Window Screen Repair Philadelphia

Window Screen Repair Philadelphia – Forever Hung Windows is a wood window restoration company dedicated to restoring historic wood windows that are a beautiful addition to homes and buildings throughout Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We are caretakers of historic buildings with a focus on restoring windows and doors, using time-honored craftsmanship.

We have restored hundreds of wood windows using proven methods for restoring fixed and double-hung wood windows from the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Window Screen Repair Philadelphia

Window Screen Repair Philadelphia

Once finished and reinstalled, your historic wood windows will work like a dream. With a complete restoration from Forever Hung Historic Wood Window Restoration – a specialist in historic restoration – your windows will now look better than ever.

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Experienced, certified, licensed and insured, Forever Hung Windows provides complete restoration services for original wood windows, including:

Located in Bucks County, the workshop services historic residential, commercial, government and public buildings in Bucks County, Main Line, Philadelphia, Burlington County, Camden County, Gloucester County, Delaware County, Montgomery County, Lehigh Valley, Cape May County, New Hope. , PA and beyond. The company is fully licensed and insured.

The window’s recovery starts at the location with security at the top of the list. HEPA vacuuming and plastic encapsulation is how we deal with lead paint that can be disturbed when the windows are pulled out of the openings. Once the windows have been pulled out, the window opening and its channels are vacuumed of loose paint, primed and painted. The window wheels can be removed for adjustment. The trim stops can be ground, restored, or require no attention. If there are rotted frames or missing pocket doors, these can be dealt with along with other issues.

Window openings are covered with plywood or strong plastic. If there is a storm window, this step may not be necessary.

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Most of the work on the window is done back in the shop. Steam is the best method for removing old glazing and paint. After the frame has dried for 24 hours, a hard scraper and power sanding on a HEPA drop panel will restore the luster of the old wood. Then wooden repairs are carried out on the window frame. Sometimes it is necessary to rebuild the meeting rail or rebuild the bottom frame of the lower frame. It may need frame repair and epoxy. Whatever it takes, Chris can take your window frame apart and rebuild each piece as needed. Once the frame is reassembled square and secured with a wooden dowel, the frame will be sealed with a formula to renew the dried wood. This is a very important part of the process that is important to getting the frame ready for painting.

Chris can stop the sash frame or window covering, as well as the frame and meeting rails. There are several different weather stripping options that can be discussed based on your needs.

Your historic wood windows will be sealed and then primed with a high quality oil primer. Once the base is dry and hand-sanded to 120 grit, the chosen top coat is applied in two coats.

Window Screen Repair Philadelphia

Chris uses glassware and the same techniques that our ancestors originally used to hand set the glass and glazing. He does his best to salvage any corrugated glass and put it back in its original frame. If panes are missing, 1/8 clear glass is used, although corrugated glass can be purchased for an additional fee.

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When installing the windows, Chris makes it a practice to use the copper clad frame chain. This chain is strong, beautiful and easy to work with. Other options are available.

Wood window restoration is a very labor intensive and time consuming process but really worth every penny. It would really be an investment that adds fascinating historical value to your home or building.

Forever Hung Windows is owner/operator, so your windows are in the hands of the business owner, and Chris – a perfectionist – has a high standard for his work.

WE DO NOT USE RESIN DAMAGE OR DIP N STRIP METHODS, these methods will cause damage to your window down the road.

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As crooked as they may be, your older windows match your house. Care was taken to match the weight and style of the window to the building, cladding, etc. They have grown and shrunk with the seasons. With the right weather direction, you can make them fit and seal even better. Replacement windows have a rigid structure that fits into your window openings. Old houses move and change over time, and often the gaps that open up around replacement windows and window openings provide more draft than the original windows.

The genuine tenon construction of an antique window is incredibly strong, and even when it begins to weaken, it is easy to repair. Many unique window shapes resulted from the craft of woodworking. Antique windows were built to last, to be repaired as needed, and to be used as long as the house needed to stand, not to become a landfill.

Antique windows are made from old wood. The wood is denser and more weather-resistant than wood-grown conifers today. Fine profiles are possible due to the density of the wood. The reason these windows are still around, even with years of neglect, is because the wood is of a very high quality that does not need cladding or additional materials to give it weather resistance. Once all the old, cracked paint is removed, your wooden windows are usually quite beautiful, graceful and strong.

Window Screen Repair Philadelphia

Even the glass in antique windows tells its own story. It can be round or cylinder glass, each indicating a specific period of manufacture. Old glass has variations in colors and textures that are a delight to the eye. Two layers of glass are better than one, and in an antique home, the second layer of glass should be the storm window that protects the original window.

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Your windows have probably been doing their job for fifty or more years already. Sure, they might be a little creaky and maybe not as attractive as they once were, but repairing a proven player is a much better investment than sinking money into a new window that only has a 20-year warranty at best. With proper maintenance, your antique windows will last for generations to come. Heck, even without maintenance they can last that long!

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is becoming one of the biggest concerns of the construction industry. Not only does its production create an environmental nightmare, but the gases it emits over time become a concern. If a fire breaks out in a house, burning PVC releases toxic amounts of dioxin. In addition, lead is used as a stabilizer in the production of PVC. If you’re concerned about the health of our planet and your own carbon footprint, read up on efforts to reduce the use of vinyl.

Replacement windows are inserted into the window opening, the frame is smaller than the original windows so you get less view and less light. Who wants less light?

Weights and pulleys are the best balance systems ever invented. It is a widespread myth that very cold air enters through the gravity pocket. But if there is cold air in the gravity pocket, it is generally because there is a gap between the exterior cladding of the house and the cladding. It can also indicate poor sealing to the floor joists. Replacing easy-to-use weights and wheels with vinyl jamb liners or invisible balance systems means installing a system that has a maximum lifespan of 10-20 years, but generally fails in less time. You won’t believe how satisfying it is to easily open and close windows with one hand when everything is in the way it was designed to work!

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According to a field study of the energy impact of window retrofit options conducted by the Vermont Energy Investment Corporation, the University of Vermont School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the U.S. Army Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory Estimated First-Year Energy Savings Between Restored Wood Windows with Good Storm Windows vs. swap window was $0.60. Yes, less than a dollar. In their conclusions section, they noted: “The decision to renew or replace windows should NOT be based solely on energy considerations, as the difference in estimated first-year savings between upgrade options is small.” Broken glass, defective panes, no weathering – these small and repairable things are what really affect a window’s energy efficiency.

Replacement windows are considered a way to save energy. But when you look at the whole manufacturing, shipping, installation and removal process, replacing windows uses a lot of energy, or to put it another way, an older building has a lot of built-in energy. If the total energy consumption for the production of replacement windows is taken into account, then

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