Window Tinting Redmond Oregon

Window Tinting Redmond Oregon – I am proud of the work I do in the community. In the place where I was born and raised, only high quality window tinting would be available. Licensed and growing, I work diligently to ensure that each client receives the services they need at the time they need them. My work is guaranteed and will be work you will be proud of! Contact me for a free estimate and let’s get the color going.

Cleanest paint job I have ever done. Cody is very careful and does everything right! No dust, no dust. great.

Window Tinting Redmond Oregon

Window Tinting Redmond Oregon

I only work with the highest quality materials to ensure the job is done to the customer’s satisfaction. I want to provide a service that you and I can both be proud of. With Infinity window tinting, the possibilities for your car, home or business are endless.

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After high school, in 2018 I founded a tuning company called Infinity. My training is varied in the automotive, residential and commercial painting industry and I love what I do. I do window tinting all the time, so you can be sure I’ll do it right the first time. I am constantly working on providing quality services, because I am a perfectionist myself. 3M Window Tint Solar Art installed 3M Window Tint in their Redmond, Washington office! The customer has rented the entire building space for his company only. They did a bunch of repairs before they moved in, and window film was one of them. All windows are made of glass and there are many glass windows throughout the building. When the owner of the company walked by the building and was inside during construction, they noticed how hot the place was getting and how much glare was coming from the windows. They were looking for a way to reduce heat and glare without installing blinds or shades. In addition to heat and light issues, the client was also concerned about safety in the building. The business owner wanted to make sure that the office had a strong security system in place to keep their employees and the business as safe as possible. They were researching heat and glare issues online and ways to improve their security system and came across Solar Art’s website. The business owner read our solar film page and learned that window film can help reduce heat and glare in residential and commercial environments. From there, they went to our window security film page and learned that window films can also improve their office security system. They reached out to SolarArt to learn more and see if it would be a good fit for their company.

Benefits of 3M Window Tint As a business owner looking for window film for a number of reasons, our sales representative brought out different samples of solar film and protective window film so the customer could see what they liked. Most protective window films are optically clear, but this is not the only type of protective window film. There are reflective options along with neutral options. As the business owner was looking to reduce heat and glare as well as increase security, our sales estimator felt that a neutral window security film option would be good and the customer agreed. From there, our sales representatives showed them the different options they could go in that direction. The owner of the company liked a 3M window paint called Ultra Night Vision S25. This 3M window tint is a protective film for windows. This will strengthen your glass 2-3 times and increase the power penetration time. This will allow more time for assistance if there is an interruption or interruption. It will also include broken glass which will greatly increase safety for everyone in or around the building. This 3M window tint increases security in case of intruders and natural disasters. In addition to its protective benefits, this 3M window tint also blocks 63% of heat, 69% of glare, and 99% of UVA and UVB rays. It will make the building more comfortable. As you can see in the picture, the 3M tinted glass is installed on the four panes on the right side and not on the far left. It will not change the appearance of the building while still providing all these benefits. The customer was very happy with the results of the installation as it ticked every box he was looking for. In addition to 3M window tinting, solar film and security window film, Solar Art also offers decorative window film, custom graphics, anti-graffiti film and exterior building cladding services. If you are interested in installing 3M window tinting on your commercial building, contact Solar Art today for a free quote!

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Additional Services Check out our other types of window film installation! Residential Window Film Commercial Window Film Safety Window Film Anti Graphite Film Decorative Window Film Custom Graphics Exterior Building Covers Looking for a quote? Request your free quote

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Contact us directly to discuss window film! 3M Window Tinting can help reduce heat and glare as well as increase safety in residential and commercial environments. Contact Solar Art today for a free quote! Are you interested in tinting the windows of your car, truck or camper? Look no further than Rimrock Auto Glass in Redmond, Oregon! We offer the latest in window tinting as well as Madico® award winning automotive films! Choose from a variety of colors and shades that make it easy to highlight the look of your car, while taking advantage of the latest paint technology. Nowhere in car movies is there a better combination of quality, performance and looks. Starting at just $99 for front windows or $50 for windshield sunstrips, there’s no excuse not to upgrade your car and your comfort today!

You may think that window film, also known as window tinting, is just an aesthetic improvement, but it also provides long-term functional benefits to protect you and your vehicle.

Tinted windows come in a wide range of colors to give you and your passengers a level of privacy as you hit the road. When you park your car, you can put it far enough away that prying eyes can’t see your valuables inside.

Window Tinting Redmond Oregon

If you’ve struggled to find the right level of air conditioning for all your passengers, window tinting can help solve that problem. Depending on the degree, window film can block 35-65% of the sun’s heat that accumulates in the car. You can balance climate and comfort for everyone and reduce fuel consumption due to excessive use of air conditioning.

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Car window tinting can block up to 99 percent of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, which can accelerate skin aging and cause skin cancer. Even transparent window film or light tint can block harmful UVA and UVB rays. Research shows that 53 percent of skin cancers in the United States occur on the left side of the body, which corresponds to the driver’s side of the car. For people who drive for long periods of time, window film protection provides a significant advantage to protect against this risk.

The safety benefits of installing window film on your car cannot be understated. Window film is designed to prevent the glass from breaking if an object hits it. In the event of a traffic accident, passengers are protected from flying glass and being thrown out of windows. In addition, it will be difficult for thieves to break through the tinted windows and get into your car.

Installing tinted windows on your car protects your interior so your car can retain its value! Tinted films prevent the sun’s harsh UV rays from fading your spray, vinyl and cracking your leather seats. Window tinting also keeps the interior of your car significantly cooler in the summer. Window tinting also blocks windshield glare to reduce eye strain from direct sunlight and nighttime glare.

Rimrock Autoglass offers films from Madic in a variety of colors and shades that make it easy to enhance the look of your car, while taking advantage of advanced tinting technology. Nowhere else will you find a better combination of quality, performance and looks in automotive movies.

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Premium cars require proper performance from their windows. Wincos Automotive films combine natural beauty with sound scientific research for superior window film style and performance.

Madico’s Charcool car wraps combine classic looks with modern performance to deliver what you need in a car wrap – with added benefits.

Onyx films offer exceptional heat rejection and increased passenger privacy while reducing harmful glare. Along with a cooler and more comfortable ride, Onyx offers a high level of fade resistance to keep your interior looking new for years to come.

Window Tinting Redmond Oregon

Medico’s charcoal film for cars

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