Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices

Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices – Welcome to Raleigh Window Tint Pro specializing in window tinting and removal, ceramic coatings, headlight restoration and vehicle wraps. If you’re looking for the best window tinting in Raleigh, NC, you’ve come to the right place. We offer five different shades, each with different shade variations. We service stock tinted, ceramic, metallic, Spectra Photosync and Lumar Air Blue 80. North Carolina law limits the percentage of VLTs applied to registered vehicles. Regardless of legal restrictions, we have many options to meet your commercial and personal needs We welcome the opportunity to work with you. By calling us today, you are giving us the opportunity to earn your business. Our installers and sales representatives are experienced in working with individuals and company managers.

After 15 years in the window tinting and vehicle detailing business, we are recognized as industry veterans. Our exceptional rating on Yelp speaks to the level of quality and customer service provided. We are known for our superior window tinting and graphics in Raleigh, NC. We can install almost any color except yellow, red and amber. North Carolina tinting laws state that all vehicles cannot exceed 35% VLT, but if you have a medical condition that requires a darker driving environment, we can install tinting to suit your needs. Schedule a free appointment to review all your options.

Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices

Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices

We offer the best window tinting in Raleigh, NC. Our competitors offer non-standard foils associated with higher prices. We manage to keep our prices low due to the high efficiency with which we operate. Some detailing companies offer headlight restoration using a one-step process, and the results never last long. A multi-step process is always better. Raleigh Window Tint Pros use a three-step process to remove dead paint, brighten and keep your headlights looking new for the life of the car. To complement our paint protection services, our professional installers offer ceramic coatings and vinyl wraps.

How Much Does It Cost To Tint Car Windows?

So, if you want to improve the look of your ride or protect your interior, give us a call today!

Your skin may be blemish-free with small pores, but there’s a lot going on beneath the surface that you’re not aware of. And cool shades don’t always look cool ~ window shades protect our skin from basal cell carcinomas. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends toning to keep your body’s largest organ free of disease. 53 percent of skin cancers in the United States occur on the left side of the body, closest to the driver’s side window. This alone should be motivation to consider one of our professional shade options!

Raleigh Window Tint Pros is known as the premier window tinting business in Raleigh, NC. For your convenience, we also offer professional shadow removal services. It is a difficult process that requires patience, time and attention to detail. If you are applying a new shade over an old shade, add two to four hours to the waiting time. You are invited to wait in our comfortable lounge while your vehicle is serviced, or we can come to you!

Window tinting is recommended for all types of commercial vehicles. From tow trucks to limo tinting, it can help protect your employees from skin cancer, keep passengers comfortable, and save money on fuel costs. Most people think of window tinting as purely aesthetic, but its applications are far-reaching. The science of shadows is fascinating. Excellent shading prevents up to 60% of heat from entering a vehicle.

M Tint Vs Llumar

In addition to providing paint protection through car wraps and ceramic coatings, we complement our services by offering headlight restoration. Oxidation can make your polycarbonate lamp covers look dull, milky and yellow – not sexy. Raleigh Window Tint Pros’ three-step process ensures your vehicle’s shape and profile are created in no time. You cannot leave our store without a complete treatment. Let our expert detailers make your headlights shine. This service is very affordable and you will be glad you did.

Turn heads with a spectacular vehicle wrap. They are the best way to temporarily change the look of your ride. You can change the wrap as often as you like without damaging the paint. Depending on the design and area covered, vinyl wrap can take one to three days to install. If someone promises to wrap your car in a few hours – run! Our clients prefer wraps over painting because they are more cost effective.

Ceramic coating is designed to repel dirt, water, bird droppings, tar and tree sap. They can be applied multiple times for added protection. The coating is well cleaned and sprayed after application on the top clear coat of the vehicle. Clay sticks remove dirt and grime from microscopic cracks in the paint surface. Once the coating is applied, you won’t have to worry about coating failure for at least one to seven years.

Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices

Contact the professionals at Raleigh Window Tint Pro for auto window tinting services in Raleigh NC. In addition to auto detailing services, we offer tinting for car enthusiasts and commercial vehicles. If you’re a mom who wants to protect your family and reduce street light, window tinting is for you. Senior citizens with cataracts and presbyopia can benefit from light colors to reduce glare from oncoming traffic and increase visibility. Headlight restoration is also a safe option. If you have night blindness, foggy headlights only make the problem worse. Come in for a 30-minute clean and be amazed as your road visibility improves.

How To Pass Inspection With Illegal Tint In Nc (2022)

“I have a medical condition that negatively affects my vision. I am nearly blind in bright sunlight. My doctor suggested I tint my car windows. Raleigh Window Tint Pros worked with me to find the perfect tint. Now I navigate Pari is my hometown from sunrise to sunset.” – Tammy Sanchez

“After six months of working at a fast food restaurant in Raleigh, I was finally able to buy a nice used car. Paint, wheels and mechanics were in good condition. The only thing that bothered me was the yellow headlights. Raleigh Window Tint Pros for a few dollars make my headlights look like new.” – Vicki Pearson

My brother and I own a fleet of party buses. Raleigh Window Tint Pros does such a good job that we hire them to custom tint the windows for every new bus. They are amazing, professional and fast. We recommend it for every business.” We can’t stop drooling over this 2017 Tesla from Brian and Ryan Ramsey dealership direct! Of course, we installed our best – CTX Series Ceramic Window Film. We finished protecting this car and it Proud owner with our Air 80 Clear Ceramic Film on the windshield for optimal heat and UV protection.

This customer installed LLumar’s Air 80 window film on his windshield for even more heat and glare protection. Good choice! Read more about Air 80 at /air-80/

Car Window Tinting Archives

This Honda Accord has 35% of our CTX Series Ceramic Film installed. The windshield is also protected from UV rays and heat from our Air 80 series clear ceramic! Don’t forget the biggest window in your car!

CTX Series Ceramic Film comes with LLumar Nationwide Lifetime Warranty and is carefully installed here by professionals in Shade Custom Tint.

Most SUVs come from the factory with “safety glass” installed on all rear windows. This leads SUV owners to believe that a single window tint requires two fronts. Did you know that this factory “privacy glass” provides no heat dissipation or UV protection? We can help you custom tint the shade! This customer added “eyebrows” to the windshield for extra “sunscreen”.

Window Tinting Raleigh Nc Prices

Truck Yes! We love getting trucks in the shop. This truck lover chose our CTX Series ceramic film for optimal UV protection and heat dissipation in our hot Carolina sun!

How To Remove Window Tint: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

CTX Series LLumar Ceramic Window Tint installed by Nick Hermanson at Shade Custom Tint in Apex, NC.

Hot! This customer came from Durham to take advantage of our August Facebook promotion.

Only the best for this new ride, CTX Ceramic Series! (This customer and NC Window Tint allow us to install this film that is darker than the NC legal limit.)

This customer has chosen our strongest ceramic window film. We are the exclusive stockist of LLumar Window Films and our CTX Series offers the industry’s best in thermal mitigation and UV protection. Not to mention our nationwide lifetime warranty and guarantee that it will never fade, purple or bubble.

Residential Window Tinting

This silver Mustang had a red leather interior. Its owner decided to protect its immaculate interior with our CTX series window film to keep it cool inside

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