Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho

Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho – Alas! Check this vehicle for rust. Improper windshield installation can put you and your car at risk. Get your windshield serviced by a professional company that does everything right. Call a window welder today. We have been working since 1986. and we have stores in Magic Valley…

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Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho

Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho

Check out this beauty we’ve been working on. We’re making Magic Valley crack one windshield at a time. Call a window welder today! #windowwelder #windowwelderjerome #windowwelder bellevue #windowweldertwinfalls #autoglass #windshieldreplacement #shelby #mustang #ohsosweet #wearejealous #iwantone #c…

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Congratulations to James Hernandez for passing his glass repair technician exam at Glassweld University!! James is certified and qualified to carry out professional repairs. Call a window welder to schedule an appointment today! #windowwelder #glasswelding #chiprepair #glassrepair #windowwelder …

Congratulations to Debbie Hager for passing the Glassveld University Windshield Repair Technician exam!! Debbie is now certified and qualified to perform professional repairs. Call her to make an appointment today! #windowwelder #glasswelding #chippreparays #glassrepair #windowwelder #windo…

Do you have commercial or heavy equipment? Now is the best time to replace the glass. Call a window welder today! #windowwelder #windowwelderjerome #windowwelderbellevue #wedoitright #weloveglass #bigtoys #extreme #wedothattoo

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Did you know that a window welder specializes in windshield replacement for your RV? Check out this installation we did! The weld was solid with rust, so we cleaned it up, primed it properly, and installed the windshield. 5 guys + professional installation = 1 happy customer! 👊 #windowwelder #windowwelder…

I have to admit that the technicians Justin Eldridge and Alec Law exceeded my expectations. Not only did they replace my driver and passenger windshield, but they took the time to make everything new. Including proper cleaning of everything before installation. They were very professional, courteous and completed the tasks in a very short time. If you need replacement windows in an accident, this company goes the extra mile and I seriously say they will be called out to get the job done. It’s an absolutely amazing group around that I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with today under adverse circumstances. Thanks again guys!!!!

We have 1994 A Chevy Coachmen camper with a damaged window above the windshield. Neil and everyone at Jerome ID Window Welders were absolutely fantastic. The window was a challenge due to the age of the camper. They rose to the challenge, got the job done on time and the window is perfect and even better than the original. I would wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.

Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho

This is the best business we’ve visited around Twin Falls, ID. Neil and his staff are very professional and did a great job on the two windows on our mobile home. Very timely done. Neil was amazing to work with, great on and off the phone, he worked for our insurance company and I couldn’t have been better at work. I highly recommend them and they are now my “go to” window shop. Thanks to Neil and the team! Twin Falls Skateland takes you back in time with their Throwback Thursdays. He will return to his first in 2022. event in February you won’t want to miss.

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Adults over 21 are encouraged to step into the past on Thursday, February 24 from 7 p.m. If you want to go back to your teenage years hanging out with friends at the rink, playing games and eating food on the table, this event is for you.

The Throwback Thursday event is for those 21 and older only. The bar offers cocktails. I mean, I can’t skate anymore, but I bet it hurts less to fall after a few drinks!

Again, the event is on February 24th. It is open from 19:00 to 22:30. There will be cocktails, games and, of course, lots of skating. The event costs $9 and includes skating. If you want roller skates, it’s an additional $2. Those 21 and older must present ID at the door. You can enjoy old school music as you go back to your teenage years.

Amazing time! This event is great for so many reasons, and it can be a fun date night! I was there when you were a teenager, why not now.

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Window Welder Twin Falls Idaho

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