Window Tint Baton Rouge Louisiana

Window Tint Baton Rouge Louisiana – C2 is a nano-carbon film developed using the latest technology in the industry. Using this technology, we can deliver videos that not only look good, but perform well. Plus, this process allows us to bring you great value and performance at a moderate cost.

Look at your window film from 2-3 feet away, looking through it instead of looking at it. Your film will take approximately 7-10 days to be processed. During this time, the window will be dark, and small pockets of water will appear, creating a kind of “blistering” because the moisture is too much between the glass and the film. Do not use a spatula, poke or poke at these blisters, they will disappear when all the water has evaporated. Do not roll tinted windows until 3-5 days to dry, or the film will peel.

Window Tint Baton Rouge Louisiana

Window Tint Baton Rouge Louisiana

While we strive for perfection in each installation, due to the nature of the product, there is some contamination of dust and/or minor issues in each application. comfortable window. In addition, pre-existing or scratched and metal deposits on the glass are often more visible after the tinted glass.

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The best way to clean tinted windows is to use a soft cloth, preferably a microfiber towel. Do not use amino products such as Windex unless they are labeled AMMONIA FREE. Over time, ammonia can react with the chemicals used in the film, causing the window film to become hazy and speckled. Stick to a 70%/30% rubbing alcohol and water mixture.

The rear window of the car usually has a black ceramic “frit” rim. Sometimes this ceramic edge is straight, sometimes it has a dashed edge. The black ceramic dots are thick on most cars to prevent the window film from sticking to the ceramic material. This makes cutting white strips of glass. Usually it’s not recommended, but some cars have a lot of space at the top of the rear window. This place is not perfect and not always the same.

Be careful when unbuckling your seat belt. Since the seat is used for the glass during release, small particles can be formed on the window film. At Window Tint in Baton Rouge, we uphold the highest standards to ensure you get the best work in Central Baton Rouge. We specialize in automatic window tinting to ensure you have a nice ride and stay cool on those hot Louisiana summer days! Our clients and partners continue to give our customers back because they trust our color grading experts to provide nothing less than the best service. Whether you need tinting for your car, truck, SUV, boat, RV, or tractor, we have window tinting for you! We treat every car with the same details you would expect a $500,000 supercar to require, regardless of make or model. We are not a shop for the masses, but we are a shop that offers the best window tinting services along with some of the best customer service you will ever encounter in the car world. Don’t take our word for it, give us a call and let us tell you why we are the #1 paint shop in Central Louisiana! those

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t skip steps that involve good, clean paint work to get more cars in and out of their shop like some others.

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Our guarantee is for you, which means that if you are not satisfied with our window tinting work, call us and we will fix it for free within 24 hours, or give you another car Credit. After all, our success comes. from our satisfied customers spreading our brand around town!

Generally, we list prices based on the year, make and model of each vehicle. Most of our customers can make an appointment and ask for different types of window tints, some more expensive than others, and some customers send multiple cars in a month and get a big discount.

Another reason we don’t have a benchmark is that some cars have less curved windows and don’t need to remove the interior, while others may have more curved and flat panels. interior must be removed to ensure the best Baton Rouge The Best. window tint.

Window Tint Baton Rouge Louisiana

Having said that, if you call or fill out our contact form, we can give you a free quote right away, let us call you right away and find out how much it costs to tint windows at your special car.

Premium Window Tint In Baton Rouge

* No matter what type of car you drive and need tinting, Baton Rouge window tinting can provide quality and first class service at our location in BR. We guarantee we have some of the best deals in town! Come see us today.

These guys know their stuff! Knowledgeable staff and attention to detail. I called to write a quote for my 2016 RAM Mega Cab and I felt like I got the best deal in town, so I went ahead and let Ryan and his staff take care of me! Quality is A+++

I was a little confused about the percentage of tint I needed to get my car to look the way I wanted, but the guys at the shop hit a home run! Perfect car! Great local mom and pop shop. Will see these for anyone in the future

Very nice staff. They stick to their schedule and respect your schedule. Will be back every time I need to paint!

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