Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa – Dear Mike Farnworth, as Secretary of Public Safety and Attorney General of British Columbia, I propose two s to the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Regulations. It’s time to create two outdated motor vehicle regulations that are heavily enforced by the RCMP and city police forces across British Columbia.

Many people might read the title and assume I’m talking about the limo color, which usually allows for 5% VLT, but that’s not the case. I’m here to fight for the legalization of windshield tint in the province of British Columbia, specifically allowing 35% VLT.

Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

The reason I say 35% VLT is the goal we should aim for is because it offers a level of privacy, however you can still see the interior from the outside and you can see the exterior as perfectly as possible if there is no color. inside there. In British Columbia, we have cyclists and pedestrians who need to make eye contact with drivers, and 35% of the tram is not dark enough to prevent them from making eye contact with other road users.

What Are Tint Percentages?

For reference, here is a photo of a vehicle with 35% VLT on all its windows, including the front of the driver and passenger:

As you can see, you can see through it, and you will be able to communicate with other road users because you can see where the driver is looking and where the eyes are!

Now British Columbia is not just Vancouver or the Lower Mainland, but in places like Osoyoos or Kelowna, where summer temperatures are regularly in the mid-thirties, and in Osoyoos it can go into the 40s.

·     Driver and passenger-side window tints can help British Columbia colleagues keep cool and make the air conditioners in their vehicles run more efficiently and use less fuel as less heat enters due to the film applied, allowing the interior to be fresher.

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·     Using less fuel is good for the environment, and many British Colombians are always advocating how we should protect the environment.

·     When it comes to interiors, the film on the front windows allows you to protect the interior from damage, especially the skin from sun damage.

Also, 35% VLT will lead to a decrease in vehicle break-ins as it will help to hide valuables in the vehicle.

Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

·     Vehicles look more aesthetically pleasing and increase in value due to their appearance and long-term internal protection.

Window Tinting, Car Window Tinting, Vancouver Wa

Based on article 7.05(8) of the Motor Vehicles Regulation Act; “No one may drive or operate on the road a motor vehicle which has been affixed to or placed on the windshield or windows of any material that reduces the light transmitted through the windshield or windows, unless such material is affixed to or placed on.”

(c) rear view mirror if the motor vehicle is equipped with outside mirrors on the left and right sides of the motor vehicle.

The British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act was enacted in 1996, and the window tint section is clearly outdated by current standards. Basically, windshield tinting is illegal in BC because the police want to be able to see inside our vehicles at all times, and they want to keep it illegal so it can be used to generate more revenue by issuing an unfair $109 fine. Here’s a list of why authorities are against front window tinting:

·     They will say that if the front window is tinted they will not be able to do seat belt and cell phone checks.

M Window Film

It was also mentioned that if a vehicle is submerged in water, it will be harder to break the glass from the inside to get out of the vehicle (to be honest, how many times does this happen in SM every year, does anyone have stats for this one?).

·    Another thing is that the front side windows are designed to break into small pieces in an accident, so rescuers can get you out of the vehicle more easily if necessary.

Most if not all allegations made by the police in SM can be debunked very easily. First, the petition clearly states that our target is 35% VLT, so officers can still see and see who is using their cell phone or who is not wearing a seat belt.

Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

Regarding seat belt checks, in British Columbia there is no limit to how much you can tint the rear window. So you might have a limousine color with 5% VLT, which you can’t see. So how can the officer check if the back passenger is wearing a seat belt, or how can the back passenger break the window if the vehicle is submerged, or by pulling the vehicle over when it stops, I can’t see how many people are there. on the vehicle because it has a very dark color inside. Allowing us to darken our rear windows to the darkness we want can be considered a real police safety issue. If your windshield breaks during an accident and you have film on your front window, the window film will contain most of the broken glass and if first responders need to get it out of the vehicle, all they have to do is pull the film off. , and the broken glass will be there (a demo of a front window with broken film is in the reference). The fact that they make it look like the color would cause large shards of glass to fly around the vehicle is invalid, if that is the case why do some provinces allow the practice and why all but 3 states allow the practice ?

Ceramic Window Tint: Is It Worth The Cost?

In British Columbia, it rained heavily, but the 35% reduced visibility of the VLT was not an issue. I’ve had 35% VLT for over a year now and it’s no different to drive in the rain than without it. When looking at the windshield and sides, it looks like the side front doors aren’t even darkened, which is how light the VLT 35% really is. I have 5% VLT on the rear window, and when it’s dark and rainy it becomes a problem because you can’t really see outside in the dark and rain. If we look at our neighbors in Washington (which is a great comparison, since we have the exact same climate), Washington state residents can paint their front windows for sedans, up to 24% VLT, which is 11% less. than I intended for. with this petition. They also had to endure a dark and rainy winter, and they looked fine!

All points the officer stated why the windshield tint has just been debunked, and if that is indeed the case then why do all but 3 US states allow residents to tint their front windows? If the concerns expressed by the police were real, then window painting would be banned in the United States, where there is a large amount of crime (especially knowing that many citizens are armed, BC is not) and greater distrust among citizens and the police. Not all but some police vehicles have their windshields tinted, so why would they be immune to the law?

If you don’t mind comparisons to America, let me assert by saying that Manitoba allows 50% VLT on the front window. While in Quebec, you can have 70% VLT on the front window. In Ontario, it is up to the police to issue a ticket. The general rule in Ontario is that officers should be able to see inside a car (35% of the VLT allows this, and this is the percentage recommended by dry cleaners in Ontario).

Not having a film to protect our skin from the sun while driving, because even UV film is not allowed in SM, UVA rays come into contact with our skin, which increases the chances of getting skin cancer, or accelerates the skin aging process up.

Window Tinting In Bc

“In fact, a study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that skin cancer patients who spent a lot of time driving a car each week were more likely to develop skin cancer on the left side of their body and face. side. more exposed to the sun while driving. Other studies have supported this important finding. So while sunburn on a car (other than a convertible) is very unlikely, long-term skin damage can occur if you drive a lot and your skin is not protected.”

If you have a condition like porphyria cutanea, which is a condition that makes your skin sensitive to sunlight, you still can’t legally have a film to help with your condition. A former police officer wrote an article on and claimed that even under these conditions, RoadSafetyBC would deny the person who legally allowed the film to help them.

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Window Tinting Prices Vancouver Wa

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