Window Tinting Norman Ok

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Keep your car cool 😎 with MADICO NANO CERAMICS. Call (405) 579-1119 for an estimate and to schedule an appointment.

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Cool off this Christmas trip with our MADICO NANO CERAMICS. Gift certificates are available by calling (405)579-1119 or by visiting 302 N. Porter Ave.

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Get your car or truck ready for the holidays. Ask about our MADICO ceramic films. We also have gift vouchers. Call (405) 579-1119 or stop by 302 N. Porter Ave.

Change the look of your car with our MADICO nano ceramic. Call (405) 579-1119 or stop by 302 N Porter Ave.

Change your look with our MADICO NANO CERAMICS. Call (405) 579-1119 or stop by 302 N Porter Ave.

Take the heat out of your new car or truck with our MADICO NANO CERAMICS. Call (405) 579-1119 or stop by 302 N. Porter Ave.

Used 2007 Hyundai Elantra In Norman, Ok

Amazing job! Terry does a quick but quality job. I highly recommend Don Evans. I won’t go anywhere else.

If you need window tinting, you should stop by Don Evans Window Tint and let them do the work! He took my car and 2 hours later I was back on the road. Great customer service all around!!! Thanks again to a very SATISFIED customer :))

He came to remove my windows, he was really nice, did the job for me and was very impressed with the results! I highly recommend it. Protect the inside of your Rivian, even when you’re away. And protect yourself from sun damage, sunburn and more!

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Amateur window tinting can leave your Rivian windows looking a little dull. Our window tinters are specially trained by industry leaders to provide you with the highest level of service.

The Many Benefits Of Glare Reduction Window Film For Your Norman Home

It is important to keep your Rivian hydrated throughout to protect it from harmful UV rays. This includes covering the windshield with a clear film. The heat dissipating capabilities of XPEL PRIME ceramic films XR and XR Plus increase sun protection with an SPF rating of 1000. The difference between XR and XR Plus is the amount of heat that each infrared film blocks.

Traditional window films try to do two things – block heat and look cool – and usually fail at both. XPEL PRIME ceramic films give you the protective benefits of window tint without blocking the view like lower window films.

Using a nano-ceramic structure, PRIME XR Ceramic Film maintains its flawless appearance and transparency for many years. Blocking up to 88% of infrared heat, PRIME XR will give you the level of performance you expect from a premium automotive window tint without breaking the bank.

Rejecting 98% of infrared heat thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, the PRIME XR PLUS car window combines cool looks with exceptional performance. Stay comfortable and protected in all weathers with PRIME XR PLUS ceramic films.

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We train our technicians to take the utmost care with each installation. Bring your car and get a free discount. Our window tint and paint protection experts can turn any riviera into a black beast.

Protect your paint from paint swirls, acid rain and tree sap. See how we can turn any vehicle into a work of art!

Sun Stoppers offer paint protection and ceramic coating to keep your Rivian in top condition. These protections protect the exterior of your Rivian from adverse road conditions.

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Paint protection is the best investment you can make to keep your Rivian looking like new. Watch the video below to see the amazing benefits of XPEL self-healing film or learn more about paint protection by clicking the link.

Used 2022 Honda Civic For Sale At Fowler Honda

Properly protected, your Rivian can last for many years. UV rays are known to fade paint jobs quickly, and wood sap is just one thing that will damage the exterior – but a ceramic coating prevents both! In addition, the ceramic coating gives your Rivian a beautiful, wax-like finish, making it easy to wash away dirt and debris.

Bring your Rivian to Sun Stoppers for a custom window tint, paint protection and ceramic installation by our experienced technicians. We love what we do and it shows!

“This place was amazing in every way… They did my husband’s windows and they were done in a flash! Highly recommend! Good prices too.”

“I’m not one to write reviews but when the work is done so well and looked after like royalty I had to comment on this great company. I was surprised by this service, they took care of me, introduced me to the system and told me how to handle the car. I have window tint and ceramic coating and my car looks amazing! “

Truck Bed Liners Moore, Ok

Fast and friendly service and very cheap! I would recommend them to anyone looking to tint their windows. Thanks to the publishers of the Sun!

“Amazing service, arrived on time, very nice, project done very quickly.” Very satisfied with the installation of the product. Our service tech was amazing! “

Ask us about our borrower program. If you want to leave your car with us, we will prepare a rental car for you!

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Yes, if you have a Rivian, we can tint the R1T or R1S windows.

American Window Tinting

The method is no different. We use the same painstaking, detail-oriented process to paint Rivi windows as we do any other car. However, window tint in electric cars is very useful as it helps to extend the life of the battery.

Normal films last about 5 years. The XPEL window tint we use at Sun Stoppers typically lasts at least 10 years, and even longer with proper maintenance.

Should I wait to install the top and bottom Rivian windows after it is tinted?

Yes, of course! While a cool breeze from a roller window can be refreshing, it shouldn’t harm a newly completed window tint job. We recommend waiting at least 4 days before raising and lowering the windows, waiting up to 7 days is not bad if you want to play it safe.

Subaru Sti Window Tinting

Bubbles on your window tint can be around depending on your situation. It is normal to see bubbles on the window tint for a few hours immediately after installation. However, if you still notice bubbles after a week or two, you may know that the shade was applied incorrectly and will need to be replaced.

No, you can choose any of our window films for both models. Since the models have different window sizes, the price may vary, but the installation is always the same.

We offer XPEL Prime XR (88% infrared heat blocking) and XPEL Prime XR Plus (98% infrared heat blocking). Both window films protect you from harmful UV rays with an SPF of 1000.

Window Tinting Norman Ok

Each state has different laws regarding shade darkness and reflectivity. If you cross state lines and get pulled over for window tint that was legal in your state but NOT in your current state, you will only get a warning. Visit to find out your state’s window tinting laws.

Oklahoma City Window Film Installer Finished Work Gallery

Other than that, everything is fine! Just remember to wait 4-7 days before cleaning your Rivian windows after a new tint.

Window tinting and UV protection for your Rivian If you’ve invested in a Rivian, we can assume that you care about driving a vehicle that saves you money in the long run. After all, the average American… Read more… If you’ve invested in a Rivian, we can guess that you care about driving a vehicle that saves you money in the long run. In fact, the average American pays about $3,000 a year for gas at prices around $5 a gallon. The savings on your gas bill add up fast! But if your Rivian needs to be replaced in just a few years, you don’t have time to reap the financial benefits of gas savings. That’s why it’s worth the upfront investment to install a quality window tint on your Rivian. Here are some other benefits:  Protect the inside of your Rivian Use less AC and save battery. Be a safer driver by using sunscreen Protect your skin from harmful UV rays. We have all experienced the opposite effect of these advantages. Maybe it’s towing your car early because the upholstery is worn out, or having to remove the sunshade from the window every time you park. Maybe you’re getting into your car on a hot day and sweating through your shirt on the way to an important meeting. At worst, it can damage your car and injure you and others from the sun’s rays. It’s really unpleasant to think about, but it’s an unpleasant reality. In fact, studies show that there are more dangers than sunburn

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