Window Tinting Okc Prices

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Browse our packages, shop online and schedule appointments after checkout – all from the comfort of your own home.

Window Tinting Okc Prices

Window Tinting Okc Prices

Book your appointment and buy a color or color protection package that suits you all online.

Car Window Tinting School

When you arrive we will help you choose your shade. You can then relax in a seat-like setting while we complete your installation in an hour or less.

As a worry-free option, all of our automatic window tint packages are backed by our lifetime warranty with the ability to add to our unreasonable warranty options.

Whether you are boating or pushing the red line in a row, one of our five window color packages is right for you, and with an hour’s installation, we’ll get you back on track soon. This.

Build a wall around your vehicle and be prepared for what the road will throw at you. Choose from one of our five color protection packages.

Star Tint, Oklahoma City, Ok

For 25 years we have been known as Alta Mere and starting in October 2020 we have updated our brand to Turbo Tint. Located in South OKC, we are locally owned and operated by Greg, Patti and Chandler Goodman. Establishing industry-leading window paints, high-quality car windows and protective coatings, as well as window films for our homes and businesses, are manufactured with quality and strength by speed.

Starting with a simple online purchase and an hour-long installation guarantee, the Goodman family strives to provide exceptional customer service. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted by our friendly staff who are here to answer questions and help you choose the perfect shade of glass color for your car.

During your stay, relax in our comfortable lounge and enjoy drinks and snacks. Come and experience Turbo Tint today! Our trendy handbags in Oklahoma specialize in incorporating protective film, clear bras and vinyl wraps. Quality beyond expectations does not stop there.

Window Tinting Okc Prices

At Precision Films, we specialize in film, automotive and commercial applications. These include protective film, paint (PPF), car cover, fabric, graphic resin and window paint.

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For extra protection, we offer nano-ceramic coating technology. Ceramic coatings not only help in the maintenance of your vehicle and aircraft, but also represent a good solution for areas that are usually not covered in film. Not only that, we coated with PPF ceramic and vinyl fabric to increase the longevity and ease of maintenance when doing laundry. Lastly, PPF is more porous than paint. The ceramic coating will permanently seal those spills and will give you a shiny floor that stays clean for a long time.

To enhance a unique shop solution, we only offer high quality paint repairs. Before coating a plane or vehicle, it should be filled in to repair to perfection. This will give you better results in terms of durability. Your paint must be perfect before installing PPF or Ceramic Pro and our highly skilled team of technicians can do it for you.

At Precision Films OKC, we also offer services such as custom printing, graphic design and powder coating.

At Precision Films, we only use ceramic film for window painting. When you paint a window, the service also comes with a lifetime warranty. Our films are waterproof and they block infrared light. We use Suntek products for all window painting.

Our Services — Precision Films Okc

At Precision Films, we use special Pro ceramic materials that are unique to each industry. Ceramic Pro is a clear multi-layer liquid nano-ceramic coating. When treated, this technology will turn your body into a durable and flexible stone. Ceramic Pro can be described as an extra clear coating with 3 times the hardness and self-cleaning properties.

If you want to protect the painted surface from abrasion, rust, chemicals and other types of physical damage than painting the protective film, the paint is the perfect place to start. Cholesterol film covers dirt and limescale, adds shine and instant healing technology. Kavaca is the most advanced PPF in the industry, and the battery is resistant to battery chips and dirt. We use KAVACA and SunTek for cholesterol films.

We have many years of experience in painting and decorating. We are proud to be experts in various industries. Color correction and smoothing removes blemishes such as curls and hair. It emits a lot of shine and vibrant tone of paint.

Window Tinting Okc Prices

You can give something new look with Vinyl finish! Our vinyl wrap is the longest lasting and great paint choice. Whether you are looking at your company vehicle or creating something unique for your own vehicle, the sky is the limit with vinyl wrap. We use 3M, Avery Dennison and KPMF.

Video: Tinted Windows Lead To Homicide Suspect’s Arrest

When it comes to aircraft maintenance companies, no one offers a higher standard than Precision Films. We combine technical and scientific data in our approach, providing the best options to protect the value of your aircraft. We are the solution for your aviation needs.

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