Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside – Installing exterior window treatments like shutters and window boxes can beautify your home while adding some practical benefits. At the top of the appeal (via flowers and paint colors), retractable awnings and shutters help keep the home cool and protect the windows from the elements.

See how you can add oomph with over 25 inspiring exterior windows – shutters, awnings and more!

Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

Shutters can be practical, especially if you live in a high-storm area. But decorative curtains are a very quick and inexpensive way to decorate exterior windows. You can purchase pre-made shutters in a variety of materials at your local home improvement store, or you can easily make your own! We’ve just shared a tutorial on how to build shingle and polished wood shutters at our cottage:

Pros And Cons Of Roman Shades

Thrifty Decor Chick shows you how to make window shutters and window boxes from old fence posts.

The girls at East Coast Creative made their own shutters and various window boxes – a shelf with holes for plant pots!

And hello, gorgeous window shutters! Mandi from Vintage Revivals shows you how to make these chevron/herringbone wood window shutters:

Rustic Sliding Barn Door Shutters | Wolveridge Architects at ArchDaily (and the interior of this house is gorgeous!)

Nicetown Black Blackout Curtain Blinds

Awnings usually do double duty, adding curb appeal as well as filtering sunlight into your home and protecting your windows from the elements. Traditional fabric awnings come in all sizes and styles, but a wood awning is a real eye-catcher!

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Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

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A Beginner’s Guide To Window Treatments

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Best Bay Window Treatments + Measuring Guide

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Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

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Explore Various Styles Of Window Shades For Your Home

Often taking up the most real estate in any room, window treatments can be tricky. There are many options – should I use shutters? Dark or clear? roller shades? Curtains? Can I say…Roman Shades? Also, since they can be an investment piece, you don’t want to settle for the wrong piece.

Knowing more about your next move (or remodel, renovation, or simple update) than you do, I’m here to give you the low-down on The Shade Store, designer of all kinds of window sills. I chose specialists in the store. I also asked some trusted designers how they use it themselves. Read on to hear what they have to say.

Adam Skalman, vice president of sales at Shade Store, says the biggest mistake people make in the process is procrastination. “I recommend that everyone start choosing window treatments in the interior decoration process,” he advises. “Planning ahead will ultimately make your space look more well-thought-out, while still leaving room in the budget for finishing touches.”

Designer Kevin Espel agrees. “Often we start with the windows and work around them so they become the focal point,” he said.

Ways To Match Outside Mount Shades With Curtains

Robin Gannon chose a mix of pleated fabrics and drapes by Pierre Frey (woven waterfall shade at The Shade Store) for this bedroom.

Skalman sold almost every type of window treatment under the sun (or rather blocking). The first thing he has to say about any treatment is, “It has to be an investment.” And as part of that, “it has to be tailored to your space.” Instead of switching out a less offensive option from Amazon, take the time to think about how you want the light to enter your space and then work on it.

“I start with the type of product first,” advises Skalman (see below for a full list of options). “Once I decide on the type of product, I move on to materials and patterns.”

Window Treatments That Look Good From Outside

It is important to consider what type of material is best for any application. For example, some knives can filter light well, but they do not tolerate wear, for example, in a children’s room. “Knowing how the fabric drapes, stretches over time, and how it looks with different incoming light are all important techniques that affect how the window treatment looks once it’s installed. aspects,” says designer Alizee. Brion.

The Best Curtains For Arched Windows

Skalman recommends working with professionals like The Shade Store’s Design Consultants to determine what’s best for you. “People try to do it all themselves,” he says. “I think you need professionals to help you with the window cleaning process, especially with measuring and installation.” you need to get things – and only for you.”

At this year’s Designer Show, Kevin Ispel displays a custom pleated curtain from The Shade Store in his writing room in Kips Bay Palm Beach.

Custom fit

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