Window Tinting Options For Homes

Window Tinting Options For Homes – Homeowners often choose blinds, curtains, shutters or other window coverings in an effort to reduce heat intrusion or glare in their homes, but there is a more effective way. Residential window tinting is an energy-efficient option that comes with many benefits, such as protection, security and aesthetics, which can help you lower your energy bills and keep your home more comfortable.

Learn more about the nine benefits of window tinting for your home and see how a professional window tinting installation company can help you find the right option for your needs.

Window Tinting Options For Homes

Window Tinting Options For Homes

The main reason most homeowners choose window tint is to save on energy bills. Traditional glass windows allow heat from the sun to penetrate, significantly increasing the internal temperature. With window tinting, much of the sunlight and heat is blocked, allowing your home to be kept at a much cooler temperature and reducing your need to run the air conditioner all the time.

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Depending on which parts of your home get the most sunlight and how big your windows are, you may find that some rooms stay much warmer or cooler than others. When the sun’s heat is trapped, your home can stay at a constant temperature more easily. This also reduces energy usage as you no longer need to run the air conditioner in certain rooms to keep your entire home comfortable.

Glare from the sun can have a significant impact on your comfort and productivity. For example, the glare on a computer or TV screen can be irritating and can even block your view completely, affecting both work and leisure. Window tinting not only blocks heat from the sun, but also reduces the glare that occurs at certain times of the day and darkens your favorite TV show or computer screen.

Although it’s not something we usually think about, it’s possible to get an unhealthy level of UV exposure from sitting in front of a window with a lot of sunlight coming through. Melanoma and other skin cancers are usually caused by UV radiation, accompanied by repeated exposure to sunlight. Because window tint blocks 99 percent of UV rays, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re not exposing yourself to unnecessary UV damage inside your home.

Ground floor windows are a common entry point for burglars. They simply break the glass and unlock the door or climb through the window to enter your home, which puts you in a position to choose the aesthetic beauty of your windows or the safety of yourself and your family. While window tinting cannot prevent forced entry into your home, it does keep the glass in place longer and make entry more difficult. A few extra seconds may be enough to alert you or give your alarm system time to contact the authorities, and may even be enough to deter a burglar altogether.

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As we discussed, window tinting has the ability to hold the glass and prevent shards from flying everywhere. Along with preventing a potential theft, this benefit can also help in innocent accidents and natural disasters. If your home has been hit by a severe storm or a window has been broken by a poorly aimed baseball, window tinting will prevent glass from ending up across the room and causing injury to you or your family.

The window tint is itself waterproof and also comes with a scratch resistant coating. With these features, your windows will be free of fingerprints and water stains that require constant cleaning (and often streaks). The result is less work for you, along with beautiful, clean windows.

Keep in mind that different window tinting films have different properties, so be sure to discuss your needs with your installer and find out how often each type of film needs to be cleaned.

Window Tinting Options For Homes

Many types of window film are available, with features ranging from added UV protection to a tint that limits the view of your home from the outside. If you’re looking for a little more privacy from people on the street, the right window film can protect the view from the outside and give you a better sense of privacy and comfort inside your home.

How To Choose The Best Window Tinting Options For Your Home

There are many improvements you can make to your home to improve its curb appeal and improve its value, but window tinting is a small investment for a big return. The right window tint not only gives your home an elegant look, but also many inherent benefits that will be a selling point in the future. Whether you’re updating aspects of your home or undertaking complete additions and renovations, window tinting is definitely worth considering.

As you can see, residential window tinting has many benefits ranging from energy efficiency to an attractive look for the exterior of your home. No matter what you want from a window tint, there are virtually endless options for window films to suit your unique needs and enhance the comfort, security and curb appeal of your home.

If you’re not sure where to start with window tinting for your home, a professional installation company can help. At Ultimate Window Tinting, our expert staff has more than 50 years of combined experience across a variety of brands, products and manufacturers, so we’re the perfect team to help you get the best window tint for your unique needs . We’re always happy to help our customers make informed decisions about window tinting, so call or stop by today to talk with us about your home’s needs and learn more about what we have to offer !

Kenley began painting in Kennewick, Washington in 2002. In 2005 he moved to Milwaukee and joined the Elite team, quickly distinguishing himself as a great innovator of creative solutions to the many challenges in film application. He eventually took over as owner in 2012. Kenley’s friendly and relaxed demeanor makes him very popular and he takes great pride in providing excellent customer service. When people think of tinting their windows, most often their mind goes to vehicles. However, one of the most beneficial uses of window tinting is for homes, not cars. With that said, you can’t just put “color” on your home.

Your Guide On How To Tint House Windows

Window Film has come a long way in the last 15 years. At the time it was referred to as a “tint” since all it did was “paint” the window shade. Now it is more often called window film. Window film can now block 80%+ of all total solar energy trying to get through the film, even if it is completely clear. The security film has also been developed to be clean and able to withstand bomb blasts and severe storms.

When you weigh the options, it’s clear that it doesn’t make sense. From improving the energy efficiency, safety and security of your windows to increasing UV protection, daylight and outward visibility, the pros far outweigh the cons. You can contact one of our certified SunTek film specialists today at Precision Films OKC to answer any questions you may have.

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Window Tinting Options For Homes

If you are in this position, don’t worry. We’ve created a short guide to help you decide which window tinting option is best for you.

Tips For Choosing Car Window Tinting

As the name suggests, decorative window films focus primarily on the aesthetic side of window films rather than functionality. It doesn’t have impressive UV protection or heat reduction, but it can help give you the privacy you need. This will help you block out the outside view, which allows you to relax more comfortably while at home. Another advantage of decorative window films is that they are significantly cheaper than other options, so if you live in an area where you don’t have to worry too much about the sun, this may be your best option.

Metallized films have the advantage of durability and temperature regulation, being the best in the business when it comes to these areas. These films help to strengthen the structural integrity of the windows, allowing them to withstand the greatest impact of the open force and reducing the risk of breakage.

If you choose this type of movie, you have to do one thing

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