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Window Tinting Reading Road

Window Tinting Reading Road

Want to paint your car windows this summer? This guide has everything you need to know about car shades and percentages.

How Long Does Window Tint Last For Cars?

Like it or not, most of us are frequent drivers. In fact, studies show that the average American drives more than 220 miles each week. That’s over 11,000 miles every year!

Given all that travel time, it’s no surprise that many of us choose to make our time behind the wheel as comfortable as possible. This includes everything from investing in lumbar support to window tinting.

But when it comes to finding the right window tint for your car, the decision can be surprisingly complicated. How do you decide between different percentages and what factors should you keep in mind? Here’s what you need to know to find the best shade.

Before we get too into the details of window tint percentages, it’s important to understand one key characteristic of tint: visible light transmission, or VLT.

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Shown as a percentage of the VLT of the window tint. Some buyers get confused about the number, mistakenly thinking that the percentage describes how dark the shade is. However, the VLT actually detects how much light is transmitted through the film.

Here’s a quick example: If you see that a manufacturer lists 35% VLT on the film, you can expect very little light to pass through your windows. At this VLT level, the film blocks 65% of all sunlight.

In other words, the lower the VLT, the less light gets into your vehicle and the darker the color.

Window Tinting Reading Road

While you may hope to find a very specific VLT for your vehicle, remember that most major window tint manufacturers adhere to a standard range: 50%, 35%, 20% and 5%. This includes industry giants like LLumar Auto Film, which offers the highest quality tints on the market. You can expect to find this standard type easily, but if you do your research you can find other options as well.

Reasons Why You Should Get Window Tinting On Your Car

Now that you understand how the VLT works and the tint percentages available, you need to consider an important point: the law.

Throughout the US and Canada, each state and province has specific laws regarding window tint percentages. In most states, local law enforcement officials can’t make your car windows—especially the front windows—so dark that a police officer can’t see them. If you ignore the rules, you could be arrested, ticketed or pay fines.

In the state of Illinois, we have strict state laws regarding color. Details will vary depending on the type of vehicle you have and which windows you want tinted.

Please note, as in most states, there are medical exceptions to these rules. If you have a health condition that makes you more sensitive to light, you can apply for a permit to install a window tint that is darker than the state normally allows.

Law Change Brings Inspection Trouble For Tinted Vehicle Windows

Another thing to keep in mind? Regional laws in each area where you plan to drive your vehicle.

If you’re planning to take a cross-country trip or your job takes you to neighboring countries, for example, you should also consider the laws in those areas. It’s often a safer bet to choose a lighter shade that conforms to the legal restrictions of the countries you wish to travel to.

If you’re not sure about the specifics, work with your window tint installer to make sure your tint meets the limits for where you’re going.

Window Tinting Reading Road

With all of the above mentioned, it’s time to think about your personal preferences in terms of your window color. If the VLT you choose meets the requirements under Illinois law on all windows, you have a little more room to decide how dark you want to go. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself as you consider the decision.

Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting In Illinois

One of the most practical reasons to get window tint is to protect your health and the health of your passengers. A quality window tint can block up to 99% of all UV rays, providing excellent protection for both skin and vision. In fact, the Skin Cancer Foundation recommends dark shades for all drivers, and those who spend a lot of time behind the wheel should definitely consider a dark legal shade.

If you have a medical condition that makes you more sensitive to the sun – even if you can’t apply for a shade darker than what’s legal, it’s recommended to choose a shade as dark as possible.

Many drivers choose window tint because they want to enhance the aesthetics of their vehicle. A darker shade can create an elegant and classic look, although you need to decide where you fall on the spectrum from a lighter shade to the luxurious look of tinted limo windows.

Whether you want to protect vintage leather or brand new upholstery, window tinting can help. Even a light shade can make a big difference in the amount of sunlight your face gets.

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Drivers who are concerned about their privacy behind the wheel can choose a subtle shade to prevent onlookers from looking into their vehicle. Darker shades can be an even better upgrade, making it harder for passers-by to see all your important features.

Choosing the right window tint for your car can be a challenge if you have never had your windows tinted before. This is especially true if you are trying to navigate the legal restrictions listed for our country!

If you’re not sure which shade to choose, our team of experts is here to help. Here at Tint to You, we have a long history of providing high-quality tint installations and expert advice to Illinois drivers, and we’re happy to work with you to find the right tint. Call us today or request a free estimate. We have two convenient locations in Plainfield and Orland Park, IL to better serve our customers.

Window Tinting Reading Road

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Window Tinting Reading Road

It is important to consider different color levels for a car before making a purchase. Read here and know more about the different tint levels of car windows.

What Makes Auto Window Tinting A Must Have Feature For Your Car?

Do you own a car and want to go through the process of tinting car windows? Read on to know about its many benefits. Orland Park Location 15516 S 70th Ct Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 429-8001 Orland Park Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday: By Appointment Only Sunday: Closed

Plainfield Location 23824 W Andrew Rd Unit #102 Plainfield, IL 60585 (855) 221-4574 Plainfield Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturday: By Appointment Only Sunday: Closed

It is important to consider different color levels for a car before making a purchase. Read here and know more about the different tint levels of car windows.

Looking to learn more about auto window tinting before you install it on your car? Is there a specific shade level you’re looking to achieve? If so, you should learn all you can about car window tint levels.

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Take a deep breath; It’s not as complicated as it seems. All you need to know is the car window tint laws in your area, and then compare them to your desired tint level.

See below for an in-depth guide on all the different tint levels available and how you can use them to achieve your desired aesthetic.

First of all, let’s know what car window tint is and how it can be useful for your car moving forward.

Window Tinting Reading Road

Believe it or not, it’s not the actual shade that helps prevent it

Tint Advice: Same All Around Or Lighter In Front (mix/match)?

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