Window Tinting Yuba City

Window Tinting Yuba City – The women of the window film industry will start 2022 with custom art of a different kind. Prominent female movie stars welcome the new year with the launch of a calendar called Women of Automotive Film. Ten women make up the pages of the calendar.

“I wanted to shed some light on [the fact] that in this male-dominated industry,” says Lisa Lass of Artistic Window Tinting in Yuba City, California, who is also known as the “Queen of Window Tinting.” “Hopefully it illuminates other women who want to join our industry to promote that it’s open to both men and women.

Window Tinting Yuba City

Window Tinting Yuba City

Luanna Souza of Tint Pro, Sunrise, Fla. January 2022 (All 10 Women) February 2022 (Champagne Tone, Owner of Champagne Window Tinting in Roswell, Ga) March 2022 (Amber Bailey, Car Wrapper) April 2022 (Luanna Souza of Tint Professional in Sunrise, Fla.) May 2022 (TBD) June 2022 (Julie Collins of Kaloko Tinting in Kona, Hawaii) July 2022 (Juliet Moreno of Boss Lady Window Tint in Katy, TX) August 2022 (Cheyana Kahele by Kaloko Tinting Owner Kona, Hawaii) September 2022 (Erika Gare, Wrap Painter) October 2022 (Raphael Love, Owner Love’s Mobile Tinting LLC)

Female Film Stars Find Voice For 2022

“I do all the car movies where I work,” says Kahele. “I sweat and I wear T-shirts and shoes all day. I aspire to take good pictures, to be beautiful, to look good, and to feel good. Because I can’t do it — I have three kids, I have my own business, and [I’m] trying to build a house.

Scarves artist Gare’s goals align with the other women in the group. “I wanted to be part of the calendar to connect with other women in the industry,” says Gare. “To inspire other women to accept who they are, not just who they think they should be in a male-dominated industry.”

The calendar reviews have far exceeded expectations for champagne. “I think we all have something in common,” Champagne said. “I think we’re all tomboys to some extent. It’s a great way for us to talk about it. I don’t know what’s going to happen to it. I’m sure they probably don’t. what will come of it Now we are doing the calendar.

Kahele adds: “The more I get to know us, I think the biggest thing we have in common is persistence. “There are many things that each of us has had to overcome in our lives, both personally and professionally. These women are very strong.

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The team discovered a voice that the community continues to amplify. “I hope it shows all sides of us – not just sweating in big t-shirts while driving,” says Renee. We are still feminine. “

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Window Tinting Yuba City

Our window tinting experts are licensed and trained to ensure you get the color you want. Whether you want to color your car, home or business, you can count on our team to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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Our car paint service is designed with the customer in mind. We know they expect great results and that’s why we work hard to deliver. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail as well as our excellent customer service. We work with our tinting clients from start to finish, keeping them informed every step of the way. If you are looking for professional window tinting for your vehicle, home or commercial building, come to Stealth Window Tint for the service and results you desire.

Stained windows are more than just a great way to highlight your car or home. In fact, they offer a number of great benefits that improve your daily driving, living and working experience. Some of the benefits of tinting windows include protecting your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays, preventing upholstery from fading, increasing privacy in your car, home or business. your business, save money on energy bills as colors keep the room cooler, save money on gas. . because there is less demand for AC and more! If you’re thinking about tinting your windows, trust us you’ve come to the right place.

Since 2014, Stealth Window Tint has built an enviable reputation for producing top quality results that our customers are very happy with. Our team consists of many highly trained, knowledgeable and professional technicians who know the details and experience of tinting a wide range of vehicles. Read on for more reasons to choose us for your tinting services!

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