Window Shades For Odd Shaped Windows

Window Shades For Odd Shaped Windows – Finding the right custom window treatments for your oddly shaped windows can be challenging without the help of a professional. Fortunately, experts have the experience to properly measure sizes and shapes to ensure the right size and materials for your home’s unique windows.

Whatever your decor and decorating style, there are plenty of custom window treatment options to choose from to dress up your windows in odd shapes or sizes.

Window Shades For Odd Shaped Windows

Window Shades For Odd Shaped Windows

Arched windows add a unique and timeless elegance to your home, with a rectangular bottom and semi-circular top shape that makes your home appear larger inside and out. A favorite custom window treatment for arched windows is hardwood shutters or composite interior shutters that provide privacy and light control. Other options are blinds or curtains such as roller blinds, cellular, pleated or Roman blinds. Depending on the unique dimensions of your arched window, curtains or shades can provide the ideal amount of coverage. Our professional designers and installers are sure to find the best custom window treatment options for your home’s windows. Make an appointment for a free consultation with the experts today.

Bay Window Ideas: 10 Ways To Dress Bays With Blinds, Curtains And Shutters

Angled windows give your home a sharp, crisp look, but adding custom window treatments for them requires professional help. Angled blinds are a popular choice among homeowners for these oddly shaped and oddly sized windows. Blinds for angled windows are designed so that the top of the triangle is angled and the rest of the blinds rise only at the bottom of this section. Another option is movable blinds that give you an energy efficient way to block the sun’s harmful rays from entering your angled windows.

Curved windows, also called arched windows, are a popular accent to a standard window that allows a room to appear larger and taller while letting in more natural light. However, when you want to block sunlight and give your home more privacy, custom interior blinds can be perfectly adapted to the curvature of your window. Depending on the frame style and material of your curved window, you have many options for custom blinds or shades to fit the window frame. If you have a large area of ​​standard large curved windows to cover, shades and shades are a great custom window treatment option. Contact us today for a free design consultation!

Placing blinds or curtains on your odd windows should always be measured and installed by professionals. Professionals know the best methods to provide full UV coverage and privacy for oddly shaped windows. One of the hottest trends right now for windows is custom window treatments that combine blinds on the windows themselves and drapes or drapes on the outer shell or enclave border. This gives the room more texture and dimension while providing the most light control and isolation.

Oddly shaped and sized windows in your home should not be excluded from your home’s window treatments. Bay, curved, arched and angled windows can be fitted with the same stylish custom window treatments as standard windows. Call 508.650.9922 or contact the experts today to set up a free in-home consultation and professional measurements to find the right window treatments for your windows, your style and your unique needs. If you’ve been paying attention to insta-stories since we’ve been in Portland working on the fixer upper ( more here ), then you already know how to choose window treatments, especially for windows where it’s not exactly obvious what to do with them, right? as easy as it sounds. There are several things to consider such as privacy, accessibility, whether the window needs curtains or blinds, whether there are several windows in the same room that will need different types of hangings, whether the windows are two-story or large windows in small dimensions . form room, or small windows in a large room…the list goes on and on and can be exhausting and confusing. Also, if you have oddly shaped windows or a more complex arrangement of windows, then you have your work cut out for you. While most windows will work with a set of curtains, there are some that are a little more difficult to put on, so today we’re bringing you some of those, as well as our tips on how to make them work in your space. .

What Window Treatments Will Work Best With My Oddly Shaped Windows? ?

Let’s start with the arched window. One of the most beautiful in concept, but one of the most complicated when it comes to execution. When you think of “arched window treatments” you may be thinking something like this.

People get very creative with their treatments. Some people choose to go with custom curved rods, some do some sort of valance situation, some take all the curtains up to the ceiling in a fixed decorative way, and some have accordion style curtains installed for the shape of the window. While these all work in theory and won’t land you in “design-jail” if yours looks like this, our suggestion would be to go with a simpler treatment that doesn’t take over the wall or window. Most importantly (and with all the following types of windows) they should work and function more than a piece of decorative fabric on the wall to look like a treatment. Now let’s talk about how to use them.

If you have a break between your arched window and the rest of your windows, you can go with something like this where the curtain rod hangs right between the two windows, which keeps things from visually being too heavy. This works when the lower set of windows is tall enough that when the treatments are up it doesn’t look like it’s cutting the wall in half.

Window Shades For Odd Shaped Windows

And if you have the ceiling height and wall space, you can bring them up to the top of the window. A note on this: It works here because they didn’t bring the curtains up to the ceiling line, which would have carried too much visual weight and could have ended up looking like theater curtains on that wall. They treated the lower windows with custom rod and shades and then left the upper windows bare. Dress the windows without completely covering the wall or the windows.

The Ultimate Guide To Blinds For Bay Windows

If you don’t have room to hang curtains, you can go with an option like this one where they had a custom roman shade built in that fits inside the window, but can still provide privacy and filter light into the room when needed.

To help you visualize the possible options (or should we say solutions) a little more, we’ve photoshopped two entirely possible window treatment options on the windows below. For the first, we take the curtains a little under the shape of the crown and then long enough to kiss the floor. Too much pool at the bottom could have resulted in too much visual weight in the room and with all that fabric lining the walls.

For the second option, you can take the height of the curtains in the place where the window begins to bend. This only works in a space where the ceiling and window height is quite high (which seems to be the case here). If you have these types of windows in your space and the ceiling height is only 8-10′, then it is better to go with the above option. This also works for these because they have some trim between the lower set of windows and the upper bow window. If the window is a large piece of glass with an arched face, cutting the window in half this way won’t work and you should go with an option instead.

Next, what we call “tiered windows”. These are very popular in many new construction homes, especially in “great rooms” or two-story living rooms.

Why Custom Window Treatments Are Worth The Investment

Similar to the arched window, people can be very creative with this option, especially when your room has windows of different heights like these two examples above. We suggest you treat the lower windows with curtains and leave the upper windows untreated so you don’t have to go through the trouble of having an entire wall of two-story curtains in your living room. We dressed the windows to the right of the graphic with a simple rod and curtains and then the windows on either side of the fireplace with a set of matching roman shades. You can also leave the windows on either side of the fireplace blank if you don’t need privacy, but we suggest a Roman shade if you’re going to use smaller, thinner windows like these.

Now, if you have a more complex wall of windows like the one below, we suggest simple rolled up shades or roman shades to fit into the molding.

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