Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room – From inspiration to installation, our designers will be with you to ensure you love your finished look. start

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Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

You will be amazed at the difference that custom window treatments can make in your home. See before and after

Two Story Drapes

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“Everything was done on time and professionally. Everyone we worked with was happy and comfortable.”

“This is my first experience with custom drapery and I couldn’t be happier. From consultation to installation the people at Street Drapery were extremely professional and friendly. I am very happy with the finished project.”

Ultimate Guide To Window Treatments

“Drapy Street is good; easy to work with and works hard to meet my plans. I highly recommend Drapery Street.”

“I am a new customer of Drapery Street because my wonderful designer put me in touch. I am very happy to work with this highly professional organization.”

“Drapy Street did a great job on the windows and hardware in my high-ceilinged living room. It was a complicated job due to the custom components and installation. They worked with me to get the results I got…

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

“Having heard so many positive comments about Drapery Street over the years, my expectations were high, so when they exceeded my expectations, I was very happy. They are an outstanding business. Not only did Drapery Street do an excellent job, they were exceptional.

Two Story Bedroom Ideas And

“Drapy Street exceeds my expectations every time I hire them to create and install window treatments for my clients. The entire process is efficient and streamlined, from design to installation. Their finished products reflect what you expect…

I live in Carmel and want to support local businesses; So I didn’t do any research when I started the process of buying strong shades. I went straight to the Art & Design and Drapery area…

Drapery Street is a dream to work for the improvement of our dreams. I worked with the designer Tara who came to me, measured, quickly sent a quote and sent me a curtain that made our house perfect—-I think I was…

I have bought drapery three times in the last 10 years and am working on finishing it. My fourth room with Drapery Street. I love design details, such as adding embellishments or combining two fabrics on one curtain. Every … Home » Home DIY » How to choose the right color for the curtains of your country house

Choosing Drapes Two Story Windows

Do you love the farmhouse look and want to decorate your two-story curtains? This post gives some advice on that!

Recently inspired by the neutral decor trend, I felt the need to update my double layer curtains because I felt the fabric I had last chosen matched the wall to floor fireplace I had.

The first is a drapery board hack where I show you how to use a fish lock to extend it from the rod. If you don’t know before, then the hack works!

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

The second is that I asked for my panel to be a curtain. As a beginner, I think I would like to close these curtains. However, closing these curtains is unnecessary because no light falls on my TV at all (see its angle on the right). Also, closing and opening the double blinds is a nightmare. I should only order them as stationary decorative curtains, not for closing. A fire curtain also adds more weight to the curtain, which means more tension on the ropes and rings, which means more weight on the wall! The next time I decided to measure three times before sending the measurement and did not use the mask.

What Type Window Treatments Are Best For Two Story Windows Or Oversized Windows?

The third thing wrong with my curtains is the color! I like the faux linen fabric that I used, but the color brings the fireplace and curtains together.

Since I was looking for a very neutral farmhouse style, white decor for my great room, I wanted white curtains. I found an amazing fabric shop on Etsy, VieDeJolie. They are great to work with and so easy and comfortable. Their prices are outstanding! Although they have a line of fabrics that I can choose from, I want to match the fabric in my bedroom. This is the fabric I chose because it is soft, pure white and has an amazing feel. Dance with cloth. It also makes it easier for the curtains to hang on the flaps.

If you’re looking for fabric for two-layer curtains with a farmhouse feel, here are the fabrics I recommend for their weight and style:

When I ordered it, I let VieDeJolie know how many panels I needed, the length and number of pleats, and the type of pleats I wanted.

Marble 100 % Blackout Polyester Extra Long Curtains. Custom

I chose a French style curtain for my double curtain. I just love how it turned out. For your reference, here are my specifications. I’m offering this because I know it’s intimidating to use a little more fabric and make sure they fit perfectly!

When I received them, they were folded and packaged at the store. Does this look like 4 double layer curtains packed in here?!

That’s because they seal it well so that when the curtains are hung, they don’t wrinkle. ! This photo is a photo of the curtains straight out of the box without steaming or ironing.

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

As you know, I’m a big believer in buying and hanging your curtains the right way. I feel like they make or break the room. They can also make the room look more expensive than it actually is!

Diy Roman Shades For Oversized Windows

Notice that I didn’t ask for my two layers of curtains to fall on the floor. The reason behind it? The fabric is white and I have a baby! However, I like the luxury photos. I just go for the right look!

Do you have an unusual area in your home that needs custom curtains? If so, check out VieDeJolie on Etsy for all your curtain needs!

If you need more ideas for window treatments, below is a summary of some of the posts I have to help you design your space with window covering options such as Roman shades, shutters, curtains and drapes for your living room.

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The window is almost poetic. They are made to let light in, but it’s up to us to decide how much light. And although most windows are completely transparent, we can decide when to close the curtains and thus shut out the world. But with so many shapes and sizes, dressing each one is not easy – here I’m looking at you, window at the top.

A good set of curtains will add color and warmth to any room, making you feel at home, but where to hang the rope? And if you go with living room curtains, what do you hang over the dining room window? It’s true that if you don’t know the basics of window treatments, styling your windows can be quite a challenge. And since we’ve had our share of questions – like, how in the world do you cover a kitchen window? – We turned to the experts from Joss & Main for expert advice.

Window Treatments For 2 Story Great Room

Unless you currently live in a high-rise with floor-to-ceiling windows, most homes have similar windows in their living rooms. Keriann Coffey, style editor of Joss & Main, promises that you can get a distinctive, high-end look by placing curtains as close to the ceiling as possible.

Window Treatments For Tall Windows Tips & Inspiration

“Order a longer plate that will hit the floor with more bars,” advises Coffey. “Additional length may cost more, but it pays off: longer curtains will brighten up your room

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