Window Tint Holland Mi

Window Tint Holland Mi – Michigan has great roads for summer and winter driving Anyone who has spent time driving on the streets of Michigan has seen a red Ford Mustang with shiny tires and tinted windows flying down the highway. Like many people, I was envious of this sweet looking car! Additional tinting blocks radiant heat and keeps the car at a cooler temperature.This type of look has become very popular in the last decade.Although these cars look cool, they invite law enforcement to pull you over for violating the Michigan Window Tint Law, also known as MCL 257.709.

Any car or truck on the road is permitted to have tinted glass for all windows located behind the driver, provided the tint allows 35 percent more light to pass through it and the vehicle has mirrors on both sides of the front door. Tinting is permitted in front of the driver’s side window of a car or truck This four-inch rule also applies to the driver’s and passenger’s side windows

Window Tint Holland Mi

Window Tint Holland Mi

(a) Placard, poster, opaque material, window application, reflective film or non-reflective film on the windshield, side windows immediately adjacent to the driver or front passenger or the side fender or front passenger to the driver and front. , except that the side image on the top edge of the windshield or on the side window or side panel may be immediately adjacent to the driver or front passenger if it does not extend more than 4 inches from the top of the material. less than the windshield or the shade band closest to the top of the windshield.

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(c) An object that obstructs the vision of the driver of the vehicle, except as permitted by law.

Use of curtains, blinds, or other special window treatments on the rear window, or on the rear driver’s side window if the vehicle is equipped with 2 outside rearview mirrors, 1 each, except as specifically provided in this section. side is adjusted so that the driver has a clear view of the highway behind the vehicle


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(c) posting the required certificate or sticker that does not obstruct the driver’s or driver’s clear view of the roadway.

(d) a vehicle registered in another state, territory, Commonwealth of the United States, or another country or province.

), indicates that the special window treatment or application is medically necessary However, the special window treatment or application shall not obstruct the driver’s clear view of the highway or intersecting highway.

Window Tint Holland Mi

So what is the definition of “total solar reflectance”? This definition requires a good understanding of knowledge and science to arrive at a correctly calculated amount of solar reflectance. If you are going to have your windows repaired, please have it done by a licensed professional who will have the proper tools to ensure your vehicle meets the legal requirements of Michigan law.

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Although this is not a problem during the day, it is manifested in low light conditions. When driving your car at night or inside a structure (parking garage without lights), the driver’s visibility is already reduced. Adding a semi-transparent film layer further reduces visibility

This can result in the driver not being able to recognize a pedestrian, cyclist or other vehicle. This law allows the motoring community to operate in a safe environment. “

Some medical conditions require tinted windows that are darker than the legal limit in Michigan. Conditions that allow a person to receive a medical exemption include melanoma, lupus, or sun allergy. Always have the medical specialist’s documents with you in the car! If you are pulled over for your tinted windows, you must report it to a police officer

We have represented a ton of clients over the years.We know that people are pulled over by various police departments all the time for window tinting.Unfortunately, we have also seen Michigan window tinting laws not followed, resulting in arrests for drunk driving or drug possession.

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You will be subject to a civil tort if your car’s view or windshield obstructs your window with too much tint. The penalty for this is a fine and two points on your driving record You do not need to plead guilty to this civil offense if you wish to have an informal or formal hearing. The hearing will be before a judge or magistrate. During these civil tort hearings, people will violate the legal boundaries of your window. Often, this evidence is based entirely on the officer’s opinion.

There are many factors that can help your case in court.For example, there may be a lack of witnesses at trial.The police officer may not have a photo of your window and the officer may not even remember your car. If you accumulate too many points on your record, your driving privileges will be suspended by the Secretary of State.

If you have been pulled over for window tinting and are facing criminal charges for this civil violation, you should call 616-438-6719 now. Is the call free? Don’t wait! Just waiting will hurt your case and help the attorney New: A new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where the packaging is … Read More Condition New: A brand new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where the packaging is location) unless the product is handmade or packed in non-retail packaging such as a manufacturer-printed box or plastic bag, the packaging must be the same as in the retail store. See vendor listings for full details. View all condition definitions in a new window or tab.

Window Tint Holland Mi

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