Window Treatments For Basement Windows

Window Treatments For Basement Windows – Basement windows may be small and clumsy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. Decorating your basement windows not only lets in more light but also adds style and balance to your room.If you have a boring basement window, consider these easy solutions.

Garden Shutters You can’t go wrong with garden shutters. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, as well as mounting options. It fits into any interior style and provides a clean and cohesive look. Plantation shutters are ideal for basements as they are easy to repair. Close for shade while watching a movie or open for natural light in the basement.

Window Treatments For Basement Windows

Window Treatments For Basement Windows

There’s no reason long curtains can’t treat your basement window like any other.Hanging long curtains not only adds visual interest and style, but they also make those small, ugly windows look more beautiful than they actually are. It gives the illusion of being much larger.

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Roman Shades Roman shades are another great solution for basement windows. They are a classic option and add softness to the windows. Depending on the type of blinds, you can block or diffuse the light coming through the window.

There are many options for decorating basement windows. No need to keep them plain and boring. Your basement may be a basement space, but it is still part of your home and should feel like the rest of your home. It’s going to be a cozy space.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our shutter experts or fill out our contact form. I will call you back. Have you ever encountered a design dilemma that you don’t know how to solve? Our basement window coverings are just like that. I was recently in the basement stuffed with Chloe’s American Girlfriend dollhouse and the accessories she doesn’t play with (*insert tears*) and started thinking about those basement windows.

Update July 2020: Basement finally renewed for Spring 2020! I’ve updated this post to include the basement window covering idea #11. Create a decorative black framed window insert. Visit this post for the full tutorial.

Window Covering Tips For Your Basement — Renovationfind Blog

With more floor space freed up, this gave me the opportunity to rethink this entire basement plan. Decoration could be improved. It’s time to decide once and for all what to do with the basement windows.

I understand that having a regular basement window is a minor issue, but I don’t like the current view and the ivy that inevitably grows in the window well. I asked for suggestions on coverings and treatments and came up with some great ideas.If you’re wondering what to do with your basement windows, I’d love to share them here on the blog.

There are many options such as basement window curtains, window curtains, and window films. The basement window solution you choose depends on several things.

Window Treatments For Basement Windows

A simple solution is to add trim to your basement window to give it a finishing touch. Moldings, also known as window moldings or window casings, can be found at your local hardware store or lumberyard.

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My friend Shauna did her window trim in a simple shaker style. The interior window her trim and deep surround look like scuffed hardboard. Everything is painted with white paint, which gives it a crisp look and helps reflect light.Basement windows tend to feel like an afterthought, so adding trim is more expensive and Intentional and complete.

Fabric window coverings are another option if you want to protect the light and add some privacy and softness. Tanya made this DIY window of hers for a crude window in a guest bedroom. She used a piece of fabric with two tension rods and top and bottom pockets sewn on. Fabric routing enhances privacy and interest. She tried windowing without her bottom rod, so be sure to visit her blog post to see the options and her DIY tutorials.

The folks at Frugal Family Times thought this solution was pretty clever. Instead of designing around small, tall basement windows, we made them big and tall to catch the eye. Window trim and recycled shutters are used to give the illusion that the windows extend along the walls. If you want your basement to feel like the basement and high floors of your home, this is one way she does it.

Similarly, if you have space above your basement window, you can use a treatment that makes the window appear to extend to the wall. Here we mock up her window on the transom with mirrors and trim. I love how you used trim to create the illusion of muntins that separate the panes. They used window ledges and used them to display parts. I think this is the perfect place to add plants and take advantage of that sunlight.

Modern Window Treatments To Use As An Alternative To Blinds

I think this basement window treatment is really cute. Adopting Idea 3 and extending the window with fake shutters and adding a full-length drape panel can create a beautiful window vignette. This is a great option for a basement bedroom if you want your windows to be a little more lush and ornate.

Alternatively, you can leave the base window the same size and use other elements to distract and distract you. In this basement above, Sarah Richardson used a mix of drapes, her panels, artwork, paint and paneling to divert attention away from the windows. This room is layered, well thought out and elegant. I can’t believe it’s foundation!

Here are some ideas to consider if you are building a basement. You can let more light into the room by slanting the drywall under the small window in the basement. Click this blog post to see how the design of this idea came about. Not really a cover, but this idea turns a window into a feature.

Window Treatments For Basement Windows

You can’t go wrong with a custom window covering.Getting one custom-made to fit your basement window will bring a sophisticated look to your space.

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This is how I treated the basement windows in my previous home. The windows had shelves under them and the walls were paneled, so I wanted window coverings that fit the size of the windows exactly. These relaxed blinds were beautiful and gave a casual feel to our cozy family basement.

You can also choose custom garden shutters. I love the classic look of this treatment. This allows you to let in or block out light as needed.

The people at Frugal Family Times are full of good ideas. In addition to idea 3, I came up with this solution for another basement window. Here, trim and bamboo blinds are used to show that there are not her one, but her three windows above the bed. In doing so, the windows give presence to the space and turn the walls into features. Curtains add texture and color and make a room feel cozy. Who wouldn’t want that in the basement!

Finally, you’ve arrived at an easy, quick and inexpensive solution to decorating your basement windows. using window film.

Diy Window Covering For Awkward Windows

Not only in basements, you can use window film on windows that need privacy or obscure your view, but you always want some light. Here’s what to do:

Cut the image into pieces to replicate the wall tile design. It’s a simple detail that makes the window look attractive, yet provides privacy.

There are many different ways to cover the basement windows. Basement window treatments can make the windows look bigger and more sophisticated. You can make the window stand out or keep it simple and almost invisible. I haven’t decided what to do yet, but at least I have some good ideas now!

Window Treatments For Basement Windows

When it’s finally time to remodel your basement, we’ve come up with more creative solutions for basement window coverings!

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These decorative inserts look like black steel windows. The frame is made of wood and supported by acrylic with a matte film on top. These inserts are in front of the original window and are not glued. It fits snugly, stays in place and can be easily removed if needed. As a parent, you know babies and toddlers.

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