Window Well Covers Indianapolis

Window Well Covers Indianapolis – Risers are needed when the top of the window rises higher than the top edge of the window opening.

The riser will increase the height of the well itself, allowing the cover to sit on the top edge of the window.

Window Well Covers Indianapolis

Window Well Covers Indianapolis

Risers can be installed to increase the height of the well from a few inches to several feet.

Cost To Install A Window Well Cover

If your window extends higher than the edge of your window, you need an extension or riser. While window well extensions are less expensive to install than window well risers (they use less material and require less labor time to fabricate and install), risers allow for an unobstructed view from the basement window. . Both are meant to bridge the gap created by a tall window, and choosing one over the other is usually a matter of homeowner preference. However, in a configuration where the window is casement (casement style), only one riser will work properly to allow the window to open into the well.

The choice between a vertical or horizontal extension depends on several factors and is generally left to the discretion of the installer. Generally, if your window extends less than 12 inches above the top edge of the window opening, we will install a VERTICAL deck extension. This style of Cover Extension extends up and covers the window in a VERTICAL plane.

If your window extends more than 12 inches above the top edge of the window, we usually install a HORIZONTAL cover extender. This style of Cover Extension extends inwards and covers the window in a HORIZONTAL plane. With our new thicker clear polycarbonate plastic, we’re moving further toward installing vertical extensions because regardless of window height, clear material always allows for a clear line out of the basement window.

Has been the leading installer of custom window well covers since 1995. We serve Chicago and cities throughout the Midwest. The TESTA wraparound riser is the perfect way to increase the height of many types of window openings.

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For many reasons, it may be necessary to increase the height of the window well in advance of installing a covering. First, if the edge of your window well is too low to the ground, it may not protect as well against water flowing into the well. A wrap-around riser can raise the edge of the well to solve this problem. The other reason to increase the height of your window is to allow for a clean installation of the window well cover in a configuration where your window is higher than the edge of the well.

Siding pipes are a cost-effective way to increase the height of your window without replacing it.

Wrap-around risers are constructed of the same nearly indestructible, UV-stable polycarbonate material that covers the window well. The ability of this material to bend around the curve of the well without breaking makes it perfect for building an elevator. Since our installation technician can build a riser into your well as part of your window well cover installation, the cost is minimal compared to replacing the entire well with a higher one. It is fixed with rivets inside the well. Extends down about 6 inches for a secure hold. The top surface then becomes the new edge of the window well, where a widow well cover can be attached with a clip or latch.

Window Well Covers Indianapolis

Has been the leading installer of custom window well covers since 1995. We serve Chicago and cities throughout the Midwest. TESTWindow manhole covers have been in the spotlight for over 25 years. Our manhole covers are of superior quality because they are built with the best components from top to bottom. From the beginning have we focused on continuous improvement? This has resulted in several product design innovations with our manhole covers. In addition, we have taken the site-built custom siding industry to a new level, allowing us to offer the best solution for outfitting your home’s egress window wells with the best window wells, exhaust wells, and covers. of custom exit wells. Call when you need window installation right.

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Has built more window wells for metal window wells than any competitor. Metal is a corrugated form, it is the most common type of material from which window recesses are made. Our custom manhole covers constructed of polycarbonate are the best choice for this style of manhole. We custom fabricate all of our window coverings on site to ensure a perfect fit and neat appearance.

Concrete window wells are found in houses with basements below basements in much of the country. They are especially popular in the Midwest, especially in states like Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Concrete window wells come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations and tend to be much larger than traditional metal window wells. has manufactured custom exit manhole covers for all types of concrete windows. you can make the perfect custom window cover your concrete window well, regardless of the width, depth of the shape.

In recent years, various models of plastic covers for window wells from different manufacturers have appeared. These window wells can be found in curved and rectangular shapes in various sizes. But regardless of shape or size, you can create a perfectly custom-made window well cover on the spot. Understanding that plastic window manholes require alternative clamping equipment due to the tightness of the manhole surface material, we have developed specially designed hardware to ensure our manhole covers stay tight and lock properly.

Constructed from natural materials like stone, brick and wood, these stone and wood window wells can add a more rustic natural look to a home. Stone and wood window sills come in many different shapes, sizes, and styles. Since we build all custom window well covers on site, we always guarantee a perfect fit for your window well cover. If you have a well-made window made of natural wood or stone elements, trust yourself to build your manhole cover well.

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Throughout our 25+ years in custom window openings, we have seen many odd or unusual shaped window openings. While most of these window wells tend to be concrete base window wells, we have even seen metal window wells with unusual shapes. It takes a little more creativity and knowing how to handle building the right cover for oddly shaped windows, so this is the perfect choice. Take a look at our gallery and you’ll see our superior expertise shine when it comes to creating custom manhole covers on site.

Yes, window openings can be extremely large. We are talking about window wells that are sometimes over 20 feet wide and up to 5-6 feet in projection. These large window wells can be found configured in various shapes such as L-shapes that wrap around a building or angled shapes to fit the unique architecture of the home. Our expert installers take on the challenge of extremely large window wells. We pride ourselves on designing and manufacturing premium quality window well covers, regardless of size and exact fit. You can count on us to provide custom window well covers that enhance the safety and appearance of any home.

Has been the leading installer of custom window well covers since 1995. We serve Chicago and cities throughout the Midwest. PROOFCustom designed to fit well with any shape, size and type of window. This polycarbonate window covering provides the protection you need from the elements.

Window Well Covers Indianapolis

Our custom angled window well covers are made to keep water, dirt, and debris out of your home. Having one of these installed is one of the best solutions for keeping basement window wells clean and clear. We at Window Well Experts are incredibly proud of the performance of our custom beveled cover, which is among the best selling products of all time.

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The slanted window gap covers are made of unbreakable polycarbonate. The material is light and easy to handle. Crystal clear polycarbonate allows the maximum amount of light into the basement. Finally, the cover provides an easy exit in an emergency.

This cap has up to a 2″ slope, no sides, but the entire cap rests directly on the well. Click on the photo links above to see examples of this style.

With our sloped window coverings you get the best protection for your loved ones and your home. Since our products are precisely tailored to every well shape and size, you can be sure they fit like a glove.

Each cover is designed by our engineering team for your well type and dimensions. After placing your order, our team requests specific measurements and photos to enter our software

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