Window Unit Side Curtains

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I really like this AC unit and it is exactly the same width as my window panel (21.5″) but the “minimum window opening width” in the specs is 23″ . From what I’ve seen in the FAQ for this Frigidaire unit, that’s it

Window Unit Side Curtains

Window Unit Side Curtains

However, other air conditioning units (LGs) in the same retail location have widths equal to the minimum window opening.

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In my opinion, no, they are not. These are features added to the unit to fill the window space of different sizes.

If you remove them, make sure the openings (shutters) on the sides of the AC unit are not blocked by the thickness of the wall, as the fillers used to open the window wider automatically conserve some space.

If the unit specs are at least 23″ wide, I think you have to assume the manufacturer has a reason to offer that. This may be because the side vents are so close to the front of the unit that additional space is required unless it is a window It is located on the outer surface of the wall.

I have a window that looks like this: the glass is on the outer surface of the siding edge and the cedar gap. But other windows are in brick walls, with brick trim that extends 4 to 6.5 inches from the glass.

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Another possibility is that if the side blinds are folded out, the actual width of the unit blind is greater than 21.5 inches and cannot be removed from a 21.5 inch wide window.

Here is a Haier Serenity unit installed without any side panels. It is flush with the right wall and fits the window panel with only a few millimeters of space that should have been filled with foam.

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Window Unit Side Curtains

With a wide range of solid color options, you’re sure to find a color that suits your decorating style.

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There are two general categories: blackout curtains offer 80-95% light blocking, while blackout curtains offer 100% light blocking for complete privacy.

Night blinds are often layered with day blinds for a modern and sophisticated look along with flexible light control.

Note that all windows may not achieve the same effect in the video. It depends on the arrangement of the windows, the intensity of the sunlight, the position of the curtain tracks, etc.

Day curtains are made of thin, soft and transparent fabrics. They gently filter daylight to let it through in style while increasing privacy.

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Day blinds are generally used in conjunction with night blinds to provide flexible light control as well as to achieve an endless layered window look.

Translucent curtains are between normal day and night curtains. They are thicker than regular day curtains and offer more privacy. However, they don’t block out as much light as regular night curtains.

Translucent curtains allow natural light to fill your living space and give you a pleasant feeling. They are perfect for living and dining rooms or rooms that do not need absolute privacy.

Window Unit Side Curtains

The hooks are imported from the Netherlands to be sewn directly into the curtains. They can be washed together with the curtains in the washing machine.

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Get an instant estimate by entering your measurements. Check out the shopping cart for your list of estimates for easy reference. (No need to pay.)

Arrange a showroom visit to review your chosen designs and confirm your order. Relax in your beautiful new home! Click here to view our security measures.

I came across Direct Curtain on Facebook and hired them to install our blinds and roller blinds. Very happy with the smooth service and quick responses. The team is very professional and our curtains and blinds are well installed. The price is also very reasonable. Highly recommended for new home owners or those looking to install blinds/curtains in their homes.

The curtains were well made! My wife and I absolutely adore them. Be sure to check all the styles and colors available with the window glass and the color of the walls and window frames.

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We understand how frustrating it can be to deal with an annoying salesperson or an ambiguous quote with hidden fees. Home decorating should be an enjoyable process. We’ve helped hundreds of homes look their best with custom shutters. Relax with us.

Our curtains are sewn locally on industrial sewing machines and assembled right here in Singapore. This ensures fast delivery.

Explore fabrics, colors and options from the comfort of your own home. Get an instant estimate with your measurements.

Window Unit Side Curtains

Then, as a general rule, add 0.10-0.15 meters (10-15 cm) to each side of the measurement. This allows the blind to overlap the window and reduce light leakage from the sides.

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In the example above, there is a beam just above the window. Since the blind rail is installed directly on the beam, there is no need to add 10 cm on top.

In the absence of beams, curtains are installed at a distance of 10 cm or more from the top of the window.

1. A margin of 10-15 cm (4-6 inches) is a general guideline, it can be more or less depending on individual preferences. The more overlap you have, the less ambient light leaks.

2. All curtain measurements include the hem and bottom band. For roller/combination blinds, please note that the width of the fabric is approximately 1.25 to 1.5 inches (3.2 to 3.8 cm) narrower than the head rail.

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For the width of the curtain, it will generally be wall to wall. You can easily estimate the width from the plan.

1. As long as the required height is not more than 2.6 meters, it will not affect the price. In general, without connecting fabrics, 100% blackout curtains can support up to 2.65m height and blackout curtains up to 2.85m height. (It also depends on the type of fabric.)

1) Delivery and installation starts at $80 for up to 5 items inside. Additional interior items are $10 each.

Window Unit Side Curtains

2) Please note that the online calculator cannot currently answer 6 or higher. We add them manually for the final estimate.

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5) Only delivery (without installation), self-assembly and DIY installation can be arranged as desired to save costs.

6) If the unit is not at the elevator level, the cost of climbing the stairs is applied. This is the same for the interior of the Landed property, HDB Executive Maisonette, Condo Penthouse and the like.

1) A nominal on-site consultation fee of $50 is payable in advance ($70 for Semi-D or similar). Used as credit on purchases over $480. (If you do not purchase, this fee is non-refundable because it is spent on time and labor.)

(If the site is not ready or if you change your mind after the first site visit, subsequent site surveys are payable and non-refundable).

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2) The best time to check the site is after you have finished installing the window net, window joinery, floor, air conditioner and trunk, electrical compartment and folding the curtain, because all these things will affect the measurements. It is also easier to match the colors with the walls in your room if they have been painted.

3) During the site review, we will bring samples of popular fabrics. If you would like to see a wider range of fabrics, you can make an appointment to visit our showroom in The Woodlands.

4) For DIY measurement, site inspection fee is not required. Please note that you need to be sure of your measurements as ‘large to small’ alteration fees may apply. “Small to big” changes are impossible. An additional shipping fee is required for redelivering. We can also guide you to measure if you wish.

Window Unit Side Curtains

5) In any case, we can provide you with a free estimate of your plan or measures first, so you can decide if it’s a good fit for us before we do a site survey.

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P.S. This is a WhatsApp Help Desk supported by multiple employees. (We do not carry this phone, please do not call this number.) This is the most requests I have received for a post on any topic. How to choose a curtain I can list a set of rules that must be followed. But I’ve found that I don’t really follow the same set of rules every time. Why I choose a curtain, blind or sheer or how long and wide I make the channels, or if I choose a thick pattern or a bright color, it all depends on many small factors.

So I don’t get it

Curtain Wall (architecture)

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