Window Tinting Shelbyville Indiana

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Window Tinting Shelbyville Indiana

Window Tinting Shelbyville Indiana

Being new in town I was very worried about where to take my truck to get painted. I’m so glad we chose Mike’s Mobile Tent! The entire experience from booking the appointment to leaving the store was amazing! He really takes the time to explain things when you have questions and makes sure you leave what you want!! If you are looking for amazing colors and customer service look no further, 10/10 recommend!

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We highly recommend! Good price, high quality work. I’ll take all my cars to Mike. Customer service was above and beyond. Mike also took the time to teach me how to install Windows. I love the big difference that color makes on my car.

Mike did an amazing job installing Windows on my Jeep!!! I have been recommended by many family members that you are the best and you are. He is friendly and works quickly and efficiently. I’ll take my cars to Mike 😊 You don’t have to be rich or famous to enjoy the benefits of tinted windows on your car. Most cars these days come with a built-in tint as a standard feature, but if you want something darker, you can also opt for an aftermarket tint that goes over the factory paint.

Window tinting involves placing a thin layer of film between car windows or windshields to darken them. In addition to benefits like more privacy and making your ride look even cooler, research shows that tinting helps reduce glare, keep your car from overheating, and protect against harmful UV rays. provides Additionally, a recent study of UV exposure in cars, drivers and passengers who were near tinted windows showed increased UV exposure (via Science Direct).

In the United States, drivers who paint their cars black can land in hot water with the authorities. There are specific laws that govern how black drivers tint their windows that vary by state. But, with a few exceptions, most states limit the level of tint on car windows.

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Despite its benefits, there are downsides to installing window tints – especially colors that are too dark for your car. The most obvious reason is that tinted glass can interfere with your vision, so you can miss people, cars, or potential hazards while driving. The American Automobile Association (AAA) reports in Via, its biannual magazine, that “small windows can prevent a driver from communicating his intentions to other drivers and pedestrians, and conversely, make driving inherently less safe.” makes.”

Also, cars with tinted windows can sometimes be dangerous for police who are making routine traffic stops and aren’t sure what’s going on inside the car. Toledo Police Officer John Winger highlighted the dangers when he told ABC News, “If there’s someone in the back seat with a gun or intent on harming them, they can’t do that.”

Countries regulate the replacement of car windows according to the VLT or Visible Light Transmission scale. VLT means the percentage of light that can be filtered by your color. For example, if you have a VLT of 30%, your tinted window will let 30% of the light into your car. Low percentage, dark colors, and less light that can get out (with AAA).

Window Tinting Shelbyville Indiana

These rules are not exact – the percentages differ depending on whether the tiles are on the front, back or rear windows. Also, you can’t paint your windshield anyway unless it’s a few inches higher than the AS1 windshield line (via Autoblog). States such as Arkansas allow VLT percentages for front side and rear windows of 25% light transmission and rear windows of 10% light transmission (via Jerry). On the other hand, there are states with stricter laws, like New Jersey, which limit awnings to windshields or windshields but allow awnings for all rear windows.

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Penalties for tinted windows vary by state. For example, in North Carolina, if you are charged with illegal window tinting, the fine can be $50 and court costs can exceed $238.

In the future, however, car mods who love the colors but are unwilling to pay the penalty may consider more high-tech options. E Ink may be best known for its ereader displays, the paper-like digital panels that Amazon and others rely on for their portable e-book readers, but the company’s ambitions don’t stop there. Back in 2019 it unveiled JustTint, a flexible tin film that can be used on windows, doors and other surfaces, and changes its brightness between almost transparent and opaque at the touch of a button.

It has yet to appear in production cars, but the possibilities don’t end there – or, indeed, only in Windows. BMW’s iX Flow Concept introduced a brightly colored car earlier this year, an electric SUV covered in a digital tin film that can instantly change from dark to light. By cutting strips of film with a laser and using them for physical work, various patterns can also be created.

Although it may seem funny, as fans of tinted windows highlight the cool benefits of a tinted glass cabin, so BMW highlights how useful a tinted car can be in extreme weather conditions. In the sun, the white area reflects more heat. On a cold day, a dark car can absorb more heat and reduce how much effective heating is needed. The same argument can be applied to tinted windows, which bring the benefits of heavily tinted glass when parked, but revert to legal standards when on the road. Our tinted technology ensures that the brightness of your LLumar ATC series window will really go the distance, and of course, you want your interior to look its best, just for a long time. That’s why we combined our latest deep dye technology with 99% UV protection. This added feature helps keep your upholstery, dash, and other interior finishes from cracking, fading, or looking less than factory new.

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No matter which shade you choose from these colors, you will have plenty of time to enjoy their enviable look. So go ahead, take the long way home. Watch the video to see the complexities of our colorful window tints come to life

It’s smart and full-featured. Choose ceramic paint for a clean touch and excellent ability to absorb heat, shine and UV rays.

The LLumar CTX series offers you a variety of colors, each fully loaded with our most luxurious, premium features. With nano-ceramic technology, this auto tint color creates a cool environment inside your car that is cool, easy on the eyes and protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays, all while communicating with your phone, GPS and other devices. without interfering with .

Window Tinting Shelbyville Indiana

Choose a limo-inspired look for maximum privacy, wrap your windows in a neutral tone, or go with a subtle shade. Whichever way you go, with the CTX Series, you’ll do more than just enhance your look. You will improve your health.

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Each shade of the style is made with nano-ceramic technology. This manufacturing innovation makes it possible to achieve excellent heat rejection, glare control and UV protection completely without metal, so it will not interfere with the signals of your electronic devices. If you are demanding and want your car to be noticed, you have found your match in ceramic auto tints. Our auto tints start with ingredients like color stable dyes and strong adhesives. We also work with high standards. This means adding nano-ceramic particles for heat rejection, as well as additional technology for UV protection and corrosion resistance. Watch the video to see the complex ingredients of our ceramic window tint come to life.

Drive in style, enjoy cool comfort and communicate easily, thanks to all the features loaded into our infrared-rejecting ceramic windows. The top-of-the-line LLumar® IRX™ Series transforms your vehicle inside and out with our ceramic window tint technology and a host of additional deluxe features.

The sun control technology in these advanced films targets the sun’s heat-producing rays: visible rays, ultraviolet (UV) rays, and infrared (IR) rays. IRX offers you a variety of tints that can make a statement on their own while blending seamlessly with the factory-installed privacy glass.

Feel the difference when you compare the same dark levels of premium infrared rejecting tints with lower quality film products. Focused infrared heat control gives IRX its name and sets it apart from other colors. IR rejection technology provides superior solar control compared to colored, metallic or traditional ceramic films, with the same level of light transmission. Choose your ideal shade and match the IRX window tint with thin film technology to experience a unique temperature difference.

Signs That You Need New Window Tint For Your Car

Once installed, you’ll be done

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