Window Shades Scalloped Bottom

Window Shades Scalloped Bottom – With a simple one-panel design, scalloped edge roller blinds provide elegant window dressing. As a UK wholesale supplier, we offer large volume purchase discounts. Choose from our wide range of attractive colors and sizes. Browse our collection of blinds online and find the perfect fit.

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Window Shades Scalloped Bottom

Window Shades Scalloped Bottom

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Any cookies that are not specifically required for the website to function and are specifically used to collect user personal data through analytics, advertisements, other embedded content are considered non-essential. User consent is required before these cookies can be used on your website. Roller blinds are one of our most popular blind styles year after year. Really understood! They give a modern look to any window and can be designed to your taste and needs.

So, what is a roller blind? A roller blind is a piece of fabric that wraps around a metal pole and is attached to the top of your window. They can be installed inside or outside. These blinds work by unrolling your window cover via a chain mechanism attached to the cast. Or, you can opt for a motorized mechanism whereby they open at the touch of a button!

The versatility in our range of roller blinds makes them the perfect choice for every room in the home. Our PVC roller blinds are great for kitchens and bathrooms as they are cleanable and moisture resistant. Their contemporary design means they complement any decor in a bedroom or living room alike. And, with blackout and dimout options, roller blinds are a great choice for complete light control.

Plain Scalloped Roller Blind So’home

A1 has endless possibilities for designing your roller blind! With thousands of fabrics to choose from, as well as a selection of bottom designs and accessories, you can really make them your own. So, whether you’re mixing your blinds throughout the house or from room to room, the choice is yours and we have plenty! Read on to discover our top tips for styling your roller blinds.

Large-scale patterns are trending this season, but a smaller pattern is just as effective. You can use patterned roller blinds to pull together accent colors or dress up a plain space. Style your patterned blinds with matching curtains, cushions or rugs. Or, take them as a statement piece to add some color.

We have a lot to choose from when it comes to model roller blinds. Choose from a selection of beautiful florals, geometric prints, great retro patterns and more!

Window Shades Scalloped Bottom

Who said plains have to be boring? Plain colored roller blinds can be the pop of color your home needs!

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Choose neutral colors like grey, beige or off-white for a timeless look. Or, if you’re a little more adventurous, deep blues, greens and ocher are very popular this year. These colors are all very versatile and can be styled over and over again with many other colors!

We suggest choosing a textured fabric with a plain colored blind. It adds some depth and warmth to your space.

And then there’s color blocking! We have a range of roller blinds with colorful block designs that work beautifully to decorate your windows. Whether contrasting or complementary, color blocks are a great way to tie two color schemes together. Color block roller blinds add a cool vibe to your home.

Roller blinds with a shaped hem have the power to completely soften a room. A scalloped finish brings a touch of elegance to your window and is a great addition to a plain or subtle print.

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A more traditional straight-edge roller blind works best for a bold pattern or bold color, allowing the fabric design to take center stage.

Make them yours with an extra little finishing touch! Adding accessories to your roller blinds will add an air of luxury to the window. Our range includes braids, eyelets and pulls.

Our fabric braids are a beautiful and fun addition to your roller blinds. Go for an accent shade or contrasting color stitched on the hem for a subtle and pretty design.

Window Shades Scalloped Bottom

Eyelets are a great addition to your roller blinds and a great way to style a simple design. They are stitched in a row below the hem for a sophisticated look.

Roller Blinds Shropshire

A decorative bridge completely eliminates the blind. From fabric and wood to metal and beads, there’s an option to suit every decor.

All of our made to measure roller blinds can be fitted with quality accessories that will beautifully complement your choice of blinds. Ask our team to learn more about our selection of roller blind accessories.

Blackout roller blinds are perfect for bright summer nights. They help create a soft atmosphere in the evening and prevent any dizziness at night!

Our range of roller blinds has something for every taste, design and decor. Our dedicated team is always on hand to advise on how to style it to suit your needs. Browse our range here or get in touch with us to discuss your blinds!

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