Window Tinting Portland Maine

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Are you having problems with your beautiful hardwood floors fading in the sun? Call Rich Tint to see if we can help!

Window Tinting Portland Maine

Window Tinting Portland Maine

Need help keeping your workspace cool? Maybe you need to dim the light? Call Rich Tint today! #portlandmaine #windowtint #mainesmallbusiness

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Do you have glare problems or high hvac costs in your business or residence? Looking for more privacy? Call Rich Tint today. You have a solution and many different movie options to choose from.

Having problems with your home’s expensive woodwork fading in the sun? Call Rich Tint today to find out how you can stop it!

45% Daycool film was applied to these windows in Cumberland. The sun can damage wood floors, furniture, artwork and more. Call today to find out how you can protect your investment.

Dan has done over half a dozen of my cars. Always top notch work and I will never use anyone else. Been a Rich Tint customer for years!

The Madd Tinter In Gallatin, Tn

Dan has now completed both of my vehicles. He always does flawless work. My work schedule was a little difficult at times, but he did! Thanks again!

I recently had some corrections done to my window tint by another paint place. He removed my front windshield tint that was creased from a previous tint shop and cleaned it up to the point where you could never tell it was there. Dan also replaced my passenger side window tint which trapped bubbles and dust under the window tint from the previous tint shop along with my rear window tint. He also did the banner placement for my front windshield on my 2022 Hyundai Veloster N and the job he did was excellent. He followed up with me to resolve any issues he had with the banner placement process. Dan also went out of his way to take additional photos of the banner on my car before putting it on the car as my son was curious to see what it looked like. Dan went above and beyond in all aspects of his work. I would definitely recommend this tint shop to other people. A+ experience. Excellent!! Thanks Dan for the pleasant ex…

At Rich Tint, LLC I strive to provide you with honest and reliable service in Portland, Maine. My goal is to provide you with the professional paint job you need to make your home more powerful, your business more profitable and your car more enjoyable. As a dedicated member of the local community, I take great care of my customers’ vehicles, homes and businesses and serve them with integrity! I offer mobile service to surrounding communities, so feel free to contact me if you live outside of Portland. Want to improve your home’s curb appeal with a home window tinting service? If this is your plan, Prestige Tint & Details is here to help. We pride ourselves on being the best home window tinting company in Portland ME because of our fast professionals and state-of-the-art services. We promise to provide professional home window tinting service to our customers to make their investment worth it. We are here to end your search for “home window tinting service near me”. Call us and take advantage of affordable home window tinting costs with the best service.

Window Tinting Portland Maine

Car window tinting is a useful method of reducing glare. By blocking UV rays from car window tint, you can drive your vehicle comfortably, coolly and safely. Prestige Tint & Detail is here to help if you need the best car window tinting service in Portland ME. Among the top car window tinting companies, we are ranked high because of our affordable car window tinting costs and professional car window tinting service. Searching for “best car window tint company near me” you have found a top company. Call us now for more concerns.

A Guide On Home Window Tinting For Your House Or Apartment

Not only home window color, business window color is important for aesthetics as well as protecting workers from harmful radiation. Prestige Tint & Detail is a one stop shop for commercial window tinting services for your property. Our commercial ink service is second to none. We are ranked among the top commercial window tinting companies because of the premium quality commercial window tinting material we use for our services. Don’t worry about budget because our commercial window tinting costs are reasonable. Contact us now!

Prestige Tint & Detail is a leading company that has been providing customers with the best window tint and auto detailing services for years. We have highly trained professionals who provide specialized home window tinting, commercial tinting as well as automotive window tinting services. Additionally, you’ll find our top of the line car detailing services; Ranging from interior detailing to exterior detailing, auto paint correction and auto ceramic coating. You can also rely on us for a full service car wash. We guarantee the satisfaction of our customers through our high level of services. Our rates are relatively economical. Call now! Tinted windows offer you many benefits! Have you ever parked your car in the sun and had to wait for it to cool down before you got in? Well, I can tell you that you can finally stop worrying about your problem when you start using our window tint service!

Window tint film is a thin and flexible material that helps reduce the amount of heat and ultraviolet rays (UV rays) that enter your vehicle from the sun through your vehicle’s windows.

This means window tint will protect your interior from fading and sun damage and most of all will help your leather upholstery fade.

Prestige Tint & Detail Offers The Best Window Tinting Service In Falmouth Me

This saves energy costs and creates a more comfortable environment by lowering your vehicle’s interior temperatures and blocking harmful UV lights, especially in summer. Plus, it also gives your car windows the coveted glass protection!

However, before deciding whether or not to tint your car windows, it is essential that you understand not only the process of window tinting, but also your window film options and associated benefits. GoDetail will gladly assist you with your window tinting services.

At an unbeatable price, GoDetail offers you the best quality window tint services in Portland to help you beat the heat this summer! There are a sea of ​​tint film options, but here at GoDetail we bring you the most effective and reliable car tint films: ceramic film and carbon window films.

Window Tinting Portland Maine

We use the highest quality window film products from Global Window Film. Each vehicle can be customized with different color levels (20%, 30%, 35% or  50% color), so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Prestige Window Tinting

GoDetail cares more than just giving your car a nice paint job and meeting your needs and wants 100%, we want to give you what you need and deserve. So if you’re not sure what’s right for you, call us to request a free estimate and consultation.

So what does the application look like? Does it take longer? How do we guarantee zero errors? Well, let’s see!

First of all, we need to clean the surface of each window to ensure proper adhesion. We use a special car glass cleaner to remove any scratches and dirt from road debris before we start inking. This is the most critical step as there should be no unnecessary objects or debris between the window and the tint film.

Next, we cut each piece of window film by hand to ensure a perfect fit for each window.

Ceramic Window Tint Versus Regular Window Tint

Finally, we use a special blend of window sealing solution to adjust each window film and ensure each tint adheres properly to the glass surface.

When the window tint is fully adhered to all window surfaces, they are pressed down to remove excess solution and bubbles.

GoDetail has provided premium auto detailing services to hundreds of residents in Portland and the surrounding area and is committed to the satisfaction of all our customers. Our shop guarantees the highest level of vehicle detailing work with our well-trained and experienced automotive professionals.

Window Tinting Portland Maine

We’re an all-around mobile auto detailing service, which means we bring our window tint (among other auto care services you should definitely check out!) service to your home so you can focus on more important business! Our mobile window tinting services are available throughout Portland, Beaverton, Tigard, Lake Oswego and Hillsboro.

I Got 25% Tint Today

We come right to your home or office parking lot to install the film on site, so you don’t have to worry about taking time out of your day to drive to the car wash!

When you’re ready to get the window tint service you deserve, contact us at (971)-290-1109 to schedule an appointment or

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