Window Treatments For Awning Windows

Window Treatments For Awning Windows – Few things polish a room like a well-polished bay window. But placing an order for this corner space can be a little intimidating. Today, we’re going to walk you through everything you need to know to easily cover these windows.

A bay window is a group of windows that lean toward each other in a curve. These windows are often outside the walls of your home. Bay windows usually include at least 3 windows (2 corner windows, and 1 picture window in the middle).

Window Treatments For Awning Windows

Window Treatments For Awning Windows

The configuration of your bay window will determine the type of size challenge you face. The two most popular types of bay windows are traditional and split.

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Traditional bay windows have sections separated only by a thin covering or trim. Sometimes the glass can scratch the edge. The angle of the windows and how close to each other creates the problem of “mixing”.

Depth refers to how much space your window opening has from front to back. In a traditional bay window, if the depth is insufficient, the blind hedra can collide with each other at the edges.

Split bay windows usually have a thin wall section between each window that pushes the windows further apart. This window has a small chance of clipping and is easy to measure.

Now that you know your bay window type, check out our complete guide to sizing bay windows for step-by-step instructions!

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Some window treatments are better suited to the specific needs of a bay window than others. In general, it is better to choose a window blind or shade that requires very little depth.

Additionally, if your windows aren’t very tall, you’ll also want to consider how much of your view will be blinded when fully raised (called the stack height).

Sail shades or honeycomb shades often require the smallest depth of any blind or shade. Blackout Premium or Light Filtering Cellular Shades have a full helix depth of only 1 7/8 inches with single cell fabric, making them perfect for deep spaces.

Window Treatments For Awning Windows

When completely removed, cellular nuances practically disappear! Accordion pleated fabric folds tightly so the shade only takes up a few inches of space on your window. It will also be far from the wall or window at least which gives you better light control.

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Cellular shades are also ultra-insulating, energy efficient, and come in a variety of colors. Some are even made from recycled plastic water bottles! Most mobile shades are white on the back, so you can be sure they won’t clash with your home’s aesthetics (or your HOA’s requirements).

If you are looking for bay window blinds that can be opened or closed to control the light, then the Mini is a good choice. 1″ mini blinds only need a 1 1/2″ depth to fit perfectly in your window opening. Aluminum alloy slots are durable enough to resist dents and scratches.

Mini is available in many popular and trendy colors. It is also very affordable, making it a great choice for home buyers or renters.

1″ wood is a stylish cousin to smaller aluminum. It’s lightweight compared to faux wood blinds. Narrow 1″ slats mean they’re shallower than standard 2″ or 2 1/2″ wood blinds. need

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Although they have a higher stacking height than mobile shades, different colors and stains add a touch of elegance to a room and can complement wood trim or accents in a room.

You can get the sophisticated look of real wood without treating real wood. The PVC 1” Faux Wood Blind construction makes it an ideal choice for damp or humid spaces such as bathrooms.

Has a thinner profile than standard faux wood. It only needs about 2 3/4 inches of space for the entire hexagon. But the slats are on the thinner side, so they’ll take up more of your window’s vertical space when fully up. Consider this if your window is not very long. .

Window Treatments For Awning Windows

Roman shades can give your windows the texture and style you’re looking for from roller shades but without the huge light difference on the sides. They are very easy to apply and usually require more depth than roller shades.

The 10 Most Popular Window Styles

Plus there are endless options to choose from. Roman shades come in many colors and patterns, so they work with every aesthetic. Choose a flat plait style for a more modern, sleek look or a halter plait for an elegant traditional look. Add a liner for your preferred level of light control (light filtering or blackout) or choose a thermal liner for added insulation!

Woven wood shades are cousins ​​to Roman shades and offer a variety of textured grass textures and wood reed styles. They have the same requirements as Roman shades and are very easy to install.

While most window treatments can be configured to work with B windows, some are more difficult to work with. Shutters and roller shades have unique considerations and are generally not recommended for bay windows.

Shutters are beautiful, but all window treatments require the most depth because the space louvers must be thick. In a tight space like an alcove bay window, you may not have enough space to open the shutter door panel. Consider choosing faux wood or real wood blinds for an equally classic look.

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Roller shades have the largest light gap of all window treatments because the fabric is always tighter than the roller mechanism and ends (1/2″ to 3/4″ on each side). The corner of the bay window suffers from light gaps. Installing a roller shade can exacerbate this problem. Instead of roller shades, we recommend romantic shades.

We’ve got you covered! Call one of our expert design consultants: 844-551-3769. They can help answer all of your questions and walk you through the measurement process. Do you want a professional to come out and measure your windows? We can do it too! Check availability for your postcode here.

Read more: What is the difference between inside and outside the mountain? Do I have enough window depth for me? The Complete Guide to Measuring for Bay Windows When Hiring a Pro VS DIY for Window Treatments Your widow fills your home with light and fresh air and often reflects the ambiance of each room. Like window treatments, windows themselves come in many different sizes and shapes, and different windows in each room often require different window coverings. In addition to different proportions, windows are also designed to operate in different ways. Some of you walk, some of you slide and some don’t open at all. There are many factors to consider when shopping for new window treatments to ensure they work properly while always looking good. The good news is that there is a perfect window treatment for every window and, often, there are many options. The following six types of windows require special window treatment. Read on to see my recommendations.

Window Treatments For Awning Windows

Single-hung windows have only one movable and one fixed sash and these windows only open from the bottom. Single-hung windows are often found in small bathroom and bedroom windows.

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DOUBE HUNG WINDOWS are similar in appearance but both panes in the window frame can be moved up and down, so these windows provide better ventilation and a better view. Both of these types of windows are good common window treatments and are found in many homes.

Both of these common windows can be covered with a variety of window treatments. Cellular shades are an affordable option that offers a clean and tidy look with a wide selection of fabrics and colors, in addition to being very energy efficient. Wood or Faux-Woods is always a traditional choice with attractive finishes and different wood tones. Sheer shades are another idea, creating a soft mix of colors that are easy to work with as blinds. When making a decision, keep in mind that the depth can be tight on double-hung windows. If this is the case, an external treatment of the mount would be the best option that allows enough space for proper installation.

Most windows slide open horizontally. Many homes that are renovated today feature new replacement windows. Sliding windows are easy to operate and easy to close and are one of the most common types of windows.

With sufficient depth of window covering, these windows are usually covered with multiple blinds and shades. For windows on the front of the house, jammers or wooden blinds are the way to go. Both of these outfits look sharp when seen outside the home. Both the bedroom and living room can benefit from the insulating properties of a cellular shade or a check or roman shade look.

Timber Awning Windows

Hinged casement windows

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