Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Window Tint Fairmont Wv – XPEL PRIME HP doesn’t just look good, it sounds cool. Our wraps are designed with premium heat dissipation technology to keep you comfortable and protected.

Sun Stoppers has partnered with Xpel to offer premium window tint and paint protection films that protect your investment with best-in-class durability, performance, appearance and overall quality. Our dedication to professionalism and superior workmanship combined with Xpel’s superior product line make for an unstoppable duo in the window tinting industry.

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Xpel promises to protect the investment made in your vehicle with each of its window tint and paint protection products. Their quest for perfection never ends, ensuring that your automotive protections are only installed by highly qualified window tinting professionals with extensive experience in installing window tinting and paint protection solutions.

Window Tint And Paint Protection Films Offered At Nine Area Sun Stoppers

If heat protection isn’t such a big priority, the XPEL PRIME CS is the perfect choice. Like XPEL PRIME XR, it blocks 99 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays and provides lifelong color stability and glare blocking. It will never fade, crack, peel or turn purple. XPEL PRIME CS’s neutral carbon finish looks great on any vehicle and, like XPEL PRIME XR, comes with a lifetime warranty.

This is the best window film available at any price, guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.

Traditional window films try to do two things—retain heat and look cool—but usually fail at neither. XPEL PRIME XR gives you all the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint, but without the super dark look that’s hard to see from the car or you’ll get a ticket in some areas.

XPEL PRIME XR’s nano-ceramic particle formula blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and more than 80 percent of heat and infrared radiation—all without the metal components used in other films that interfere with your car’s radio, cellular, and Bluetooth. .

Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster

This is the best window film at any price, guaranteed to last the life of the car.

Traditional window films try to do two things—retain heat and look cool—but usually fail at neither. XPEL PRIME XR PLUS gives you all the heat and UV protection benefits of window tint, but without the super dark look that’s hard to see from the car or you’ll get a ticket in some areas.

XPEL PRIME XR PLUS nano-ceramic particle formula blocks 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays and more than 98 percent of its heat and infrared radiation—all without metal components that can interfere with your car radio, cellular, and Bluetooth.

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Xpel window tint blocks 99% of harmful and dangerous UVA and UVB rays, providing color retention and anti-glare. Expel window tint films will never fade, crack, peel, turn purple, or interfere with your vehicle’s electronics. Using quality products always results in a cleaner finish when it comes to window tinting and paint protection services.

The U.s. Post Office Building, Completed In 1937 In Princeton, West Virginia

Traditional paint protection films can show spots and yellowing after a year of use, especially in the real world where most of us drive every day.

Made from a combination of advanced elastomeric polymers, the special XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS clear coat not only prevents the film from discoloring due to pollution and UV radiation, but also self-heals after normal washing, drying or daily swirls and light scratches. Driving.

Debris such as bug spray, bird droppings, sap and road tar can be wiped off the ultra-deep surface of XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS with a cloth, while scratches and light scratches on the film’s surface caused by sunlight or heat will disappear in minutes. GARAGE-KEEPS YOUR VEHICLE PRIVATE AND PROTECTIVE FILM LIKE NEW.

This level of protection is uncompromising. The mirror-smooth XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS coating ensures that the unwanted texture commonly referred to as “orange peel” will not add to the appearance of your vehicle, and the protected surface is indistinguishable from factory paint. Professional installation by our network of factory-trained installers ensures precise alignment around surface elements such as air intakes, parking sensors, headlight washers and other design elements, while the film wraps around the edges of each panel to make it truly invisible. A barrier against the dangers that lie in wait for you on the road.

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Even the cling film is great. The improved performance of XPEL adhesive allows the film to be applied to the most difficult surfaces without warping – meaning you are left with a perfect finish without seams, wrinkles or ripples. XPEL ULTIMATE PLUS comes with a full 10-year warranty against yellowing, discoloration, peeling, cracking and fading. If it fails, we will replace it, labor included

You drive one of the best cars in the world. Protect it with the best paint protection film available on the market.

Sun Stoppers uses only the most advanced tinting and protective window films. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and our professional installation skills ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our work. Protect not only the investment you made when purchasing a car, but also the family and friends who travel with you. Keep the interior of your Rivian safe, even when you’re not around. And prevent sunburn, sunburn, and more!

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Hobbyist window tinting can give Rivian windows a bubbled appearance. Our window tinting technicians are trained in specialized techniques by industry leaders to provide you with the highest quality service.

Chemical Guys Streak Free Window Clean Glass Cleaner

To protect yourself from harmful ultraviolet radiation, it is important to paint the entire skin color. This involves tinting the windshield with a transparent film. XPEL PRIME, XR and XR Plus ceramic films’ heat dissipation capabilities provide maximum protection from the sun’s heat with an SPF rating of 1000. The difference between XR and XR Plus is the amount of infrared heat each film blocks.

Traditional window films try to do two things—block heat and keep cool—and usually fail at neither. XPEL PRIME Ceramic Films provide the protective benefits of window tinting without obstructing the view like lower quality window films.

Using a nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR ceramic film maintains the same appearance and transparency for years. Blocking up to 88% of infrared heat, PRIME XR delivers the level of performance you’d expect from a leading automotive window tinting light.

Reflecting 98% of infrared heat thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS car window tint combines a cool look with extreme performance. Stay comfortable and protected in any weather with PRIME XR PLUS ceramic film.

Rivian Window Tinting

We train our technicians to handle each installation with the utmost care. Bring your car in and get a free quote. Our window tinting and paint protection specialists can turn any rivien into a black beast.

Protect your paint from paint splatter, acid rain and tree sap and see how you can turn any car into a work of art!

Sun Stoppers provide paint protection and a ceramic coating to keep your Rivian in tip-top condition. These protective measures protect the exterior of your Rivian from harsh road conditions.

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Paint protection is one of the best investments you can make to keep your Rivian looking like new. Watch the video below to see the amazing benefits of XPEL self-healing film, or click the link to learn more about paint protection.

Xpel Clear Bra Installers

With proper care, your Rivian will last you many years. UV rays fade paint quickly, and tree sap is just one substance that corrodes exterior surfaces, but a ceramic coating protects against both! In addition, the ceramic coating gives your Rivian a wonderful wax-like finish, so dirt and debris washes away very easily.

Bring your Rivian to Sun Stoppers for a specialized installation of window tint, paint protection and ceramic coating from experienced professionals. We love what we do and it shows!

“The place was wonderful in every sense of the word… If only my men had done the windows they would have been done in no time! I highly recommend them! And great prices. “

“I’m not one to write reviews, but when the job is done this well and you’re treated like royalty, I had to comment on this great company. I was impressed with the service, they took care of me, informed me about the process and told me how to service the car. I got the window tint and ceramic coating and my car looks great! “

Developer Review Blog No. 21

Fast courteous service and very reasonable prices! I would recommend them to anyone looking to have their windows painted. Thank you Sun Stoppers!

“Unbelievable service, arrived before the scheduled time, very polite, the project was completed very quickly. Great product installation experience. Our service technician was great!

Ask us about our loan program. If you want to leave your car with us, we are ready to rent it!

Window Tint Fairmont Wv

Yes, if you have a Rivian, we can tint the windows whether it’s an R1T or R1S model.

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