Window Tint Test App

Window Tint Test App – Perhaps investing in window shades is an investment that can be called worth it. Yes, the cost of window tint installation can sometimes be high. However, installing window shades gives you all the protection you need. For example, installing window shades can reduce heat entering your vehicle.

Another benefit of window shades is their ability to protect you from ultraviolet rays. UV rays are known to damage your skin and the interior of your vehicle. Window tints can reflect up to 99% of UV rays entering your vehicle. If you’re looking to enhance your windows, window shades can help make that happen, too.

Window Tint Test App

Window Tint Test App

It is known that window tints can increase the durability of your windows and will take extra effort to break them. And if your window shatters, you’ll worry less about the shards inside your vehicle. Window tints can hold glass debris together instead of falling right into your car.

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Window tints can also make your car more attractive as it beautifies the windows. If you are a private person, window tints also have a feature that can make you almost anonymous. Your colors may be so shaded that no one can see you inside the vehicle. However, there are things you should follow.

In the United States, the percentage of your front and side windows depends greatly on the laws of the state in which you live. Some countries do not allow the use of window tint on car windows. Most local authorities and window tinting shops have light measuring equipment to measure the darkness of installed window tints.

To measure window tint, you need to go to your local window tinting company and turn the window in half. Your local window tinting company should have a window tint meter. Place the shade meter on the window by sliding it over the partially rolled-up window. A shade meter has a slot that slides over the window.

Then, read the digital display on the colorimeter. This will give you your exact shade percentage, or blur rating. Check this rating with your local law enforcement to determine if it is within your states legal shade limits. All countries have slightly different shade limits. The darkness of your shades has a significant impact on your driving.

Autolight Plus Magnetic Premium Window Tint Meter

Local authorities check the darkness of your window tint as it affects your driving at night. Window shades block your vision with less than 75% visible light transmission. Also, the shades should not be dark so that the police can see what is going on inside your vehicle. The good news is that only the front window needs to have 75% VLT.

If you need a reliable window tinting company to install window tinting for your car, you can always get a free quote! AutoLight® Plus MAGNETIC is a hands-free premium light transmission meter that measures the level of light transmission using a black window to determine its safety level.

Our new AutoLight® Plus MAGNETIC includes a magnet so you can check hands free! Allows an operator to obtain results without leaving AutoLight®. This is the fastest shade tester on the market, providing accurate results at the push of a button, and with the purchase of the AutoLite app and WorkshopPro 10 tablet, there’s the added option of sending results to your Bluetooth printer! This will allow you to send your shade results from WorkshopPro 10 directly to your regulator’s online portal or app.

Window Tint Test App

Victorian legislation for window tint testing has changed. You now need to take a picture of each window test result. As cited by the VicRoads Regulations, 2012, “licensed vehicle testers must take and store digital images of the vehicles being tested during the fitness test.” Check the regulations in your area to see how this affects your testing requirements.

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AutoLight® is an essential tool to help law enforcement agencies, inspection authorities and anyone involved in fleet safety management ensure vehicles are compliant and safe.

A light transmission meter is used to measure the percentage of light transmitted through a transparent material. In terms of vehicle compatibility, light transmission meters measure the darkness of window tint on car windows and windshields. This product is also known as window tint meter or window tint tester.

Purchase the AutoLite app so you can send your shade results from WorkshopPro 10 directly to your regulator’s online portal or app. This product is also compatible with Bluetooth remote printers via WorkshopPRO 10 with the AutoLite app.

Categories: Automotive, Workshop & Garage, Bus, Car, Motorcycle, Products, Train, Truck, Window Tint Test Tags: Made in Australia, Compliant, Light Transmission Meter, Roadworthy, Testa Tint, Window Tint, Window Tint Test Purpose of This Article Available To review the top window tint meter models, go over the pros and cons of each and provide you with reviews of the best window tint meters to buy.

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Automotive window tint measuring devices work by measuring the visible light transmission of automotive glass as well as flat glass. Most tint meters today are portable and compact, making them easy to transport if you need to check different vehicles frequently.

Tint meters are used in the automotive industry to measure the visible light transmission of car window tints. A tint meter will check the transparency of the car window and the visible light passing through it and show you the tint darkness reading using the light sensor. Best Window Tint Meters to Buy

There are various counters for shopping. Most of them share the same key features but depending on your specific needs, how often you use the tone meter, battery and button options, you can choose the best one for you to buy. Below we have compiled and reviewed a number of tint meters that are easy to navigate and answer the overall need to know the exact tint percentage of the film in question. How does a window tint meter work?

Window Tint Test App

Window tint meters work by measuring the amount of visible light that passes through the car’s window glass as well as the window tint film. Hue meters measure at a wavelength of 550 nm corresponding to the color green. The meter will scan the VLT of the film and display the test results on the meter’s built-in LCD screen and provide you with the exact color percentage of the film. Accuracy of window tint meters

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Automotive window tint testers are highly accurate and measure from 1 percent to tenths of a percent of light transmission, depending on the specific model you’re using. Accuracy comes from measuring the visible light transmission (i.e. light transmission), infrared rejection rate, and ultraviolet rejection rate of automotive glass. By measurement, a tint test can indicate the percentage of transmittance of a car glass film when light passes through it. How do you use a tone meter?

Color meter is very easy to operate. Remove the meter from its case and press the power button on the device. Make sure both the meter and the window are clean and free of dirt. Just place the device on the window and within a second or two, the reading should show the percentage of visible color. When you are done, press the power button to turn off the meter. Some tone meters have a built-in backlight display, making them great for easy and reliable reading even at night or when using the app in the dark. Window tint meters for sale

A few different companies offer window tint meters for sale. Each with their pros and cons and below you can evaluate some of the best options on the market. A window tint meter is a useful tool, often purchased by law enforcement to measure the percentage of tint in a citizen’s vehicle, or by experts in the tint industry, so that their services are accurate for their customers after the tint job is completed. . Windows Tint Meter iPhone App

In 2022, there are smartphone apps you can download to get functional light intensity readings. While we won’t cover them in detail in today’s post, we wanted to mention them in case you’re interested. These apps, like Lux Light Meter Pro, can be downloaded from your iPhone App Store. Some even have a free app that only requires an internet connection and the phone’s front camera pointed at the glass to determine the VLT with great accuracy. Amazon Window Tint Meter

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Surprisingly, Amazon has several meters available that will display readings for VLT shades. Below we’ve listed some of the best options and provided easy links if you’d like to buy directly through

First on our list of recommendations, we have the Enforcer II Tint Meter. This window tint meter is one of the most reliable

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