Window Tinting Champaign Il

Window Tinting Champaign Il – Window tint laws can change from month to month, which is why it’s important to know the 2021 Illinois tint laws. Click here to learn more.

In 2019, the automotive window was valued at less than $10 billion and is expected to continue to grow.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

Window Tinting Champaign Il

It is a very popular market, but it comes with risks as a consumer. Each state has its own rules and regulations for car window tinting. As an Illinois driver, you must know the Illinois color laws and follow them.

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Unfortunately, tint laws change more often than other types of laws, so staying informed about them will save money on your bank account and clear your driving record.

The biggest piece of information you can arm yourself with when it comes to your car’s windows is how the level or amount of tint is measured.

Law enforcement measures window tint with visible light transmission or VLT. VLT determines how much light can pass through the window tinting and is what determines whether the car’s windows break the law.

The higher the transmission of visible light, the more light can pass through. The lower the LVT, the darker the windows on your car will be.

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In the state of Illinois, the percentage of tint allowed varies based on the window and vehicle type.

Passenger cars are sedans, coupés, station wagons, convertibles, hardtops and hatchbacks. These vehicles fall under the term passenger car because they are used by one person or a family.

Multipurpose vehicles are SUVs, trucks, vans, motorhomes and minibuses. They are classified as heavy vehicles that carry large amounts of cargo or large numbers of passengers.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

Since these two identified vehicles provide different services, they are subject to different rules and regulations.

Illinois Window Tint Laws 2022 Explained

Windshield laws govern the amount of your windshield that is allowed to be tinted in the state of Illinois.

For passenger and utility vehicles in the state of Illinois, it is illegal to have more than 6 inches of the windshield tinted.

Interestingly, in passenger cars you are only allowed to have 35 percent of the rear window. For multi-purpose vehicles, there are no rules for how much rear window can be fitted.

While window tint on your windshield is a good way to block annoying and unwanted light while reducing heat, too much of your tinted windshield can make it hard to see. This makes driving a dangerous activity for you and those around you.

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Laws in the state of Illinois state that if you own a passenger car, you cannot darken the windows to more than 35 percent of the window.

Currently, multi-purpose vehicles cannot have a tint darker than 50 percent. Any percentage less than 50 percent will result in color penalties from the law.

Back windows in the state of Illinois are the same as front windows. You have permission for a VLT of 35 percent. Anything more than that is breaking the law.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

In multipurpose vehicles, you can darken the windows as much as you like. If that means 5 percent tint, you’re legally allowed to do that.

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In the state of Illinois, you are not allowed to have reflective tint on any of your windows. Any window tint you put on your vehicle, whether it’s a passenger car or a utility vehicle, should not be reflective.

This is important to know because some types of cans have visible bits of metallic material on them that can lead to fines from law enforcement.

There are other regulations you must comply with when it comes to Illinois tint laws. For example, if the rear windows are tinted in your vehicle, you must have two side mirrors.

Tint can take away what you see, so having side mirrors will ensure you can see your blind spots without a problem.

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Additionally, Illinois does not place restrictions on the colors you are allowed to wear. You still have a wide variety of customization options to choose from for your vehicle.

Window tinting is popular for a number of reasons. It reduces heat and protects you and your interior from ultraviolet rays. It also disables your windows and increases your privacy and security.

While these benefits are great, too much tint is a bad thing. Having a tint that is too dark creates safety issues for you, your passengers and other people on the road.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

That can make the job of law enforcement more difficult. Identifying passengers and drivers after an accident is almost impossible if the window tint is too dark to see.

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Law enforcement in Illinois has a device that determines how much light can pass through the window tint. If it is more than what is allowed by law you can get a citation.

Window penalties are no laughing matter. If you get a citation for your color percentage, you’ll be looking at a small charge on your record and a fine.

For a first offense, you can expect a fine anywhere from $50 to $500. For most crimes, the fine ranges from $100 to $500.

The best way to avoid window penalties in the state of Illinois is to know the law. If you choose to get an aftermarket window tint, make sure your windows are within the legal parameters.

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Window tinting improves the appearance of your car while protecting you from UV rays and keeping the interior cool. It also provides security, privacy and protects your windows from breakage.

It is important when installing tinted windows to make sure you follow the Illinois tint laws.

Xtreme Auto Glass & Window Tintha the experience and expertise to ensure you get the perfect tint for your vehicle while staying within the law. Get a quote and find your perfect window today.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

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According to market research, the automotive windshield market will be worth USD 28.41 billion by 2027. The market is showing 7.45% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

There are over 276 million registered cars in America. Most American families own at least one vehicle, with metropolitan areas averaging two cars per household.

Xtreme Auto Glass & Window Tint is a full service auto detailing, glass repair and security installation shop in Addison, Illinois. We were founded in 2007 by car care professionals and quickly expanded to offer both beauty and vehicle value enhancement services, but best of all car safety by being a professional electrician. Xtreme Auto Glass & Window Tint serves the Addison area community with our safety services Looking for window film solutions in Champaign, IL? Whatever your challenge, Window Film Depot has the expertise and national reach to deliver quality 3M Window Film installations “on time and on budget.”

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As the #1 commercial window film installer in America, Window Film Depot covers all of Illinois including: Chicago, Bloomington/Normal, Carbondale, Quincy, Evanston, Danville, Rockford, Naperville, Schaumburg and Peoria.

Since 1992, Window Film Depot has worked hard to build a truly unique national business to serve its commercial and retail customers. Family owned and operated, we were named National Dealer of the Year by 3M and recognized by Window Film Magazine as the #1 Film Dealer in the US in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

When projects require a professional window film installation company, rely on Window Film Depot for commercial graphics installation, solar control films, security and safety films, and 3M safety adhesive systems. Whether your project is local, regional or national, Window Film Depot can quickly deliver installation teams to large buildings or multiple outlets. We make sure to work according to the standards of true professionals. On this page, we’ve done our best to gather all the necessary legal information about Illinois color law, including how dark the tint is allowed and how visible the tint is allowed. be in Illinois. In addition to the basics, such as tint percentage, there are also several rules and regulations for auto window installation in Illinois that we have made available.

Window Tinting Champaign Il

The Illinois window tint law was first introduced in 2009, and Illinois became the 48th of 50 states to pass these tint laws.

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The percentage of light the window tint film allows to pass through the car’s windows is called VLT (Visible Light Transmission), and each state has different legal limits. The amount of light allowed to pass through the film and glass in Illinois is very specific by state and is different for passenger cars and utility vehicles.

For example: 75% hue will allow 75% off

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