Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

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Since 1986, Oasis Glass Tinning has been the number one choice for auto window tinting services in Chattanooga, TN.

Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

Area. We are delivering superior tinting products honestly, advance. Check out our project gallery to see some of our latest work. You can come to us for paint protection services to protect your car from scratches and dents. We offer military, first responder and police discounts, so call now for a free consultation.

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Make sure your vehicle looks its best by applying a durable paint protection film. Let our professionals handle the job. We can provide you with high quality paint protection services that will improve the appearance of your vehicle.

Protect your vehicle’s interior with our quality auto tinting services. After we’re done, you won’t have to worry about that glare while driving. Visit for all your window tinting needs!

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© 2022 The content of this website is owned by us and our licensors. Do not copy any content (including images) without our consent. Let’s get down! To better understand the real difference between ceramic window tint and what is commonly known as “cheap tint,” let’s start with a simple question:

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Ceramic Tint is an advanced window tint designed for maximum heat and UV protection. When it comes to blocking sunlight and solar heat, the main difference between regular, entry-level window tint is its performance. On average, ceramic tint can block 2-3 times more heat than “regular tint”, also known as regular tinted window tint, or in this case “cheap tint”.

Ceramic window tint is more effective at protecting against heat because it targets heat. Despite the special infrared blockers in the film’s layers designed to target and block infrared light, ceramic window tint is the best choice in window tinting to reduce the desired heat entering the car’s cab.

Most of the heat emitted by the sun is in the form of infrared light. Overall, infrared radiation accounts for 49.4% of total solar energy, while visible light accounts for about 42.4% and ultraviolet (UV) for 8%.

Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

Because ceramic tint is designed to target infrared light, it doesn’t have to be dark to be effective. As shown in the video below, clear ceramic window tint is more effective for heat control than dark regular “dyed” window tint.

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The term cheap in this context refers to the quality of window tint used in vehicles. Cheap tint is offered to the consumer at a lower cost because it is cheaper to make, cheaper to sell. A more technical term used to describe this type of window tint is tinted window film.

There are many types of cheap tints, but in every situation we find at Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX – cheap window tints (tinted window film) offer very little heat protection and color and bubble over time. I fade away. ,

The reason some types of window tints change color over time is because of the way the tint (or color) is built into the film. As we mentioned earlier in the post, in order to sell window tint at cheap prices, the cost of production must be affordable, resulting in the creation of shortcuts.

One way manufacturers can reduce window tint production costs is by mixing the dye into the adhesive or glue of the window tint. By adding color to the adhesive it reduces the overall product cost of the window tint. However, once the image sets it always fades quickly because the paint does not retain its color in the sun.

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Now, the color of the window can be changed in different ways when it turns purple. Some window films use 3 primary colors to give a specific gray or charcoal color: red, blue and yellow. The color in this film, which fades rapidly in the sun, is yellow-red and blue, while the violet color remains in the film. Most ceramic window films are manufactured to be color stable. Color stability is when a type of window tint is made to retain its color over its lifetime and resist fading.

The window tint adhesive burned off. What happens over time is that if the glue on the window tint is not of good quality, it will fail under prolonged solar exposure. This is called adhesion failure. When the adhesive fails to hold the window tint to the glass, it causes a bubbling effect.

No. A good ceramic window tint and brand is designed for long-term use. The most advanced films available today use stronger adhesives to prevent bubbling from adhesive failures. Color fastness in window tint helps it retain its color year after year.

Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

Choosing the right combination of ceramic tint shades for your vehicle depends on utility, personal preference and the state laws that govern your vehicle. A darker ceramic shade provides more privacy, although it may limit your visibility at night since you’re now looking through a dark window.

A Window Tinting

Choosing the best look for your vehicle is a matter of personal preference. Some window tint shops, such as Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX, have a free tint simulator on their website that allows you to search for your specific vehicle and paint the color to best simulate the various window tinting options for your vehicle.

The second thing we need to keep in mind is the condition of your vehicle. Many states have limits on what you can install on your vehicle and they vary. For better guidance, please refer to the Ceramic Window Tinting Law Directory at the link below:

The main difference between cheap tint and ceramic window tint is heat preservation and durability. Cheap Tint is designed for short-term, low-budget buyers. Ceramic Tint is designed for long-term high value buyers. Although both films look similar when new, they become very different as months and years pass.

If you plan to keep your car for a long time, it is recommended to buy a good quality ceramic shade of the two. Buying cheap window tint will definitely require replacing it more often and it is better to buy a good product once than to buy a cheap product many times.

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If you enjoyed reading this blog post and watching our videos, let us know if you want to do something similar with your vehicle! Texas Tint Masters in Houston, TX specializes in energy efficient window tinting for cars, homes, office and marine windows. If you would like a quote from us, fill out the form at the link below to get TinyFeed today!

By clicking the button below. You’ll receive a custom link with all options and pricing accessible anytime, anywhere—fast, easy, friendly!

ULTIMATE PLUS™ is one of the most advanced protective films on the market. Available for exterior and interior surfaces. Protect your car from everyday damages including scuffs, scuffs, chips and more.

Window Tinting Prices Chattanooga

Window films to protect against UV radiation, heat and glare reduction installed by an XPEL authorized dealer! Book your free consultation today.

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