Window Wear And Walls

Window Wear And Walls – Ever since I moved apartments three weeks ago, the first thing anyone who sees me asks is “How’s the new place?” And lately, my answer has been the same: “It’s all done – except for the window treatments!” This is because, however, they serve an important purpose

Often taking up the most real estate of anything in a room, window treatments can be difficult to navigate. There are only so many options – do I go with curtains? Blackout or Clear? Roller blinds? blind? Dare I say it…Roman Shades? Also, given that they can be an investment, you don’t want to settle for mistakes.

Window Wear And Walls

Window Wear And Walls

Better informed than I am for your next move (or redesign, remodel or simple update), I reached out to the experts at The Shade Store, the designer go-to for all types of window fittings, to give us the rundown. . I also asked some trusted designers how they use them themselves. Read on to hear what they had to say.

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The biggest mistake people make in this process is procrastination, says Adam Schalman, director of sales for Shade Store. “I would encourage everyone to start choosing window treatments early in the decorating process,” he advises. “Planning ahead will ultimately make your space feel more carefully put together, leaving room in the budget for finishing touches.”

Designer Kevin Isbell agrees. “More often than not, we start with the window treatments and work around them, because they become the focal point,” he explains.

Robin Gannon chose a combination of custom pleated drapery in a Pierre Frey fabric and blinds (The Shade Store’s Waterfall Woven Wood Shade) in this bedroom.

Skullman sells every type of window treatment under (or rather blocking) the sun. The first thing he has to say about any kind of treatment: “They must be an investment.” And as part of that, “They should fit your space.” Instead of grabbing the least offensive option from Amazon, take the time to think about how you want light to filter into your space and work with it.

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“I’d start with the type of product first,” advises Schulman (see below for a full list of options). “Once I’ve decided on the type of product, I’ll move on to materials and patterns.”

It is important to consider which type of material is best for which application. Some shades, for example, may filter light well, but they may not withstand being worn, for example, in a children’s room. “Knowing how a fabric will drape, whether it will stretch over time and how it will look with different types of lighting are all important technical aspects that will influence whether a window treatment is a good choice,” says designer Alizie Brion. How the war will look after it’s installed,” says designer Alizy Brion.

Skalman advises working with a professional, such as The Shade Store’s design consultants, to find out what works best. “People try to do everything themselves. I really think you need professionals to help you with the window treatment process, especially with measuring and installation,” he says. “You’re going to be living with your window treatments for a long time, so you should get something that’s really well made — and just for you.”

Window Wear And Walls

“A simple custom plate, hung from rings, and a break just above the floor keeps the look clean,” says Kevin Isbell, who brought this from the Shade Store to his writers’ lounge at this year’s Kips Bay Palm. Retains custom plate drapery. Beach Designer Showhouse.

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“The custom fit of any window treatment is important,” Brizon says. A well-matched window treatment not only polishes a room, it can enhance less than polished rooms. “Properly scaled window treatments can enhance a room and hide many sins,” says designer Kevin Isbell. “Lower than the desired ceiling height? Hang the drapery as close to the crown molding as possible to draw the eye. Widows not wide enough? Allow the window treatment to be a little wider on each side so that a stock window beyond what the eye can understand. has actually been shown.” Robin Gannon agrees: “We use window treatments to fix a lot of interior structures,” she says.

Finally, we asked Skalman to break down the different types of treatments on the market — what they are, what they do and how to use them.

Roller shades “have a minimalist look and feel, and are available in light filtering and blackout styles to control light and privacy,” says Schalman. As you might have guessed, they open and close by pivoting on a central dowel, meaning they lie flat when open. “They’re a great way to display beautiful textures and patterns,” says Schulman.

Roman shades “blend the softness of drapery with the functionality of shades,” says Schulman. “There are many styles, each designed to control light and frame your windows in their own unique way.” These shades usually fold back on themselves to open, via a chain pull.

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Plated shades are “exactly what they sound like – a series of protruding plates,” says Skallman. “They have a crisp, clean look and help control the light and privacy in your space.”

Honeycomb or cellular shades “have a clean and simple look that resembles pleated,” says Skallman. They get their name from the enlarged “cells”, which look like honeycombs from the side. Not only are these available in light filtering and blackout options, but they can also help provide insulation, says Schulman.

“Solar shades are designed with different transparencies to not only provide light control and privacy, but to protect your interior from harmful UV rays and fading,” says Skalman.

Window Wear And Walls

Blinds are all options that have “adjustable slats to control the light and privacy in your space,” says Schulman. To The Window To The Walls Till Santa Decks These Halls Sweatshirt

Drapery is an umbrella term for any window treatment that hangs over or in front of windows. Below are some common types:

“I love simple panels and elegant blinds,” says Alessandra Branca, who covered an entire wall on this patio with them.

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Top Flooring Trends for 2022 Here’s what you should ask before hiring a designer. How to Bring the Outdoors in Designers Share Your Top 65 Decorating Tips Here When it comes to choosing window treatments for a room, the possibilities are endless. Roman shades are a great choice for a more relaxed aesthetic, while floor-to-ceiling curtains are for those who like nothing more than a dose of drama in their decor. No matter where your design sensibilities lie, you’re sure to find a favorite style of window treatment in this collection of stunning rooms.

Window Wear And Walls

Vibrant emerald shades in a malachite pattern make a statement in the home of Anne-Marie Midi of Brussels and Jorge Almada of Casamidi. An iron halo from a traditional religious sculpture is placed between the windows for visual interest.

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In Colin Kaepernick’s California home, gray and white custom window shades by Serra Design elevate an office space with walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s Caliente. The desk is from Williams-Sonoma Home, and the black velvet desk chair is from Armen Living.

In a French-inspired Chicago penthouse living room, vibrant mustard yellow curtains in an Oscar de la Renta fabric for Lee Jofa pop against walls painted in Benjamin Moore’s cement gray. The custom sofa is upholstered in a cravat fabric with cushions in a Jim Thompson silk. The 1970s chairs are from Revival, and the vintage cocktail table is from Martin La Brocante. A crate and barrel console and vintage chandelier by Hans-Agne Jacobsen complete the look.

In a cozy bedroom the curtains, walls and four-poster bed are fitted in the same fabric for an elegant, cohesive look.

The curtains are Larsen silk, made by P.E. Paired with Tybacks by Add warmth to a master bedroom in a Guerin, New York City apartment. Nightstands, beds, bedside tables, consoles and beds are custom Fawn Glee Interiors designs. The 1950s Royer chair is in cedar fabric, the 1960s ceiling is German, and the walls are painted in Farrow & Ball’s All White.

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For the living room curtains in his West Village townhouse, interior designer Steven Gambrel was inspired by a navy uniform. Cream colored curtains have a bold contrasting edge. Both the carpet and the club chairs are upholstered in a chenille from Carlton V.

Roman shades in a classic

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