Window Tint Lees Summit

Window Tint Lees Summit – Tinted window tint is an inexpensive way to achieve a custom look. LLumar® color pigments are used to make the deep charcoal shades come true. Another shade has color applied only to the surface, making it less durable and more likely to break. Choose your favorite LLumar shade for a stylish look that comes with heat rejection and added privacy. The darker you are, the more cooling and privacy you will experience.

The CTX ceramic shade is a great performer when it comes to heat resistance and is packed with other benefits. It protects you from 99% of harmful UV rays, reduces sunburn and helps prevent injury from broken glass – all while helping you feel cool. This makes LLumar CTX a smart choice when you want a quality window tint but not a premium price.

Window Tint Lees Summit

Window Tint Lees Summit

LLumar® IRX™ heat-resistant windows transform your vehicle inside and out. It features an advanced nano-ceramic structure that specifically targets infrared rays – our most advanced heat reduction film available.

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LLumar® Paint Coating Film makes it easy to keep your car’s finish looking like you just stepped off the lot. The paint protection film is highly resistant to flying stones, bird droppings, salt, sand and more. We offer multiple finishes, popular and favorite 2-in-1 products, all self-healing, extensively tested and factory approved. Decide what cover you want, choose your product and travel with confidence.

Get the desired benefits of premium PPF and easy-to-wash ceramic coating in a 2-in-1 confidence, featuring OEM-trusted Tetrashield™ technology. A highly hydrophobic surface with a deep gloss while still maintaining self-healing properties and protection against road debris. 12 year warranty.

A favorite of enthusiasts and purists; helps your car retain its value by protecting its finish. A deep gloss top coat with high gloss and smudge resistance while protecting against road debris. 10 year warranty.

All the features of our Platinum PPF, in a beautiful flat form that can be changed to a glossy color or combined with a traditional matte color.

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Transform your home with window film. If you feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied with your home, start with your windows. Check out LLumar® for smart home window film solutions for things that may be bothering you: hot rooms, cooling costs or even daylight on your TV. We offer a variety of films that can be easily installed by professionals and offer lifetime value at no cost.

Glass in offices, shops and homes should be useful, not a source of trouble or expense. Our window film solves many problems related to glass: high energy costs, tenant complaints, hot spots, annoying lights, fading furniture, lack of privacy, security concerns and more . Plus, you can count on LLumar® to exceed your expectations in performance and appearance. XPEL Ultimate Fusion PPF Dual Performance: Ceramic Coated PPF While paint protection acts as a barrier between your car and road debris, the ceramic coating adds incredible depth, and -light and soap. Making of… Read more

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Window Tint Lees Summit

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Window Tint Lees Summit

Tint Shop offers auto, SUV, truck, boat, residential and commercial window tinting services for Liberty, MO and surrounding areas.

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Window Tint – Lees Summit, MO – 115 Reviews – Window Tint, Shutters & Glass Tinting Window, Shutters & Glass Tinting.

* The percentages above are based on the percentage of visible light that passes through the film known as VLT% film. The lower the VLT%, the darker the color of the film.

* AS-1 is a line from the letters AS-1 found on most car windshields that will continue to the top of the windshield.

*Missouri state window tinting laws change every year. Some cities and counties in Missouri may also have local ordinances that may cause harm. Please double check with your window tinting professional before installing or maintaining your current window tint.

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Check out the local Autoclude directory below to find a professional window tinter to help install and/or remove window tint on your vehicle.

We tint cars, residential and commercial glass, we carry a full line of products including but not limited to privacy, decoration, safety and security film. We also specialize in applying paint protection film to the front of cars to reduce stone damage and paint damage left Midwest Tinting has been serving Kansas City for over 35 years with the best products in the entire world. the world.

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Window Tint Lees Summit

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