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Window Tinting Maumelle Ar – Don’t let the heat get to you this summer! Check out the deals on Benton Window Tinting in Benton, Arkansas. We have the best prices in town! Our customers and business partners trust us to keep coming back again and again. We use quality products on all our cars and trucks. We have more than 20 years of experience and you can get your car in good condition on time. We know your time is valuable, so we try to make sure we get you back on the road in a hurry. We specialize in window tinting for cars, commercial premises and residential buildings. We can do anything from cars, trucks, SUVs, boats, RVs, semi trucks and farm equipment. We can make your entire car fit in both the front and back of the car. We can remove the old shade and replace it, so it looks like new. It’s like a new car all over again! There are some laws in the state of Arkansas that we must take into account when determining the percentage of film that goes into your car. The lower the percentage, the darker the film. We specialize in cutting all our films by hand rather than using a computer to ensure the best coverage for your windows.

We also offer mobile services, so call and we’ll arrange a schedule for you, and if you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We travel everywhere!

Window Tinting Maumelle Ar

Window Tinting Maumelle Ar

We also have locations in the northwest part of the state. If you are in Northwest Arkansas, visit our other tint shop, Window Tinting Bentonville, AR. We offer the same services in this state as in central Arkansas.

Arkansas Window Tint Laws 2022 Explained

Our car collection is of exceptional quality, and apart from making your car look great, it also has many other benefits. We use Scorpion window film! Scorpion film not only reflects sunlight, but blocks 99% of UV rays. It’s an affordable way to keep you and your family cool in the summer and protect your car’s upholstery from drying out and cracking in the future. It also helps you stay healthy! Did you know that direct sunlight not only damages the skin, but also accelerates aging. Sunlight can also cause skin cancer with long-term exposure. Window tinting with UV filters can reduce harmful UV rays by up to 99%!

Adding glass window tint can also help increase privacy, safety and security in your car, home or business. This extra layer of protection makes it difficult for people to see properly inside your car to see what kind of equipment or valuables are in your car or truck. It also helps to protect your windows from being damaged so things don’t get through. This keeps the glass together so you don’t have shards on your property.

Disclaimer: If we tint your vehicle, it will take a few days for your windows to harden. “Cure” refers to the time it takes for the moisture between the tint and the glass to evaporate. Immediately after installation, the shade may appear cloudy, streaky or patchy. This is just a healing process and should go away after a few days. Once this process is complete, you should have complete clarity! We also recommend that the windows are not rolled up for at least 48 hours, as this will damage the film and require the window to be replaced. The film needs a certain time to adhere to the glass. With all that said, once the process is done, you can enjoy a pretty cool ride that looks great!

Call and request a quote for your home or commercial property today. We have many different packages for you to choose from.

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We specialize in diesels, tractors or other utility or construction vehicles. If you have a whole fleet of cars that you need tinted, we have some excellent discounts to choose from.

Window tinting for your car, home or business is a good investment. It protects your property from unreasonable damage caused by sunlight shining through windows alone. It keeps the heat in during the summer months and keeps the heat in during the winter months. It protects you from harmful UV rays, so you know you and your family have extra protection. It will also protect you from harmful objects passing through the windows. Many people don’t know, but window tinting can help keep your windows in tact when something is thrown at them. It holds the glass together so it doesn’t shatter into a million pieces inside your car, truck, house or building. What is VLT? Legal Tint Restriction: Passenger Cars Legal Tint Restriction: Multi-Purpose Vehicles Tint Reflectance Other Washington state window tint laws and regulations. FAQ Related Videos

It is critical that anyone tinting their windows follow Arkansas state window tinting regulations. Knowing the window tinting laws in the state of Arkansas will reduce the possibility of problems you may encounter if you are not aware. Sunny conditions in some states make window shades a must.

Window Tinting Maumelle Ar

Arkansas state window tinting laws were enacted in 1993. You need to know how dark or reflective your window tint is before taking the next step and buying tinted windows or tinting your windows. in the car now.

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In this article, we try to do justice to this topic by giving you all the possible information you need to know before buying a tinted car or before you decide to tint the windows of your car. Details such as how reflective or dark the shade should be and other various rules and regulations are also discussed. For more information, continue reading…

VLT (Visible Light Transmission) is the percentage of light that the window tint film allows to pass through the car windows. Each state has different allowable conditions for this. In the state of Arkansas, the percentage of light that passes through passenger car window films and utility vehicle window films is different.

For example, an 83% tint only lets 83% of the light through, while a 10% tint only allows 10% of the light to pass through the window tint film.

The percentage of light allowed through window film and glass in the state of Arkansas is very strict. Lint limits differ for passenger cars and utility vehicles.

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One of the main reasons for tinting windows is that it helps reflect light, which then reduces glare and heat in the process. Depending on the type of vehicle and the type of tint, Arkansas state law allows only one level of reflection with tint.

Apart from the basic laws that you have found, there are other rules and regulations that you should pay special attention to in order to avoid any kind of negative situations. It is important to fully consider the laws and these specific rules and regulations before deciding to tint your car’s windows. These rules and regulations may vary in other states.

Everything you need to know about window tints in different states. Visit the website to learn more about the laws in your state.

Window Tinting Maumelle Ar

(Video) Window tint comparisons – Adjacent – Day/Night/ Inside/ Outside 5 18 35 55 70 percent

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Arkansas’ window tinting law allows drivers to tint their windshields five inches. The front and rear side windows can be tinted with up to 25% light transmission. The rear windows can be tinted as long as the tint film allows at least 10% light to pass through.

Driving or installing illegally tinted windows is a Class B misdemeanor in Arkansas, punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and up to 90 days in jail.

However, this is usually enough to scare off snoopers. If the cars have factory tint, it is usually 15-20%. 5% is the darkest shade you can get and you won’t see 5% tinted car windows. In most states, a 5% tint is illegal.

The driver must obtain a written certificate from an optician or doctor indicating that the special window treatment or application is a medical necessity.

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The front windshield must let in at least 75% of the light at all times. The front and passenger windows must go in at least 70%. This means that if you get pulled over and wear a tint, the police won’t ask you to remove it or issue a ticket.

Ceramic Tint is an advanced window tint designed for maximum warmth and UV protection. the

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