding windows open horizontally, making them an excellent choice for hard-to-reach areas. They are the perfect style of window to install over a sink or bathtub.

Designed to provide an abundance of natural light and stunning views, picture windows are a fixed window style. Fixed windows are usually much safer and much easier to maintain.

A great way to bring a bit of the outdoors into your home, patio windows are a great addition to any home. Often equipped with glass plant shelves, owners of this style of window enjoy a green thumb.

Bay windows and bow windows provide a three-dimensional view that can open up a room and provide a comfortable, scenic seat. This style can be constructed using casement windows, casement windows or double-hung windows.

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Available in many geometric shapes to match the style of your home, architectural windows provide a custom, unique look. This style can act as the perfect centerpiece, focal point or addition to any room.

Glass block windows are a popular option for basements. Glass block windows allow light to penetrate for an added layer of privacy and security. With proper care, they can prevent water ingress. We can repair/replace many types of broken glass for you! If the glass in your windows cracks or breaks, the glass can easily be replaced without having to install a whole new window. Whether it’s an old single hung timber window or a brand new energy efficient double hung window, we can help.

Many older houses still have their original single-glazed windows, and if these windows are broken or damaged, anyone can restore them to their original condition. We can repair wood rot, discoloration and single glazing in your wood frame. Do not throw away old wooden windows!

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

If your home has custom windows, it is better to repair the windows than replace them. We can order glass to perfectly fit.

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If the glass in a double-glazed window cracks or breaks, the panes can easily be replaced without having to install a whole new window.

Does your window have a faulty seal? Does it look cloudy or colorless between the glasses? We can help you with that! Our highly qualified and experienced technicians will replace the glass and repair the tinted glass. Our new glass also comes with a 10 year warranty! We can replace the glass without replacing the entire window, saving you time and money.

If your windows have a specific shade or tint, we can match several window colors. Tinted windows can reduce UV radiation, save money with lower energy bills and reduce glare.

That’s right, if you stop by our location at 2290 28th St SW, Wyoming, MI, we’ll have your screens repaired within 24 hours. We limit this processing time to orders of 3 screens or less. Even larger orders can usually be completed within a few days. We have the fastest turnaround time in the area. Screen and Window Repair in Michigan offers competitive prices, high quality work and a friendly staff you won’t find anywhere else! We serve Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Kalamazoo and all of West Michigan.

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Good job. Highly recommended. They fixed two of my windows and replaced the wood around several windows on the coldest day of the year. Nice work but fast what they do. Also, when the offers came out, they were honest and gave me advice that I don’t think most sellers would have. I was told to keep the existing windows as they are in good condition even though they are old. I’m glad I did and I’m even happier with this company.

Screen and Window Repair in Michigan was amazing! We have done various projects on our house and so far they are the only company that has managed to meet the deadline. They were professional and friendly from the start. 12 windows were installed in our house and there was such a difference in temperature that the boilers rarely turn on. I highly recommend this company, the prices are more than fair and somewhat surprising. The other offers we got were almost double that and they tried to go cheaper because they knew we already had a good offer.

They were very friendly and easy to work with, they sent an appointment reminder email, the repair was on time and very knowledgeable. Everything looks great and I couldn’t be happier. Gordie Beuckham

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

I am very happy in this company! This morning David fixed 2 windows in our house, one was fogged and one was actually broken. Nice to see Old Fog!! Professional, very courteous, would definitely recommend to friends and family. Thank you very much.

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A great company. I’m so glad I called them. Everyone I ran into was friendly and helpful. Michael Fuller just went and did a great job on my two problem windows and installed a new screen in my sliding glass door. Thank you Michigan Screen & Window!

If you have an urgent window problem, work that is essential to the safety and operation of your home or business, or you want a screen down for repair, then we can help!

– We will schedule an appointment to review your basic/emergency service, or schedule a time for street service.

– Our team continued to maintain social distance and hygiene. We will welcome you with a mask and a smile with disinfected hands and we will try to guide you through this unusual time. Bring us your window and/or your measurements and we’ll take it! We can replace different types of window glass. Barn windows, house windows, extra glass pieces and more! All our glass is sourced from reputable manufacturers and is inspected upon arrival before we start working on your project to ensure its quality.

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10% discount is limited to new screens and re-displays of old ones. Discount applies to entire order excluding tax. Labor excluded for on-site/on-road assembly. Cannot be combined with other offers. Offer valid from May 3, 2022 to May 31, 2022.

Are you working on a special project? We can cut custom glass for your space. Different types of glass are available.

We can cut different shapes from glass. We will be happy to help you with your project.

Window Screen Repair Lansing Mi

We can make glass and mirrors individually for your interior. Let us know how we can help!

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A great place to do business. I ran the four window screens in the afternoon and they were ready the next day as promised. Good job, done quickly and at a fair price, zero b.s.. what more could you want?

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