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A8 / S8 (D3 platform) Assembly discussion for D3 Audi A8 produced from 2003-2010 and Audi S8 produced from 2006-2010

Window Tint Huber Heights

Window Tint Huber Heights

Got the shine last week, decided to post pictures. The meter reads 36%. I originally went for the “normal” color, but the Huber Optik shop accidentally put it away. It’s a little darker than I like but it’s nice.

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Also, play around with the idea of ​​turning the window. I’m not sure if it works with all the chrome parts on the car.

Hopper is lucky to choose. I paid $550 for mine. It has excellent heat resistance. Great job here in SoCal. I was also thinking of darkening the cut. What did you use to make it?

I just used black electrical tape to blacken the goatee. It’s not so nice up close. If I had spent more time on it, I would have gotten better.

Nice, I bought a few rolls of this stuff, but didn’t have time to try it. Check it out, it might work better than e-tape. I think the e-tape will leave a residue or start to look funny after the weather. Just a thought 🙂 Enjoy the ride….

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Perhaps the most striking difference between the two series is the ingredients. Both are 100% dye-free, ensuring that the product will not fade over its lifetime. However, Drei has a metal base, while Ceramic is an atomically-fine nano-ceramic technology. Metal dry colors are one of the most advanced on the market, but with ceramic colors, there is no risk of signal interference, which means you weak signals for cell, GPS or radio.

Window Tint Huber Heights

Both products are very durable and have excellent performance specifications. Drei offers up to 98% infrared heat rejection, 70% total energy rejection, and 61% light reduction. Ceramic, in the same form, up to 96% infrared heat absorption, up to 75% total energy and up to 93% reduction of glare.

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This sun protection provides a more comfortable ride and improves eyesight for the driver and passenger, reduces exposure to harmful UV rays, slows down the wear of your interior and reduces fuel/energy consumption. eat the warm weather inside. Check out the exact details for below at different power levels.

Both colors have a European aesthetic that is sure not to fade, and their performance and appearance are supported by Huper Optik for life. Visit our store to learn more about the difference between Dray and Ceramic. We can evaluate your needs, your needs and your desired style to choose the best option for you. The price of the new Honda Civic (FE) 2022 will double next year, with e:HEV (Hybrid) model and Civic Type R model should be launched at that time.

In theory, the E:HEV powertrain should be the same as the i-MMD system in our Honda City RS. It’s a two-battery arrangement, with the electric motor running most of the time.

The petrol engine – a 1.5-litre naturally aspirated four-cylinder in the City RS – simply kicks in to start the engine to provide extra power for the car engine or the correct rolling of the wheels at high speed.

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At the moment, no more information about the Type R has been shared – but we have a few renderings that show what it looks like.

‘Regular Civic’ in this sense refers to the Civic hatchback – remember the hatchback is no longer used in Japan. It is not clear at this time if the model will be shown again.

Regardless, sources note that the regular Civic will be powered by a 1.5-liter, VTEC turbo mill, with a CVT or 6-speed transmission option.

Window Tint Huber Heights

Also, it is said that customers are pre-ordering the display units and the production is planned to start in June. The model is expected to be launched for Japanese people in August.

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Closer to home, buyers in Singapore are set to get theirs in October and, as you might have guessed, it costs more than the Civic FC.

Although it was teased for the debut in Malaysia this year, there is still no word on its launch – meaning that the 10th-generation Civic FC soldier is around for a while.

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Window Tint Huber Heights

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