Window Treatments For Loft Apartments

Window Treatments For Loft Apartments – Interiors can sometimes become boring in terms of overall symmetry, even when styles and trends are different. It’s a bit of ingenuity that brings freshness to the home, and with a boxed bedroom that also saves space, this modern Toronto penthouse takes a low-traffic route. Designed by Studio AC, Broadview Loft escapes from mundane open-plan living, only disturbed by a very neat corner kitchen and bedroom that looks more like a large white box. Instead of traditional walls and doors, a serene bedroom seems more casual and luxurious, as white walls and large white curtains create a clear division of the space.

The apartment has a cool, modern industrial style with white brick walls and mostly neutral tones that provide a balance between the existing raw elements and modern finishes. Light track and high ceilings emphasize the industrial charm of the loft with an open lifestyle based on minimalism and a selected collection of decorations to set the right mood. Large windows let in a lot of natural light, even if the bedroom that is really visible here is quiet and located in a corner. The curtain simply slides back, revealing both the bedroom and bathroom.

Window Treatments For Loft Apartments

Window Treatments For Loft Apartments

Adjacent to the bedroom is a kitchen with a spacious breakfast area, a small dining area and a striking black wall with a worktop and shelf at the top. Exposed pipes and wooden ceilings complete a cool and beautiful apartment with the bedroom as its focal point.

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