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In the world of window film and color solutions, the term solar window film has many different meanings, depending on the context. From blocking sunlight and UV rays to reducing glare and energy, solar window films deliver value in many ways.

Window Tinting Oregon City

Window Tinting Oregon City

An emerging solution representing the next generation of solar window film technology is CoolVu Transitional Film. As the name suggests, CoolVu changes from a clear state to a very dark state when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. By effectively adapting to the amount of sunlight that falls through glass windows and doors, CoolVu window film provides a concentrated degree of sun protection, only when you need it.

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CoolVu solar powered window film uses a patented technique to create a stable photochromic reaction that provides clear glass when needed and tinted glass when desired. Basically, a photochromic change is a chemical reaction caused by exposure to the sun’s UV rays. So while the CoolVu remains unaffected by indoor lighting, it can only be activated when exposed to natural sunlight.

Plus, CoolVu stays clear on cloudy or rainy days, allowing maximum natural light under cloudy conditions. At night, CoolVu is nearly invisible, preserving the natural look of your glass windows and doors while allowing unobstructed views of the outside world.

CoolVu is quickly becoming one of the most popular solar window solutions on the market and offers many benefits.

CoolVu window film selectively filters solar energy and blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Prolonged sun exposure, even through standard glass windows and doors, has been shown to lead to skin cancer and vision problems over time. Sunscreen films such as CoolVu are considered by the American Skin Cancer Association and dermatologists to provide adequate protection against UV exposure.

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In addition to creating a safer, more pleasant environment for residents, CoolVu’s UV protection helps extend the life of your furniture, wall coverings, curtains, paintings and hardwoods. Compared to standard tinted windows, CoolVu solar-powered window film extends the life of your furniture while the colors remain bright.

CoolVu films are constructed using advanced ceramic pores that act as heat insulating barriers against the sun. These coatings are visually selected to block over 80% of the infrared heat gain through the glass, effectively reducing hot spots and excessive AC use.

With the CoolVu solar window film installed, homeowners and businesses no longer have to worry about dramatic temperature differences that put an unnecessary strain on both AC systems and residents. With the energy savings of CoolVu films, most installations pay for themselves within 3-5 years. Learn more about the energy-saving benefits of window film on our case studies page.

Window Tinting Oregon City

In the industry, CoolVu is often referred to as “self-tinting window film” because of its proprietary molecular structure. CoolVu easily changes from a light state to a dark state in less than 5 minutes. In addition to the benefits of UV protection and heat reduction, CoolVu solar window film also offers anti-glare properties during the harsh morning and evening sun, or when exposed to low sun during the winter months.

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Unlike 3M solar control window film, CoolVu solar film is a premium product that can only be applied by certified professionals. CoolVu film can cost between $12-18 per square foot and includes basic or extended warranties, depending on the type of installation.

CoolVu solar powered window film can be used for many different applications, from the exterior of commercial buildings, storefronts, restaurants, homes and even cars. The costs of CoolVu Transitional Window Film therefore vary per project.

Want to know more about CoolVu Transitional Window Film products and installation services? You can learn more about CoolVu by visiting the official website, or to get a CoolVu quote from Window Film Depot you can start by contacting us online or by calling 1-866- 933-3456.

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