Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn – Keep your Rivian interior safe even when you’re not around. Also, prevent sun damage, sun damage and more!

Professional window tinting can make your Rivian windows look sparkling. Our window painters are trained in specialized techniques by industry leaders to provide you with the highest quality service.

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

It is important to paint all over Rivian to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. This includes painting the glasses with a clear film. XPEL PRIME Ceramic Films XR and XR Plus thermal insulation provide maximum protection from the sun’s heat with SPF 1000. The difference between XR and XR Plus is the amount of infrared heat blocked by each film.

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Traditional window film tries to do two things – block heat and look cool – and usually doesn’t work very well. XPEL PRIME ceramic film gives you the protective benefits of window tint without obstructing the view like lower quality window films.

Using nano-ceramic construction, PRIME XR Ceramic Film maintains the same flawless appearance and clarity for years. Blocking up to 88% of infrared heat, PRIME XR delivers the level of performance you expect from a premium automotive window tint without breaking the bank.

Releasing 98% of infrared heat thanks to multi-layer nanoparticle technology, PRIME XR PLUS car blinds combine cool looks with superior performance. Comfort and protection in all weather conditions with PRIME XR PLUS ceramic film.

We train our technicians to handle each installation with the utmost care. Bring your car in and get a free quote. Our window tinting and protection experts can turn any Rivian into a black beast.

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Protect your paint from paint splashes, acid rain and tree chips See how we can turn your car into a work of art!

Sun Stoppers provide paint protection and a ceramic coating to keep your Rivian in top condition. These guards protect the exterior of your Rivian from harsh road conditions.

Protecting your paint is one of the best investments you can make to keep your Rivian looking new. Watch the video below to see the amazing benefits of XPEL self-healing film or learn more about color protection by clicking the link.

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

With proper protection, your Rivian can last for years. UV rays are known to cause paint to fade quickly, and tree sap is just one substance that damages the exterior, but a ceramic coating protects against both! In addition, the ceramic coating gives the Rivian a wonderful wax-like finish, so dirt and debris can be washed away very easily.

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Bring your Rivian to Sun Stoppers and experienced professionals will perform specialty window tinting, paint protection and ceramic coating installation. We love what we do and it shows!

“This place is amazing in every word… I had my husband’s windows done and they were done in no time! I recommend them! Great prices too. “

“I’m not one to write reviews, but when the job is done so well and you are treated like royalty, I have to comment on this great company. I was impressed with the service, they took care of me, informed me about the process and told me how to take care of the car. I got window tint and ceramic coating and my car looks great Great!”

Fast friendly service and very reasonable prices! I would recommend them to anyone looking to paint their windows. . Thank you Sun Stoppers!

Are Tints Legal? Everything You Need To Know About Window Tinting Laws In The Us (2022)

“Amazing service, arrived on time, courteous, project completed quickly. Excellent satisfaction with product installation. Our service technology is amazing! “

Ask us about our lender program. If you want to transfer your car to us, we will prepare a rental car for you!

Yes, if you have a Rivian we can paint the windows either R1T or R1S.

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

There is no difference in method. We use the same detailed, meticulous process with Rivian window tint as we do with every car. However, EV window tinting is particularly useful as it helps extend battery life.

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A standard film usually takes about 5 years. The XPEL window paint we use at Sun Stoppers typically lasts at least 10 years and often longer when properly maintained.

Should I wait to roll up and down the window after the Rivian is painted?

Yes, of course! While a cool breeze from a roll-down window can be refreshing, it’s not worth ruining a finished window tint job. We recommend waiting at least 4 days before raising and lowering your window and waiting up to 7 days is not a bad idea if you want to play it safe.

Bubbles on your windows can be a concern depending on the situation you are in. It is normal to see bubbles in the window several hours immediately after installation. However, if you still notice bubbles after a week or two, you may know that the shade is not installed properly and will need to be replaced.

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No, you can choose one of our window films for both models. Because different models have different window sizes, the price may vary, but the installation remains the same.

We offer XPEL Prime XR (88% infrared heat protection) and XPEL Prime XR Plus (98% infrared heat protection). Both window panes protect you from harmful UV rays with SPF 1000.

Every country has different laws regarding shadows and reflections. If you cross state lines and get window tints that are legal in your state but not in your current state, you’ll usually only get a warning. Visit to find out the window tinting laws in your state.

Window Tinting Spring Hill Tn

In addition, you are good! Just remember to wait 4-7 days before cleaning your Rivian windows after repainting.

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Window tinting and UV protection for your Rivian If you’ve invested in a Rivian, we can tell you that taking care of your vehicle will save you money in the long run. After all, the average American … read more… If you have invested in Rivian, we can tell you care about driving a vehicle that saves you money in the long run. After all, the average American pays about $3,000 a year for gas when the price is about $5 per gallon. Save that gas money fast! However, if your Rivian only needs to be replaced in a few years, you won’t have time to reap the benefits of the gas savings. That’s why it pays to make the investment upfront and install quality windows for your Rivian. These are just a few benefits. Protect the interior of Rivian. Use less AC and save battery. Be a safer driver with less sun Protect your skin from harmful UV rays. We all experience the opposite of these benefits as well. Maybe it’s putting the car out of service early because the upholstery has faded, or having to remove the windshield sunshade every time you park the car. Maybe it’s being in the car on a hot day and sweating through your shirt on the way to an important meeting. Worse, it could damage your car and injure yourself and others due to the glare of the sun. Of course, it’s not fun to think about, but it’s an unfortunate reality. In fact, studies show that more accidents are caused by the sun than bad weather such as rain, snow, or ice. Whether tinted windows are a minor nuisance or a major nuisance, you can be sure that they are costing you money and ruining the long-term investment you made with Rivian. We believe you deserve Rivia with a cooler interior, more privacy, UV protection and less direct sunlight. This is where XPEL window tinting and sunblocks come in. Since 1994, we have been providing the best local auto window tinting services in Charlotte, NC. As our location expands, we’re excited to see our US service area grow as well! Whether you’re looking for R1T or T1S window tinting at Rivians, we have tinting and film services to give you the privacy, comfort and UV protection you need. Get a quote today or check out our store location to find your local Sun Stoppers location. In addition to Rivian window tinting services, we also offer privacy and other sun protection products including: Automotive Window Tinting XPEL Automotive Paint Protection Vehicle Graphics and Coatings Tesla Paint Protection Tesla Ceramic Coating Tesla Model 3 Window Tinting Whatever your needs, Sun Stoppers offers tinting services to satisfy them. Show less Columbia’s best auto window tinting services Reduce heat and block harmful UV rays while improving your vehicle’s appearance. Free estimate

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