Window Treatments Woodbury Mn

Window Treatments Woodbury Mn – If you need new or replacement window coverings for your Woodbury home, read the article below!

A window is undoubtedly the most important element in a room. Whether in a home or an office, a window (window) can make the space more lively and welcoming. To achieve that lively and welcoming look to your space, window treatments are your best bet. These are simply covers that are placed on, over or inside a window. These covers are usually placed on the window for aesthetic or practical reasons.

Window Treatments Woodbury Mn

Window Treatments Woodbury Mn

There are many covers you can choose from, including curtains and blinds. It is very important that you as a home or office owner get your window treatment services from a reputable service provider. In Woodbury, MN, you can count yourself lucky to have a reputable window treatment service provider in your area. Custom Blinds & Shades by Michael Esch has been offering excellent window treatment services for both homes and office spaces in Woodbury for some time.

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Experience you can count on. We have won many awards. Including Best Employer and Angie’s List Super Service Awards. When it comes to window treatments in Minnesota. We are simply the best!

If you want peace of mind after your window treatments are in place, choose us. We offer a lifetime warranty on our window treatments. Big bonus for you. This means that if any problems arise with the window treatment services offered by this company; we will come and solve it for you for free.

When it comes to window treatments, the quality of the materials used is important. Whether your purpose in doing this is form or function, the amount of material used plays an important role in fulfilling it. When you choose this Woodbury, MN company to do your window treatments, you should expect nothing but the best materials to be used.

It’s a common misconception that to get quality you have to have a big budget. It’s just an illusion created to make you settle for less. Even with a reasonable budget, you should get the best quality content and service available.

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Custom Draperies and Draperies by Michael Esch will find you the best window treatments for your home or office for your budget. You should expect complete satisfaction when the job is done.

When you hire us, you can expect to turn your windows into not only an attractive part of your room, but also something that fulfills its role in a way that stands out and gives your room some character. Many people, including some of our customers, have no idea that we have a sister company called Woodbury Blinds. As an interior design firm, it’s important that we provide our clients with options that not only make the design process more seamless, but also provide our clients with an outstanding, informed and hands-on experience. Our showrooms for both Interior Impressions and Woodbury Blinds are housed under the same roof – making us a one stop shop. Whether you need a complete home renovation, or just need curtains to brighten up your living room, we’ve got you covered.

It’s no secret that window coverings are often overlooked in the home buying and/or design process. However, we appreciate making window treatments a necessity in our design work. Having the right window treatments not only gives your space a buttoned-up look, but also helps with energy efficiency. Everyone likes to save a little money, right? We asked Amy and our Hunter Douglas interior expert, Danielle, for their thoughts on their favorite energy-efficient yet stunning window coverings.

Window Treatments Woodbury Mn

Interior Impressions and Woodbury Blinds owner Amy Leferink loves Hunter Douglas’ Pirouette Window Shades. She says, “My favorite product is the Pirouette shade. I love that they look like a beautiful roman shade cloth, but they also have a hidden function! The horizontal shaping of the material that floats on a clean back allows for a combination of light control. , view private and view- a. Specialized absolute support offers a clear view from the outside while transforming the light inside into a cozy glow. You can have a room darkening lining on the back, if you like, for the room or rooms you want extra dark. I love the beautiful colors and the material that Pirouettes come in, and the triple action is a big plus!”

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Our Hunter Douglas expert, Danielle, says: “I love Provenance Woven Woods for its exceptional privacy and light control, there is an available liner that works independently of the shade giving you maximum flexibility to filter light or darken a room It also creates great energy efficiency when used with feed.”

Hunter Douglas Provenance Woven Wood Shades are made from natural woods, cane, bamboo and grass. From textured materials to refined textiles, natural fibers add organic style to any room and filter sunlight very well.

Interior designer, Kierstyn, says, “I love Proenance Woven Wood shades because they add a layer of warmth and natural texture to any interior!”

Teen designer Haley says, “I love Roman shades because they can bring both a traditional and modern look to your home, depending on your style. They come in a variety of different colors in materials that match your home decor and are very practical and easy to use.”

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She says: “I love Parkland Wood Blinds because they are simply timeless to me. They are versatile for any change in your style. I also appreciate that they are made of real wood, so they bring a classic richness to any space.”

As mentioned, we truly believe that a house is not a house without finishing touches. Window coverings are important to your home’s energy costs, your privacy and the overall feel of the room. Whether it’s one color or 30, we’d love to help you find what works best for you and your home. Contact us anytime to schedule a free in-home consultation!

Stay tuned for design tips, first access to blog posts, new projects, and more! New homeowners and those ready for new window treatments, listen up! We want to talk to you about three Hunter Douglas products that we love. Below we show a project we did in Eden Prairie, MN featuring Hunter Douglas products throughout the home. In the living room and dining room you will see sweet, clean tones of Pirouette. In the master bedroom, Vignette shades provide perfect coverage and elegance. Hunter Douglas shutters were installed in the master bathroom, matching the elegant Nantucket vibe of the space. At Woodbury Blinds, you can find displays of Hunter Douglas products that you can view. We enjoy helping you find the perfect window treatment for your home! Read on to learn more about three of our favorite Hunter Douglas products.

Window Treatments Woodbury Mn

These gorgeous shades are our favorite of all window treatments! They are like a hybrid of vignettes and silhouettes. When pulled down and closed, they resemble a Roman Vignette shade. You get to see the beautiful fabric on the surface, but surprise surprise…the folds on the roman shade are actually open balloons! The effectiveness of this product is unmatched. When the wakes are open, you get a very soft light filtered from the outside and you can still see the clear fabric layer on the back. This is perfect for rooms where you want just a touch of privacy during daylight hours, but you want to be able to get light into the room and see what’s going on outside. Backing up the filter also helps protect TVs and computers from bright sunlight.

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We love looking at all the colors of Vignette Modern Roman. They are fabrics based on soft roman shades and ugly, dirty loops and ropes on the back. From the outside of the house, you only see a smooth, free white background code. Inside the house, the material plays a central role. There are many beautiful textures and colors. Different styles include linen, shantung silk, satin, soft metal, and even a grass look. You can choose a stacked style that gives you a jacket-like look when pulled up, or a sheer lined fabric that covers the head rail that hides the shade completely when rolled up. You can also add the top-down/bottom-up feature to this shader. We love these bedroom shades because you can have a bed that darkens the bedroom for the days you want to sleep in. The top/down/bottom up feature allows you to have privacy from the neighbors during the day, but still allows light to enter. in the upper part of the window.

We love shutters because they are so simple and classic. They were most popular in southern and warmer climate states, but the trend also spread to Minnesota. Hunter Douglas has 3 lines

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