Window Shades 46 Inches Wide

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With a sense of creativity and uniqueness, you can turn any ordinary thing into something special. Take window treatments for example. Use your DIY design flair to let your personality shine like the sun with these versatile light filter rollers.

Window Shades 46 Inches Wide

Window Shades 46 Inches Wide

Sleek and modern looking, these modern roller coasters will get your home decor juices flowing in no time and you can do it yourself. These beautiful, designer-friendly favorites bathe spaces in warm, softly filtered light while maintaining your privacy. They are available in a wide range of popular neutral colors that go well with any style or theme. You will love how the different colors filter the light to create the right atmosphere in any space. Fulfill your favorite window treatment fantasy by using custom blinds as a fun base for curtains, blinds, or high-end wood grain coverings. Or complement it with an additional color-coordinated cassette scale for a more stylish look. You can also combine them with a selection of room darkening rollers to give your desired room a refined and simple look to suit your needs. The quality of this product definitely shows in ways you can’t see. For example, they are made with an extra 12 inches of fabric to hide the roller even when it is fully lowered.

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Grab a sturdy, stitched edgeband to lift and lower with a standard wireless lift. The lack of side wires adds to the overall look of these light-diffusing designer favourites. If you prefer a standard wire loop, the beaded chain is color coordinated with the fabric.

Another way to take your chosen light filter from the mundane to the special? Order them with a rechargeable motorized roller that requires no creative genius to install. Add and program one or more tones to work with a 1, 6 or 16 channel remote control. Pair with the free P2 Powermate app and/or the Smart WiFi Hub upgrade that integrates with Amazon Alexa/Echo and Google Home. Open and close new roller blinds from your smartphone or tablet, or fully automate opening and closing with voice commands. Organize all together, room by room, or individually to open and close. Get the light and privacy you need for your home and work around your schedule like clockwork.

Worried about getting the right color, pattern or material? Don’t be We’ll send you 15 free samples of any product so you can order with confidence and see what your custom color will look like. And we ship it to you for free!

“Selectable light filter screens are the perfect solution for our needs. Our home is often set up to be too dark, but we still want privacy. Light filter screens meet both needs beautifully. They allow enough light, but also privacy. they work and look great! The best part for me is that the window shade in the corner of my kitchen allows me to take advantage of the cabinet next to the window. The shade fits perfectly inside the window frames. I’ve had them for almost a year. When trying to find a solution, the roller shade works great . I think it’s the best value for my window dressing budget. Thanks for choosing the shutters. PS. I put them up like this. it’s so easy to do!”

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“We love our new roller shades! Your free swatches were very helpful in choosing colors as the actual colors are not always available on the computer. My sweet hubby installed it and it took about an hour. I am very happy with this transaction. looks beautiful!”

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